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~a,s and is specially benefited by <br />the trunk line in Joint Seqer Dis <br />the ;r ic <br />securinc of an outlet to <br />Eo. 1 for the se13ers in <br />Sever District l:o. 8, in the avount in said Froposed zssessment <br />set oiqositE G.lle description of e~~cin such lot, piece or ysrcel <br />of land respectively, and identified upon said pro1,osed a,nscssment <br />roll ~s ftOutlet'f, and that said amount so set out is hereby <br />levied againat each of the respective lots, pieces or zarcels of land therein described, not including honever, any lots, <br />pieces or parcels of land nithin Joiht Sever District Eo. 1. <br />5. That such proposed assessment if affirmed, adopted and <br />confirmed, and the SUBIS fixed and named in said proposed assess- <br />ment are affirmed, adopted and confirmed as the proper special <br />assessment for each of said lots, pieces or parcels of land <br />r e sp e ct ive 157. <br />6. That said assessment so affirmed, adopted and confirned <br />shall be certified to. by the Village Clerk and filed in his <br />ofzice and shall thereupon be and constitute the special a*- aoess- Yiient for the construction of severs iii Sever District Xo. 8; <br />that the amouizt assessed against each lot, piece or prcel of <br />land shall bear interest from the date hereof until same has <br />been paid, at the rate of five per cent (5;:) per annim. <br />7. That such assessment shall be payable in ten (10) equal <br />annual install-raents, payable on the 1st day of June in each <br />year, bezinnins in the year 1942, and continuing until 211 of <br />t'ne said installments shall have been paid, each instsllwent <br />to be collect*ed vlith t?.xes collectable during s2id year by <br />the County Aud it or. <br />8. That the VillaSe Clerk is hereby directed to make up and <br />file in the office of the County Auditor of I-lennepin County, <br />a certified statement of the mount of all of ?uch unpzid assess- <br />ments, and the amount nhich nil1 be due thereon, 011 the 1st dzy <br />of June in each year. <br />The motion to adopt as seconded by Trustee b:yatt, and the vote <br />cas upon the cuestion of the adoption of t'ne resolution, Eherein <br />there ':,eye five ayes and no nays, and so the resolution ;-:as <br />ad oyt ed . <br />After discussion, it vas moved by Xoore that the sum of :1500.00 <br />be temporarily loaned Sener District KO. 8, to be repaid on s.ale . <br />of h3ever District I:o. 8 T.?arran'Gs, seconded %y Ie'illson and <br />carr ie6 . <br />Trustee LrGens offered the folloning resolutioii and moTred its <br />adopt ion : <br />'h'mG,;S, a ssui'ficient petition, signed by Geo. Hateell &rid <br />others, :';as heretofore filed vith the Clerk requesting that <br />JrEtiice Avenue, betneen 'Jest 49th Street and .:est 51st <br />Street, be iriilJroved by pavins the '.':est one-half (&) thereof, <br />or so much thereof as is vrithin the Village of Zdina, and, <br />'iEEGX, a11 pro_aerty owners nhose property is liabl6 to be <br />assessed for the makinz of such impro~ement have been giTreii <br />(15) days posted notice of z wetins of the Council to Lake