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44 <br />Ut;fey offered €he follarring resolution and moved its adoption: <br />uTiHEXE.&S, 5% is desirable to ptarchase that pet of the water snpply system, and pLwE no-n used and - usefulp ovned by the Country Club District Semfee <br />Gompany 3 <br />ttEEl IT RESOLVED9 by the Council of the Village of Edina, that the clerk be, and he hereby is, directed to gine to the Country ClubBisfiricP; Service Compavry <br />Khirty (30) days' witten notice of the desire of the <br />Village to purchase that part of the rzater supply system <br />and plant, non used md useful, anned by and belonging <br />to the cfoun-l;ry Club DistricZ Service Campmy." <br />E~ti~n to adopt the resolutian vas seconde rollcall $here vere five ayes and no Tillson, aye; Vyat-ks aye; Hamthar resolution vas adoptedo <br />rne and on <br />Xotiarm Eo mite $L,OOQ of co-insurance coverage for snav fence <br />~th Hardriare Kutual Insurance Go,: for %he year ending April I49 1946 at a premium gl.50 per @.OS mas made by \7i11son, Seconded by Vyatt and carried. <br />All members of the eouncil mere present, <br />Adnini s trat ire <br />Phil Vo SmiBh <br />2919 <br />29 20 <br />2921 <br />29 22 <br />2923 <br />29 24 <br />2925 <br />29 26 <br />2927 <br />2928 <br />Q 5oooo <br />35.00 35.00 <br />30 o OCP <br />30 e00 <br />75 00 <br />59008 <br />350 OO <br />010 <br />.10 <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0 - <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />0 7Q <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />-0- <br />162 050 20040 1.50 Etrelsm f;.ios 2929 20 80 <br />Gret-khen-Schussler 293Q <br />Folice Department Sub -to tal <br />29 31 1.50 <br />96060 <br />82. 80