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236 <br />(Bills -- cmtinued from preceding page) <br />In-k er laclie n Gr e e-dio u B ep <br />I:imeso-i;a Fire Squipment Co <br />Aagard Sign Co. <br />Chris Larsan <br />J. IT. Bailey 3Turseriex Lynnhur s -b Iiur s er i e's <br />Beecher-Cmiings I Ilrrc e <br />Cdim Garage, I~C. <br />American Sinen Coo <br />Industrial Electric Co e <br />Lind-e-Air Products Co . <br />Phillips I?e%roleur,r Co, <br />226- I-lailrix Service 3ta. <br />C0i.m. of Tm:a-i;lon, Fet, Dive <br />Regublic Breoxotiag Co. 'Jarner Ear dvar e Co e <br />Ben SEwbware Co Watt f s Ecpress Co <br />3 6- ha, Har dvmr e <br />IIinneapolis Gas Eight Coo <br />Bahlberg Bros. Iilco <br />Glacier Sand S Gravel CoQ <br />D-A Lubricants Coo <br />Tliller-D8vis Co . <br />Burroughs Adding EacBine Co iTorthves-bern 3ell Tel, Coo <br />Bud Brooks Pure Oil Co. <br />Vic-kor CarlsoQ 2~ Sons, Inc, <br />George To Ghilson . <br />!&?in City Brick Coo <br />Iyortliern States Power Go <br />1570 <br />1871 <br />1872 <br />18 74 <br />18 75 <br />18 16 <br />1877 <br />187'8 <br />18 79 <br />1880. <br />1881 <br />1882 <br />18 83 <br />1884 <br />1835 <br />1886 <br />1887 <br />1888 <br />1839 <br />1890 <br />1891 <br />1892 <br />1900 <br />1901 <br />190 2 <br />1903 <br />19 04 <br />1931 <br />1894 <br />1893 <br />ia 73 <br />ho tal% <br />c9.00 <br />65.80 <br />3 092 <br />4 oOQ <br />78.09 <br />46080 <br />92,40 <br />12.50 <br />2875 <br />5075 <br />6.20 <br />5094 <br />37055 <br />105e10 <br />15 e00 - 3,643 e24 <br />56 035 <br />4040 <br />11 e 25 <br />58068 <br />1.74 <br />34.55 <br />193.12 <br />145 e 77 <br />3.70 <br />9.80 <br />35640 <br />67 017 <br />3,003060 <br />66.25 <br />8 *44 <br />$7 546 86 <br />620 a69 <br />Motion to approve and allow the following bills was made by Utley, <br />seconded by Willson and carried: <br />Sewer Rent a1 Fund <br />Northern States Power Go. 1893 <br />1894 <br />1895 <br />Twin City Brick Co, <br />Bo H. Bradley <br />Poor Fund <br />Sub. Hem, Go, Rlf. Bd. 1896 <br />Sewer District No. 8 Fund <br />F, To msek Krs. Laura DLrks a <br />1897 <br />1898 <br />WATERMAIN IMPROVENENT Xo. 1 Fund <br />First Natl. Bank & Trust Coo 1899 <br />$145.56 <br />$1 5.00 <br />xzm5 5,OO <br />$3,169.75 <br />R. B. Copleg, 4533 Rutledge avenue, appeared to inquire how soon completion of lateral sewers in Sewer District No, 8 would be possible. <br />Todd and Utley explained the council is making a study of financing of <br />Sewer District No. 8 with the hope of making adjustments and revisions to permit construction as soon as labor is available. <br />Motion to direct the village engineer to revise plans and complete specifications for construction of lateral sewers on Brookside and <br />Rutledge avenues in Sewer District No. 8 as soon as possible to permit <br />completion of those portions of the project as soon as financial problems of the district are adjusted, seconded by Utley and carried, <br />Motion to authorize the village manager to rent the Bucyrus shovel. owned by the village to responsiblepersons, subject to terms of an <br />agreement to be drawn by the village attorney was made by Hawthorne, <br />seconded by Willson and carried. <br />Motion to transfer $@89,20 from Sewer District No. 7 fund to the General <br />fund in repayment of items of $500 and $489.20 owed by the sewer district to the general fund was made by Utley, seconded by Wyatt and carried, <br />Motion to charge Sewer District No, 1 fund for all costs of putting <br />im roverne ts of the district in completed construction condition wgs <br />Joint <br />mti8e UgleY, seconded by Wyatt and carried.