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dr <br />' 209 c of sewers in the district as soon as possible, <br />Proposals were received from representatives of three insurance <br />companies to provide public liability and property damage coverage for various village trucks, police cars, hired autos and non-owned <br />vehicles. <br />rate of $389.86 Tor one year;.Milwaukee Automobile Insurance Go., $282.65, and Amelelcan Casualty Co,, $336.60. <br />in amounts and types of coverage offered, the proposals were referred to the entire council for further consideration, on motion of Hawthorne, <br />seconded by Utley and carrfed, <br />Motion to renew group accident insurance for mkmbegs Gf %he volunteer fire departmend with Standard Accidezhh Insurance Coo at premium of $75 <br />for one year from larch 1, 1944, was made by Utley, seconded by Willson <br />and carrfed, <br />Notion to close book accounts of Sewer District No. 1 and Sewer District <br />No. 2 with balances W3taling $234.02 and to transfer the funds to the <br />general fund as recommended by Minnesota public exminer's office, was made by Utley, seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />Willson and Smith reported William Ziegler Co, had offered to pay $75 cash or $100 credit order for an old road grader owned by the village. <br />Motion to sell said grader to William Ziegler Go, for $100 credtt was made by Willson, seconded by Wyatt and carried, <br />Motion to direct the village attorney to draft a 9r30 p.m. curfew ordinance including the general provisions of the Xinneapolis curfew ordinance was made by Hawthorne, seconded by WZllson and carried. <br />Motion to direct the village attorney to draft an amendment to the taxicab ordinance to reqnire display of rates and a photogra h, name <br />and chauffeur's lfcense of thecdriver in the passenger comp J artment <br />of each taxicab operat5ng inkhe vfllage was made by Hawthorne, seconded by Wyatt and carried. <br />Motion to adjourn until ?:30 p.m. Thursday, March 3, 1944, was made <br />Eardware Mutual Casualty Co. offered a policy with a %%et <br />Because of variations <br />+ <br />' by WilLson, seconded by Hawthorne and carried, <br />' MINUTES OF THE ADJOURNED PORTION OF THE <br />REGULAR MEETING OF TH3 mINA VILLAGE <br />COUNGIS OF FEBRUARY 28, 1944, HELD IN <br />VILLAGE HALL AT lr30 P.E. EARCH 3, 1944 <br />All members of the council were present. <br />I@?* Virket of the Minnesota public examineris office appeared to <br />.outline his report of examination of village records for the year 19435. <br />which report mill be submitted formally to the council through the <br />examiner's office, <br />Problems of Sewer District bo, 8 were discussed and Utley suggested <br />that Ehgineer Smith make 8 study of e€ assessments levied in the district indicating what has been spent for various portions of the project with <br />a view to possible adjustment of assessments. <br />RESOLUTION <br />President Todd offered the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />Whereas, the village council of the village of Edina, Hemepen county, <br />Nffnnesota, has reeelired from the land commissioner of Hefmegin county, a llst of land in said village of Edina which has become the absolute property of the State of ESnnesota under provisions of laws declaring <br />the forfeiture of lands to the state for taxes, which Lands have been classified by the county board of said Eennepfn county as non-conservation <br />and for sale, pursuant to laws of Binnssota for 1935, chapter 386, <br />L-marg 32, aP944, and ection amended, which list of land is designated as List 93 "Ctr,