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J Xinnesota HosFital Service Assn. 308 Hospitilixtion for JIonth 24.00 <br />First Edina State 33,nk 4.462 Transfer of Funds 3,023.18 IEdland National Bank of Kpls . 309 Xithholding taxes 425 0-40 <br />BILL' S PAID <br />Postmaster Linden Hills Station 4.461 For finicial statement 37.50 <br />Fursuant to Wesolution Setting Assessment Hearingir, as passed by the Village <br />Council Jfly 22, and published in Hennepin county Beview on July 25, hearing <br />vas held on the matter of assessing Beard Avenue property from 56th to 58th <br />Street for gradins. 1-k. Peder Ilickelsen objected to the assessment, stating <br />that it vas his belief that the grading was not to be assessed. Letter from <br />Helen R. Jerome ms read, stating that about 1/2 the grading between 56th and <br />57th had been done by Bolander at her expense, <br />be tabled for consideration by entire council was seconded by ?fillson and <br />carried. <br />Fursuant to "Resolution Setting Assessment Hearing", as pzssed by the Village <br />Co&icil July 22, and published in Hennepin county Review on July 25, hearing <br />:.ns held on the matter of assessing property abutting Gorgas Avenue for <br />grading. llotion by X.llson that <br />acCion be tabled for consideration by entire council was seconded by <br />Hatrbhorne and carried. <br />\ <br />/ Hotion by Hawbhorne that action <br />There were no objections, oral or mitten. <br />Pursuant to "Notice of Hearing", published in Hennepin county Review, Hopkins, <br />I-ijrinesota, July 22, 1946, as per affidavit or publication read by Clerk, <br />public hearing vas held on proposed construction of sewer mains in Sanitary <br />Sewer District Ro. 17. Deed from Arthur 0. Edwards, Jr. and Gail Jean Edwards, <br />for the East thirty feet of Oaklawn Avenue, from X.56th Strect to the South <br />line of Kellogg Place vas accepted by the Council, subject to checking by <br />the Village A\torney, per motion by Hawthorne, seconded by '&llson and carried. <br />There were no objections, oral or written. <br />Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />hvrthorne offered the following <br />Im%AS, it aypaars necessary and in the public interest that a sanLtary <br />sewer be constructed in the following streets: <br />Kellogg Avenue, frm Y. 56th Street to Xellogg Place; <br />Kellogg ,Place, from Kellogg Avenue to 'a!slavm Avenue; <br />Oaklam Avenue, from Kellogg Avenue to ti. 56th Street; <br />saae to be a lateral sewer, nov therefore, <br />BE IT LRESOLVSD by the Village council of the Village of %&a that sanitsry <br />lateral sewer be constructed in the above named streets. <br />I EE IT FURTIlEfz €ESOLIaD thBt Philip W. Seth be designated as engineer tfao <br />shall draw plans md spzcifications and prepare and tabulate as est%ted <br />cost of the constru6tion of such sewer and report, the same to the Village <br />Council. <br />I?otion to adopt the Resolution was seconded b7 VJillson, and on R0llcrd.l there <br />were three ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />aye; and the Resolution ks adopted. <br />ATTEST : <br />Utley, aye; Xillsonj .aye; Hawthorne <br />Engineer Smith presented plans, specifications, ad estimzte of cost, in <br />mount of $3,811.40, for Sanitary Sewer construction in Sanitary Sever <br />District No. 17. &w-bhorne offered the following Resolution and moved <br />its adoption: