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71 <br />a <br />Enrreapolis Gas Light Co Gas for heating 4/22-5/22 $9.98 <br />Hennepin County Reviem Pub. natices & supplies 77.85 H. V. Johnson Culvert Co Road culverts 176 . 49 <br />16.84 Williams firdware Co Steel bars for RB33 <br />21.24 Oscar Roberts & CO Road Gravel <br />&tsop1.'s service Gas for Police Dept 6.24 Clarence 0, Holten Services Village Attarney-&y 75.00 <br />Lynhurat IIursery Parktvay trees 27.50 <br />Arthur Petersen lulay garbage collection 448 . 00 <br />S. J. Pautsch Plumbing Inspector-ky 22.50 <br />Landers-Norbloam-Chkkstson-Ready Xixed concrete for (=&G 616.74 <br />Rural Hennepin County <br />Surplus Corn. Corn. &y services 23.62 <br />Glacier Sznd & Gr. Co Road gravel 22 . 78 <br />E-V Bell Tel Ca Telephone EX 1666-7 38.20 <br />Alex Greighton Building Inspector-&y 2.00 <br />VI, H. Ziegler Co Tract or parts 34.95 <br />Total $la.% 95 <br />The bills and accounts of Sewer District No. 8, were duly <br />examined and found correct, wherein . moved they be <br />duly allowed and ordered paid, seconded by and carried. They are as follows : <br />IEenry It. Bell Village sewer inspectar <br />A. C. Stringer Labos , che cking- r e c e iv ing et c <br />Erwin Pf eiffer Shave1 operator <br />Xidland Bank-Ziegler Rental 1533 Bucyrus-Erie shovel W. H. Ziegler GO Rental Equpt, and supplbs <br />Pratt 's Express Towing service <br />5. A. Danens & Son Shovel 8c aperator $609.84 <br />Gas 240 . 00 <br />Bulldozer-upekatar 44.00 Hnutsen & Turner Grass seed <br />Uiller-Davis Cct Reeeivkng sltps Worthley Concrete Pro. Manhole blocks <br />Soh X, Barey Kerosene <br />Thompsom Lumber Co Lumber Ed ina Ear dmar e Sewer supplies <br />Edina Garage Supplies <br />Oscar Baberts & Co Sand eC Gravel NQXthWeStern Bell Tel Telephone Galnut 6567 <br />Chas Olson & Son Bulldozer parts <br />S. J. Pautsch Cleaning Storn sever <br />Lynhurst Nursery Replacing Spruce tree VI. H. Ziegler Co Parts & supplies <br />W. E. Ziegler Co Rental Bulldozer <br />W. H, Ziegler Co Rental 15B Bucyrus-Erie shovel <br />Tot a1 <br />$175 .OO <br />25.00 <br />225.00 <br />437.58 <br />221.43 <br />15.00 <br />893.84 <br />10.55 <br />2.50 <br />57.00 <br />11.30 <br />88 . 20 <br />12 . 05 <br />1.00 <br />113 . 84 <br />8.25 <br />10 . 00 <br />9.00 <br />12 000 <br />121.99 <br />88 . 00 <br />437.58 '-@mXT <br />Ho further business to come before the Council, the President declared the meeting recessed subject to the call of the <br />,President at the same time and place. <br />I - <br />Village Recorder.