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11 <br />11. A. Rogers Tracing Cloth 4.18 <br />Heaitt ilubber Corp . 500 ft. 2&'+ fire hose (net) 392.00. <br />R. C. Duncan Co. pipe nipples . 50 <br />City of Rabbinsdale' "JPA sewing project 3.50 <br />Biller-Davis Co. Off ice supplies 10.10 <br />Hennepin County Review Pub, notices and printing 79.40 <br />S. J. Bautsch Plumbing Inspector- October 138.00 Village of Hopkins ?@A sewing project 2.50 <br />Dale Green Road gravel eS loader 63.70 <br />City of Einneapolis Servicing Police car 47.45 <br />1/1/4/ to 9/30/41 <br />Suburban Hennepin County <br />Relief board October reXief 389.83 <br />T. W. Rosholt Co. Street brooms 6.50 <br />Clarence 0. Holten Village attorney-October 75.00 <br />Dahlberg Bros. Inc. Repairs- Pord truck 2.50 <br />Emma Tedmas Gas Road & Bridge 8.08 Glacier Sand and Gravel Company Sand, cement & gravel 26.10 <br />Lyle Signs, Inc. Road signs 118.22 <br />Npls. Gas Light Co. Gas taol house 7/24-10/23 5.52 <br />PIinn, Sand Gravel Co. Ready mixed concrete 678.30 <br />A. W. Hammerlund Hood for Blacksmith forge 10 . 00 <br />IT. V. Bell Telephone Co. Telephane Vh. 1666 21,02 <br />Village of Hopkins Fire Dept. service 10/21 45 000 <br />Richfield Yard Inc. Expans ion j o int 12.00 <br />Thompson Lumber Co . Lumber for tool house 3.70 <br />Uptown Iron Store R.& B. Supplies 5.56 Rural Hsnnepin County <br />Surjplus Com. Corn. October services 52.01 <br />B. H. Bradley Engineering services R. B B. 130.00 W. H. Ziegler Go. Rental Pord truck & tractor <br />parts 61.40 <br />Oscar Roberts Co. Sand, gravel, cement, and cement blocks 427.17 Northern States Power <br />Company October services 580.65 <br />Arthur Pehersen October garbage collections 415 .lo <br />N$V Terminal Co. 1 Nodel 19 AHS Reo truck <br />less allowance 1158.18 <br />Edina Hardware R. & B. Supplies 10/1-10/29 27.53 <br />Eelson Dry Goods 15 yds. red cloth R. & B. 3.75 <br />I <br />It was moved by Irgens that the following Joint Sewer District <br />Nu. 1 accounts be duly allowed and paid, seconded by Ydyatt <br />and carried. <br />Landers, Horblom, Christensen Co. 18'" sewer pipe !) 17..40 <br />E. C. Pfieffer mo. shovel <br />Hennepin County Beview Published not ices 20.70 <br />operat or 100 io0 <br />1% was moved by T'lillson that account of Oscar Roberts & Co. <br />in amount of $18.04 for sand & binder delivered 'Woodcrest Drive <br />be paid out Sewer District No. 6 hnds, seconded by Irgens and <br />carried. <br />It was moved by Wyatt, that accoujt of Oscar Roberts & Coo in <br />amount of .'b333.19 and Hennepin County Review in amount '313.05 <br />be duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by Willson and <br />carried. <br />I <br />It was moved by Wyatt that account of Hennepin County Beview in <br />amount $70.63 for published notices 5/1/41 to 9/25/41, 'Yater- <br />main Improvement No. 1 be paid, seconded Irgens and carried. <br />, It was moved by Irgens that the following bills and accounts <br />of Vlaterraain IinprovemeQt No. 2, be duly alloved and paid, <br />seconded Vyatt and carried. They are as follows: