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P Eotion to adoet the fol1,aming mdinance was made by Utleg: <br />J -,The Village Council of the Tillage of Idina, in Hennepin <br />County, Xinnesota,, does ordain as follows: <br />Section 1. mat certain real estate and terri%ory ai4;hiur <br />the corporzte limits of the said Village af Edina is hereby createil <br />and established ax Sewer District Uo. 11 and shall consist of an& <br />I <br />include the temitory and real estate lying p7ithin said Village of <br />Edha, described as r"ollo?m, to-wit: <br />Commencing 8% the point of intersection af €he centel? line of ThPelen Avenue sad the lT5rth line af Katak <br />Street (44th Street) j thence wst along the north Pine <br />a% Eator Street to the ease line of Lot 8, Auditor's Subdivision number 17%; thence north to the northeast corner of said Lot 8; theme west to the northvest cor- ne2 af Lot 7, Auditarts Subdivision number 176; thence south along the west line of aaSd Eot 7 to the north line of Eotar Street; thence wes'c along the nwth line of Eotor, Street $0 the point of its intersection with <br />the nest line of &in Skeet (Wookside Avenue); thence south to the north line of the right of way of the Efnneapolis and St. Paul Suburban Wailxqy; thence west dong the north line of said right af uay to a point due north of the northvest corner .of Lat One (11, in Bl~k Thisteen (13), Cleveland's Subdivision of 3m.m Abbot <br />Park; thence south &Q the northhzest corner af said Sot <br />One; thence sauth along the west line of Lots 1 to 11, inclusive, of Block X59 ad the west line of Lots 1 to <br />3.2, inclusive, of Block 4, in Cleveland*s Su'bcEvision <br />of Enma Abbot Park, to the satsthwest coiner of Lot 12 <br />af Block 4 in CleTteLand*s Subdivision of Bma Abbot <br />Park; thence east along the saut& line of sa5d Lot 12 <br />and the Sough line a9 Seventh Street Ga the east line of lirain Street (Brookside Avenue); thence north along the east line of Eain Skreet (Braakside Avenue) to the nwth line af the right of aay of the Eimeapolis and St, Paul <br />SuBwbm Bailway; thence east along the north line of <br />said righ% of eay ta a;, pain2 due south af the point af <br />beginning; thence north to the pofnf af begirmiag. <br />Reference fs hereby made to plats of said additfons andl subd5visions on Pile and of record in %he office of the <br />Register af Deeds in and for said Bennepin Coun-by. <br />Seetion. 2. That all ordinances and resolutions and parts <br />of ordinances and Pesolutions inconsis~en-k with the pr ovisiona of <br />thzs ordinance be and the same hereby are repealed, <br />.f. ... I -- Seetian 3. ma€ this ordinance be in full force and effect <br />from pad after ies passage and publicatione <br />Passed this 15th day af Hovember, 1944. <br />Eotian to adop-t- the faregoing ardinance was and on rallead.1 %here \yere five ayes and no nays9 <br />Villson, aye; Pyatt, aye; 'Eawtharrt ~ias adopted. <br />1