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144 a y Gaarden. <br />Gaarden presented various tentat5ve valuation figures totaling <br />$147,950 on portions of the system he claims to ovm. <br />all of his records ape open to the village for examination. <br />It 17as agreed Gaarden should prepare definike valuation figures <br />and another meeting would be held in the near future. <br />President Sharp declared the meeting adjourned at 11:30 p.m. <br />He said <br />Village Clerk I. <br />XINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE <br />EDINA VILLAGE CODNCIL HELD IN VILLAGE <br />HALL AT 8 P.IL APRIL 26, 1943 <br />President Sharpe called the meeting to order and all members of <br />the council were present, <br />lirZnutes of the regular council meeting of April12, 1943, and the <br />special meeting of April 22, 1943, were read and approved. <br />V. Illm Steinke and T. L. Todd, members of the village park board, <br />appeared to discuss matters relating to the park board and presented <br />the following report: <br />'I <br />Itp,k. J, J, Louis, Mr. W. &Im Steinke and I&. T. L. Todd, <br />present members of the Park Bard, met on April 14, 1943. <br />UP. J. J. Louis was named President and I&. T. L. Todd <br />Secretary of the Board. . <br />'lThere vas a general discussion of the relationship of <br />the Park Board to the Village Counctl, the manner in <br />which the work 'sf-.the Board had been conducted inthe <br />past and probably should be conducted in the future. <br />policy forming and planning committee to work closely <br />with the Village Council in the supervision and performance of any work which should properly come nith-ln the functions of the Park Bard, It was further <br />decided that the members of the Board should plan to <br />attend the next regularly scheduled meeting of the <br />Village Council to confer with the Council members <br />concerning plans for the summer season immediately <br />approaching, and further that the members of the <br />Board should endeavor to keep closer contact wlth the <br />Village Council by attendance more frequently at Council meetings, <br />"It was decided that the Board 170Uld ascertain from the <br />records of the Village the mount of work which was performed <br />on behalf of the Board last year in order that the <br />present Board might be better qualifted to determine <br />the amount of 170Pk and the cost of the rrork to be <br />undertaken this season. It vias the consensus of <br />oplnfon that there should be a continuation of much <br />the same program and work that has been undertaken during the past fevi years, with such further work as, <br />in the interests of economy and preservatLon of nakural <br />assets of the VLllage, might be undertaken now or in the immediate future,, <br />I <br />"It was agreed that the Park Brar rd should serve as a <br />- <br />"!The meeting adjourned with plans to get together at the <br />next Council meeting, April 26,, and at such other tbes <br />.as necessary. Respecefully submitted, T. L. Todd, <br />Secretary. . <br />lilir. Stelnke an& MI?. Todd expressed satisfaction with the manner in which the village road crew has performed ark work and re uestgd that flower beds be planted this year in t E e Country Club 8fstrxct.