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4 <br />Northmestern Bell Telephone Co 5% 1666 326,20 <br />J. A. Danens & San Trucking 10 moo <br />Elackburn ,Ilichols&Smith Insurance 10.00 <br />E. i'T. Harris Gas and Oil 99.88 <br />Brooks Pure Oil Station Gas and Oil 69:56 <br />Sammis Sales Service 160,OO <br />Hennepin C aunty ,E.nne s ota Poor Farm Servfce 92,OO , <br />League Ennesota IIunicipalities Eembership dues 70,OO <br />northern States Power Electric Service 645,17 <br />Carl Olson Grocery Supplies 2.26 <br />The Butts Agency Insurance 4.28 <br />Pred L. Gray Company Insurance 15,Oo <br />S. J. Pautsch 50.74 Uex. Creighton <br />J, E. Hamrnon Insurance 16 . 12 <br />Blaclrburn ,h'ichols&3mi th Insurance 78 . 93 J, h. Danens Gc Son Contract -R oad Grad ing-1125 . 00 <br />Kvalston Electric Co 'Jiring Bire Siren 137.91 B. E. Bradley Engineering Services 115,OO <br />It vas moved by €loore, that the following items for expense, <br />and pay of Judges and Clerks of holding the September State <br />and County Primary Election, be paid seconded gillson and carried: <br />C. .R .f;lackburn Spl, Officer & Booths $8.00 <br />J.TP7.Xewburn Setting up & 90-m boaths 3.00 <br />Edward Port Setting up E: Down booths 5.00 <br />St Peter's Ess. SQC. Rental Equipment 2.50 <br />St Peters Luth, Church Rent Church Basement 7.50 <br />J .?7 .Eewburn 32 ?as Judge Election 15.35 <br />It 11.85 <br />It 14.85 Albert Farmer 25 Q It Agnes Swens en 30 tt 11 <br />3Xathrine Aldritt 30 I* Clerk I1 14.85 <br />Ers Virginia Beard 30 1) tt 14.85 <br />Ers R'ellie Stratc 24 w Judge n 11.35 <br />UPS Laura Dirks 24 tt ir <br />E3.x Francis Somenberg 24 If tt 11 lf,35 <br />l&s E. C. Halker 24 tt Clerk n 11,35 <br />13s Ethel LTcCready 31-i- Ir Judge Election 15,10 <br />. &s Florence J'ewett 24 " It tt 11,35 I.ks OPline Christopher 24 * 11 lr 11.35 <br />9=rs Carl Vesterberg 24 Clerk f* 11.35 <br />lks Lillian Lundquist 24 n I1 11.35 <br />EIrs Lee VilEans 24 I' Judge Election 11.35 <br />J'. J .Duggan 24 '' It tt 11.35 <br />Alex Creighton 24 It il tr 11,35 <br />Ers Phil Smith 24 tt Clerk '' 11.35 <br />Lirs Junia Lampman 24 w tr ir 11.35 <br />Pay for labor construction sanitary sewer District Ela. 8, for <br />periad August 10 to September 14, as shown by payroll, vas on <br />motion Xllson be allowed and ordered paid, seconded by dyatt <br />and carried, as follows: <br />I <br />.I <br />$4278, EO s T0.f;aa. <br />, <br />I It 11.35, <br />L;rs Gordon Xoleen 24 It It 11.35 - <br />\jz 71 d 7 5 <br />A. .Go Etringer <br />Henry Bell <br />E.C.Pf eiff er <br />Samuel Domling <br />17illiam Cook <br />John Lo Cream Brvin Ellingson <br />Arthur Kingstram <br />Fred L. Stoffels <br />Herman Colman <br />Jahn B. Laurie! <br />Prank Srnitzyki <br />Adrien Dussere <br />Elmer \Talker <br />Alf . Edvardson <br />Chs, Jahnsan <br />'iialter E. Harvey <br />Villiam Sletten <br />Zke Burton <br />Pred Erolzick <br />Anton F. I42eschold <br />Supterintendent <br />Ilasp e c t ar <br />Shave1 Operatar <br />Labar 0 65g <br />t? tt It <br />ir tt tb <br />II' It It <br />It 1b R <br />1P It It <br />n m It <br />It 1) tF <br />1) # tt <br />1) tt It <br />11 I? It <br />ri it ir <br />1) I) tr <br />tk Tt 74g n It It <br />rr tt lt <br />I1 I? tt <br />11 It tr <br />$1'75.00 <br />175.00 <br />a25.00 <br />120.88 <br />31020 <br />115,38 <br />1x5 . 38 <br />120,58 <br />120 . 58 <br />120 . 58 <br />120.58 <br />31 . 20 320 . 58 <br />123 . 83 <br />153,92 <br />160.58 <br />142.08 <br />125.43 <br />131,27 <br />46.80 <br />120 0 58