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6.8 <br />t <br />3ills paid July 5', 12-45 (Continued) <br />I'm 23 GIJAIIr 1m. I- Glacier Sand & Gravel Co. 3255 <br />€hi1 \I. Smith 3256 <br />Country Club Dist. Serv. Coo 3257 <br />Dale Green 3258 <br />EuQ Brooks Pure Oil Station 3259 <br />John Lindberry 3260 <br />ljahlberg 3ros. TYIC. 3261 <br />Lynrhurst A ursery 3262 <br />E"erri 11 Ent chinson 3263 <br />'desley 3rum 3264 <br />Boreyf s Shell Service 326 5 <br />i:. 'ti. Bell Teleyhoiie Coo 3266 <br />Sub. Police E; Folice rissn. 3268 <br />Gamble Stores :;lo3 3269 <br />Hemepin County Reviea 3270 <br />Lortinern States Fever Co. 3271 <br />Reinharci QrosO9 Coo 3272 <br />I:idwest Cap f"fg. Coo 3267 <br />TOTAL BILLS <br />50.00 <br />7.70 IG. QO <br />12.94 <br />2.75 <br />97.31 <br />92.50 <br />13.75 <br />102.41 <br />103 . 42 <br />3.00 <br />8.00 <br />11.50 <br />40 89 <br />9.90 <br />648.45 <br />24.58 <br />- GEEERAL I?UT;D <br />Sub. Her,n. Coe Relief Bd. 3275 <br />L <br />Hennepin Co unty Revien 3270 <br />Reinhard Br~s. Co. 3272 A. J. Strate 3273 <br />Fercy :IcGonan 3274 <br />153 97 <br />10 00 <br />4.95 <br />74,62 <br />'15600 <br />Eorthern States Toner Co . 3271 1.85 <br />First Uational Bai& of k?pls. 3276 22143050 <br />$ 2,484.30 <br />S. Do #8 <br />T. 1". I. n"1 <br />:i 2,1425.50 <br />TOTAL BILLS PAID JULY 9, 1945 $ 4,909.19 <br />i(3- Zelvin Petrie, 4500 Brookside Avenue appeared to request oil on <br />Division Street, a thru street9 at the expense of the ?illage. <br />This =as agreed upon at a previous meeting. <br />A petition from residentis on d. 55th Street, for a sever t:, be <br />laid before black top is a:pSied to the street, vas presented. <br />I'fillson secDnaeci %he notion thst Zngineer Smith set up a. 6.istrict <br />and get speciTications, take bias collectively and. separately <br />for each of the three petition~~presented. <br />Jensen and several others spoke for the severr Utley moved <br />Trustee Xillson imveci t~ lay a dust coat on i-ialir"as kvezue frm <br />52nd to 54th Street. Seconde~ by ;Jyatt and carrie6. <br />A resident livhg on Xerxes Avenue rezueoted lights to be put on <br />58tii9 59th aiio 60th Streetso !"oved by Trustee -!illson and <br />seconded by Jyatt, Ziigineer Smith uas instructed to check on <br />these corners. <br />Engineer &ith uas instructeeci to survey the villace for signs <br />on I1Stree'cs" and iiAvenuesli for the vhole village. <br />?re ,I. 4i:. Yilett , Hillaale suggested the nideniiig, gradingf, re- <br />movfiig hill fron an6 oiling of Eivisior, Street. <br />Zr. Toua agreed to mite IY. A. 0. Edwards, 3815 Inglewood Avenue <br />St. Louis €ark, in behalf of Y%. Illaw%horr,e, benyir,e a gelition <br />fDr eDnstructinc a tar bath plni t near the Village t:,:,ll-i:!use. <br />flotion fimde by Trustee Jillson ana secDnaed bl Lltley for iF. <br />Todd to as;; aizci aplc~int 10 or 15 peol>le in tile TIillage fw a . <br />Jar ileriiorial Couiittee. <br />12. Francis on illis is xi Aveiiue ovrns a police QOC;, wsrhich is cav.sing <br />trouble. Atleiition has been called to the dog by I%. Eiehl and <br />?Ye Steele. It has been referred to the Folice Dep.rtment.