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63 <br />104 <br />23 <br />1 - <br />21 <br />31 <br />13 2 <br />1 <br />76 <br />2Ql <br />25 <br />1 <br />- <br />61 <br />127 <br />104 <br />.- <br />64 43 <br />69 69 <br />12 14 - - - - <br />48 5 <br />34 11 <br />58 113 <br />246 <br />443 <br />74 <br />3. <br />1 <br />135 <br />20 3 <br />407 <br />1 <br />Ko-iiion to .approve the reports of election judges for the zumual village elec'cion held December 5, 1944, and i;o authorize the clerk to issue <br />certificate of election to the person receiving the largest number of votes for each office in accordaace with Xam was rmde by Tillson, aecoiided <br />by i7y~t-k an6 cwried. <br />E'otiour ko adjourn nzs =de by Vnt-E-, seconded by llillson ~xad carried. <br />EtIIMnFES OF THE REGULAR NEETImG <br />All members of the council were present. 'I <br />Xinutes of the regular council meeting held October 23, 1944; regular council meeting held November 13, 1944; special cauncil meeting held <br />3Tovlember 15, 1944; regular council neeting held Rovember 27, 1944; <br />special council meeting held November 30, 1944; special council rneeā‚¬ing held December 7, 1944; canvassing board meeting held December 7, 1944, wre read and approved. <br />Publie hearing vias held on the matter of considering bfds for construction <br />of lateral sexers in Sewer Disfiri'ct KO. 11. tabulation of bids received and opened December 7, 1944, shoxing the follorring totals: Phelps-Drake Oo., $29,950.13; Orfef and Xariani, <br />$33,013.95; Zametti and LameWii, $33,824.76 and Dan Borre, $42,237.00 on <br />a correspondiag basis according ta specifications. The clerk read a <br />letter received from the war production board, disallowing application <br />for permissio'qk to undertake construction of said sexers at the present <br />time, Several property owners in the district were present. Thoae <br />expressing themselves as willing to be assessed for the pro feet on the brzsfs of low bid received 'h~ere Essrs. Reeves, Copley, Vebber, Anderson; <br />(as to the lot on which his home is built) and Burton. <br />assessmentg on the basis of bids received =ere 'Esssrs. Ford, Anderson <br />(as to two vacant lots), Simpson, Clark and Bfiss Dennis. <br />Eoticm to refer the project back to the village engineer for conference <br />xEkh war pPoductian board officials and lath instructions %o report <br />back to the council set the earliest possible date vas made by Vyatt, <br />seconded by Utley and carried. <br />President Todd explained to persons appearing for the public hearing that no action mould be taken by the council regarding Sev2er District Eo. 11 <br />\yithon.t; further public hearing. <br />Engineer SmiZih presented <br />Opposed to <br />I <br />Eation Bo approve and allox the follomtng election payroll mas made by <br />Wyatt, seconded by Tillson and carried;