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852 <br />J. J. Duggan <br />Dr R, B, Erickson <br />T, E, Tilly <br />Hilding Dah1 <br />R. 3, Johnson <br />S. J. Roberts <br />P. Dahlgren John Tracy <br />*L. Stolzman <br />0, E, Sparrde <br />Ronald Port <br />Eli, lkrfield <br />Hri s federson <br />Sam EcCready <br />Albert Young <br />A. C. Stringer <br />Silas Eerret <br />George Shilson <br />Leo Smith <br />James NcXe1I.i s <br />< <br />I?* Se Heydt John 8. LyOn <br />E* Ensfey <br />Treasurer <br />Health Officer <br />Village Earskiall Police Officer Police Officer <br />Police Officer <br />Street Commissioner <br />utixity Yuan <br />Tract or operat or <br />Truck driver Asstbroad foreman Asst road foreman Asst road foreman <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor <br />Road labor R8cB-WA labor <br />Road labor <br />Truck hire <br />Truck driver <br />Truck hire <br />30000 <br />30.00 <br />185.00 <br />16OoOO <br />160 OO <br />160 00 <br />180 00 145 e00 145eOO * <br />135000 <br />135.00 <br />I 125.00 <br />125 .oo <br />105.60 <br />96.00 <br />88.00 <br />92000 <br />8.00 <br />25.00 <br />22.00 <br />151.13 <br />3098 <br />196 00 <br />$2747.13, <br />Bills and accounts of Joint <br />examined and found correct, <br />be dnls alloned and ordered <br />Sever District 1sO. 1, baving been <br />it was moved by Irgens, that they <br />paid as covered by Recorder's var- <br />rants humbered 4x9 to 441, both inclusive, seconded by Villson <br />and carried. f <br />Trustee Villson presented itemized cash sales slips for food <br />served at the Illay meeting of OTficla3.s Henrrepin County Toms <br />and Villages, held in Grange Hall and Nevr Village Tool House, <br />in total anourit $10.4'7, whereupon Trustee Vyatt moved that <br />reimbursement check for like amount be drarm against The Crier contingent fund, seconded by Eoore and carried. <br />Er Ruddy, 5312 Kel'logg Avenue, complained of stagnent water standing in the lorn lots on Vooddale between 53rd and 54th Sts. <br />After discussion Trustee Vilfson suggested the matter be pre- <br />sented to Village Attorney and Village Health Officer for such action as possible. <br />C, 0, Xattson, 5817 Vooddale Avenue, requested sanitary sewer for his property located outside of Joint Sever District No, 1, and vas adesed Coopresent a majority petition for the Council's consideration. <br />Residents of Thielan Avenue and Brovrtdstle ÔéČark Addition, dis- <br />cussed aithtke Council the proposition of contractors bidding <br />for a complete job on Smer District Bo. 8, laterals arid dist- <br />rict sever. After discussion it vas moved by Irgens to cancell advertisement for bids as of Tune 2, 1941, and to re-adaertise <br />for bids along the lines suggested, seconded Vyatt and carried. <br />Hflr Bisher, appeared before the Council to advise that he bad <br />started a house on Tower Street, without first having obtained <br />~t building permit. After discussion it vas agreed that he <br />would furnish Village Building Inspector with a complete set <br />of plans for approval, furnish engineer's survey of the lot and to stop work until a building permit vas issued. <br />Bis, as advertised, for air compressor, vas received'from <br />ESinnesota Pneumatic eC Electric Tool Company, which on account <br />of but 1 bid having been received, it was moved by Irgens, it <br />be returned unopened and new bids called for, seconded by <br />Vyatt, and carried, <br />Letter by Oscar Gaarden, dated &y 8, 1941, read, with reference <br />to proposed additional well and pump house to be located in the <br />residential area of South Harriet Park, which on motion Wyatt, <br />be referred to Village Attorney for reply, seconded by Xoore <br />and carried.