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John R, Borey <br />C. J. Hoigaard Co. <br />Thompson Lumber Co . <br />Dahlberg Bros. Inc. <br />Kpls. Gas Light Cos <br />Xorthwestern Bell <br />Telephone Coapany <br />The Improvement <br />Village of Hopkins <br />City of Enneapolis <br />Philip Bacon <br />E. V. Harris <br />J. N. rTOhnson <br />Arthur Peters on <br />Rural Hennepin Coun%y <br />Surplus Com. Comm. <br />He A, Rogers Company <br />Clarence 0. Holten <br />EktSoiPs Service <br />. Bulletin <br />Station <br />Supplies 50.84 <br />Awnings 36,26 <br />Lumber & Supplies 100.05 <br />Police car repairs 209 . 88 <br />Gas- Ear. 24 to Apr. 22 15.44 <br />Vh, 1666 17.85 <br />Advertisement for material 34,20 <br />Fire calls 135 .OO <br />Fire calls 78.70 <br />Wterials for Tool House ,43 <br />Gas & Oil for I?olice & trucks 159.30 <br />Fire Dept. supplies 35,50 <br />Garbage collections April 1942 439.60 <br />Relief 40.97 <br />WPS 1.44 <br />Legal services 75.00 ,- -- <br />Gesolin9- police car 13,04 <br />Lt vas moved by Vyatt, that bills and accounts against Sever Rental <br />Fund be duly allomed and order& paid as follo.r7s : <br />Clara Goodacre, clerical labor, $9.90 <br />5. J. Pautsch, labor cleaning sewers, $205.50 <br />seconded by Koore and carried. <br />Bills and accounts of Sewer District No. 8, as represented by <br />Recorders aarrants numbered 218 to 232 were duly examined and <br />fuwd correct, chereupon lSryatt moved they be duly alloved and <br />ordered paid, seconded by Tillson and carried. <br />President Sharpe called for monthly reports mhich vere made by <br />Trustee Villson on Road & Bridge, Trustee Gebo on Police and <br />Pire, Trustee 'Jyatt on Relief , Recorder Xoore on Sever Construction <br />and maintenance. <br />€k. Brhank Garrison, appeared before the Council, and stated he vas <br />the omer of premises know as lot 4, Block 13, South Harriet <br />Park Addition, whereupon Village Attorney Holten promptly served <br />dvelling situated upon the said premises and to connect such <br />toilet with the sanitary semer in the street adjacent to the said <br />property. Thereafter said Frank Garrison requested he be perm-itted <br />to move the dcelling, recently badly damaged by fire and in very <br />poor state of repair, situated upon said Lot 4 in said Block 13, <br />South Harriet Park Addition, ta a 10 acre tract of land lying <br />'Jest of Cahill Road and South of Vest 70th Street. After discussion <br />the Eresident referred the matter to Engineer Smith, Building <br />Inspector Creighton and Village Attorney Holten, for investigation and report. <br />, notice upon said Garrison to install a toilet in the said <br />Eessrs. Rice & Kempton, appeared before the Council to request that <br />a.ld storm saker ditch extending from Indianola to Juanita be <br />filled in as the new Vest 52nd Storm sewer vas now installed. <br />After discussion it was agreed that .the several property osners <br />xould get the easement for storm drain released by Thorpe Bros., <br />and Council would endeavor to obtain the fill. <br />Er. C. T. Hay, appeared on behzlf of the South *Test Kerchants <br />Association in regard to parking regulations at 50th C% Branee, <br />which would later be presented for Cour?cilts consideration, <br />Application by Llinneapolis Gas Light Company for permission to lay <br />100 feet 4'' gas main in and along Vest 55th Street between Drea <br />and Beard Avenue was on motion Villson be granted, seconded by <br />Gebo and carried. <br />Asplications for cigarette licenseg accompanied by required fees of <br />Trustee Gebo moved that they be duly granted for period April 1, <br />.,p12.00 '5 each, having been received fsom the following merchants,