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Petition by 'L?r J. R. Arnott <br />sener capacity for the 4600 <br />referred to Engineer Smith, <br />and others for additional storm <br />block of Arden Avenue, read and <br />for investigation and report, <br />Application by Ashley Brooks, accompanied by the required <br />license fee, for license to operate three (3) Taxi-cabs in <br />the Village of Edina for period ending &rch 31, 1943$ vas <br />read. On mation by Trustee Gebo, the application be <br />accepted and licenses issued, seconded by ;rlillson and carried. <br />The Village ahd Road crew pay rolls hairing been noted and <br />found correct, Pere on motion by. they be duly allowed <br />and ordered paid, seconded by , and carried. They are <br />as follows : <br />Ebrl C. Sharpe President June <br />Ben B. Eoore - Recorder <br />George A, VilPson Trustee <br />A. S, Tyatt Truskee E. E. Gebo Trustee ft <br />Phil J. Smith Engineer It <br />John J. Duggan Treasurer '' <br />Dr Lowell E". Campbell Iiealth Officer, June. <br />T, E, Tilly Village LIarshall <br />Eilding Dah1 Police Officer <br />V. 3, Heydt Police Officer <br />John i'J, Lyon Police Officer <br />Re J. Jahnson Street Camissioner <br />S. 3. Raberts Utility man <br />P, Dahlgren Tractor Operator L. Stolman Asst Road foreman <br />John Tracy Truck driver <br />0. E. Spande Ass t Tractor operat or <br />Ronald Port Asst Truck driver <br />E, Uerfeld 199 hrs Road labor C 60g <br />Sam EcCready 172 hrs Park labor G 50g <br />E, Xnsliey 182 hrs Road labar 0 50p <br />Sixas Herrett 90 hrs meed Inspector @ 50g <br />E, Janas 41 hrs Road labor (2 SO# <br />A. C, Stringer RB-iFJPA. kbor <br />John Tracy Jr, 101-$ hra Road labar 0 50g <br />John Lirtdberry 46 hrs Truck hire <br />Cleo 3, 7helan Office Clerk <br />It <br />n <br />$50 . 00 <br />90 moo <br />35,Oo <br />35.00 <br />35.00 <br />300.00 <br />30.00 <br />30.00 <br />160,Oo <br />160,OO <br />160 . 00 <br />185 . 00 <br />150000 <br />150.00 <br />140.00 <br />140,OO <br />135,OO <br />135 . 00 <br />119,40 <br />86.00 <br />91.00 <br />45 . 00 <br />20 50 <br />25 . 00 <br />50,75 <br />46 00 <br />185,Oo 4 <br />37,50 <br />The Eiscellaneous Bills upon being checked and found correct, <br />aere on motion . they be duly alloved and ordered paid, <br />seconded by . and carried. They are as follows: <br />Phil 8. Smith, <br />City of Kinneapolis <br />J. 11. Johnson <br />Pure Paint hnfg Co <br />i'arnham Stationary Co <br />Janesville Apparel. Go. <br />North Star i7oolen mll <br />Thompson Lumber Go <br />Emmi Tedman <br />Dahlberg Bros, Inc <br />Edina Letter Press <br />Graybar Electric Go <br />S, 5. Fautsch <br />Lake St Sash Q Door Co <br />International Ham, Co <br />E. V, Harris <br />Dale Green <br />J. J. Craig Co <br />H. A. Rogers Co <br />Chas Olson 8: Sans <br />\ He E,, Erickson Go. <br />Auto allorance June 250.00 <br />3elied Bs Gaud Eeedham 52 00 600 ft 1-ktt fire hose 312,OO <br />Ceraent norking tools 3,20 <br />Bloor tile Tool House offices 79.50 <br />Office furniture G equpt. 246,49 <br />12 Fireman's rubber coats 169.45 <br />Bnergency Blankets, Police 9;50 <br />Lumber 52,36 Gas far Road 8 Bridge 7,27 <br />27,40 <br />Bire Dept Report blanks <br />Electrical supplies Toolhouse <br />Zashstand far tool house <br />Drafting table &Plan rack 55.86 <br />Truck parts 2002 <br />Gas B Oil R€B-Police car 167.46 Gravel for R&B 110 0 10 <br />Eioad asphalt 29.75 <br />Village maps for engineer 13 . 26 <br />Repairs to la-mmoner 1.50 <br />mea Ford V8 Police car 1130.0 05 <br />30 29 <br />6e50 I <br />Tlarner Hardware Co <br />Acme Awing Company Eap holders Burroughs Add. Each Co <br />Suburban Hennepin Go, <br />S, 3. PauLcsh Repairs on bulldozer <br />Keys for Toolhouse <br />Service BC supplies <br />Relief Board lby Relief <br />Edilaa Hardware Co RW supplies <br />2.89 <br />4,75 <br />11.41 <br />390 . 67 <br />.4.20 <br />24,OO