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43 <br />l'?illson, aye; Vyatt, aye; &wth <br />resolutian was adap2ed. <br />Eotian eo grant the fallswing licenses for the sear errding ITarcE.1 3X9. <br />1946, was mad6 by Hawthorne, seconded by Utley and carried: <br />ChaPles Bay for Hay & Stenson Co., 3922 V. 50th SCreet -- <br />Int erlachen Country Club, In6erlachen road -- <br />3.2 beer (off-sale); cigeret e <br />SiquoP (on-sale); 3.2 beer (on-sale); cigaret, <br />I <br />%Totion to gmn% pemif;s to Eopthem StaEes Pomer Go. for erection of one power pole OH IT, Fuller Street and me poaer pole on Golf Terpace <br />'was made by t"Jillsorr, seconded by Utley and cierrZed. <br />Eation to e~~3.o~ Clarence E;nt;ztson as a police patrolman at %c salary <br />of $X60 per mon%h on a month-to-mon%h 'basis mas made by Hamtiharne, <br />seconded by Gillson and cmEied. <br />Jahn Thill appeared to coqfain about erection of advertising bill- <br />boaEds alcrng Highway 100, <br />m ordinance regulating billbomds. <br />The village manager reported signers of petition requesting install- ation af sanitary seaer ora %. Puller Skreet from Beard to Franee Avenues represented only 25 per cent of affeGted property. Eotion <br />€0 refer €he peE;itian back to the s9gnex.s tvith instmcticms ta secure signatures representing a€ least 75 per cent of affected proper2;y wits made by ft%ley, &couldled by Haxtiharne a;nd earxied. <br />Gtley offered the f ollowring resoluticr-n and rnaved 2%~ adoption: <br />The village attorney weis directed $0 draft <br />tiEESOLWD, that the Village Council of Ldina approves the assigmnerrt by Kidland NaEirPYzal Bank & 3i'ruse Company of $15,~00.00 U. S. Tzeasury 2 1/2 per cent bomb due December 15, 1953L49, in lieu of $15,000.00 Home <br />Onriers Loan Gorp. 3. 112 per cent bonds due June 1, 1947, <br />as collateral Village af %dim funds deposited in <br />the bank IL <br />I <br />Eiiioxl ea adapt the resolutianr vas seconded by fdgittt and on rollcall <br />there =ere five ayes and no nays, <br />aye; Vyatt, aye; Hawthcrrne, aye; adopGed. <br />1f:ation to adjourn was made by Haehmmes seconded by Villsorr and carried. <br />All memkem af the council mere present;.