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241 <br />General Fund (Continued] <br />3. Q. Gleason <br />Edina Feed Company <br />Gmble Stores <br />State Board of Reg. for LE. & L.5. <br />Xidvreat Cap lknufactuping Company Lynrmhmst X'wrsery Pirestone 8t ores <br />Edim Xolunteer Piremen's Relief Assn. Vsctarc Carlson and Sons, Inc, <br />DahXberg Bros. , Inc* <br />IlfiXler-Bavinr Cornpamy <br />Berg and Pamiham Company <br />John Mlra Boxer Haxtharne . <br />Geo. T. Shilson <br />Si;. Peters Lutheran Church Alex Creighton <br />WinifEed- Cre ight on <br />Viola A. Doe <br />Thompson Lumber Company <br />Evelyn Rjos Assiataat Treasurer Xorthern StatelFt Pomr Company <br />Ben Woehlec <br />'State of mnnesota Dept. of Public <br />ExzLrhi;ners <br />. Oscar RobePts and Company I <br />ROY Jo APXICSOE <br />Chin f <br />200 5 <br />Thompson Lumbes Compaszy <br />Evelyn Hjos Assistant Treasures <br />Bwxb.ard Koehls <br />Einneapolis Ci@ Tzeaswer <br />Thompson Lumber Campany <br />Evelyn Kjos, Assistant Treasutrer <br />Northenn States Boxer Company <br />Uinneapolis City Treasurep <br />Suburban Hennepin County Belief Bd, <br />20QB <br />20 07 <br />20 08 <br />20 09 <br />20 10 <br />2011 <br />2012 <br />20 13 <br />20 14 <br />20 23 <br />20 24 <br />2025 <br />2026 <br />2028 <br />2053 2054 <br />205 5 <br />2056 <br />205 '3 <br />2058 <br />2059 <br />20 16 <br />20 17 <br />20 18 <br />2027 <br />20 15 <br />AmODXlt; <br />7.50 <br />112. 50 <br />4.05 <br />12.30 <br />$8,139 a54 <br />2021 <br />Se%er Rental Fund 20 16 8.34 <br />2017 40 <br />20 18 1.28 <br />20 19 1s90 6.32 <br />$1,917.34 <br />c 1 I TOTAL BIUS PALI) - AIL FUMPfS $11 6 93 . 17 <br />&. Dm EcGufre, reptesenting Schoal Diseriet gly at Cahill, ZQ pe&r;ed to request that the raad from the school to Valley View Road-, about 3/4 of a mile, be improved. <br />hard to maintain on account of the drainage but that it would &e graded and the bad places repaired as soon as possible. <br />Trustee Wyatt brought up for discussion the trimming of Iirees on <br />Broimdale Avenue and suggested that %he Park Board proceed with %he <br />trimming of the trees betw.een the sideualk and the curb. It is under- <br />stood that; Park Bowd members Louis and Steinke are to contact the <br />property owfriers to have all trees inside the sidewalk trimmed at their <br />own expense. <br />Trustee Vyatt propoaed betGer methods of garbage disposal and he was <br />requested by the Cotxncil to conhat various municipalities on their <br />methods and cost of disposal. <br />Trustee Eilleon explained that the road is <br />Trustee WilZrjorr reported that certain farm buildings had been destroyed on the' Pat Delaney farm by mind storms and it mas decided to alloa him to proceed with conatructlon to reprace the ones destroyed. <br />A repcat on the sanitary sexer systa survey TEES read.