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3. Eermission granted the ?ewer Company to move a light on <br />Interlachen Blvd, to Oooper Ave, <br />To install a new light on Spruce Place east of Blake Road about two <br />blocks. 4. <br />5. To install a light on Russell PC Benton Avenue. <br />6. Ta install a nevi light at the junction of riindsor and Kent, $(est-- -7r <br />Chester Knolls, <br />7, To install three lights in the vicinity of 58th St. ?c Beard Ave. <br />Thereupon Xoore mo8ved the recommendation be concurred in, seconded by <br />Irgens and carried. <br />The proposition by Council of Village of St. Louis Park regarding future <br />fire protection in Edina outside af the protected area was read. After <br />discussion, the Xecorder was requested to,:inquire if the $2,000.00 <br />annual stand-by service charge was cotrrect, members of the Council <br />considering same excessive. <br />Application accompanied by fee of 3, I, Ryan having previously been <br />made in form for license to operate 16 bowling alleys under Village <br />Ordinance regulating same, it thereupon moved by VJillson the license <br />be granted, seconded by Irgens and carried. <br />8. To install light at Halifax & 51st, <br />9. To install light at Indianola and Juanita. <br />10. To install light at Xndianola and 51st. <br />11. To install light at Indiansla and 52nd. <br />12, To install light at Juanita and 51st, <br />13. To install light at Juanita and 52nd. <br />14. Ta install light at Einnehaha Boulevard and 52nd. <br />15. To install light at Olinger and 169, <br />16, To install light at Gleason and 169. <br />17, To install light at 70 street and Hwy. 100. <br />Current Bills and accauhts of Lateral Sewer Districts lTumbers 5,6,&7 <br />having heen carefully noted and found correct, it was moved by Irgens <br />they be duly allomed and ordered paid, seconded by Eoore and carried. <br />It was moved by Irgens that bids for window glass for Tool house & <br />Garage be called for, secanded by Yfyatt and carried. <br />Recorder r'ead comtmication from South Harriet Park Garden Club <br />requesting that a warming house be provided at Public Skating rink at <br />54th 6cXinnehaha Creek. After discussion it was moved by Irgens that <br />Ben B, Ifoare, Village Clerk, and Trustee Villson be, and hereby are, <br />authorized and directed ta erect and establish a warming house at or <br />near the skating rink at 54th Street and Xinnehaha Boulevard, at Vest <br />50th Street near the Xinnehaha Creek bridge, and at Eirroe Lake- the <br />latter to 'be lacated upon such premises as may be secured with the <br />permission of private owners. <br />A care taker shall also be secured fQ2 maintenance of said warming <br />houses, but in establishing the same the Village does not assume any <br />liability for the safety of the children who mag avail themselves of <br />such facilities . Secanded by EQare and ~ carried . <br />110 further business to come before the meeting at this time, the <br />President declared the meeting recessed to meet again at the szme time <br />and place on Bovember 26, 1940. <br />~, e-- \ <br />Village aecorder