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6/3/11? - 179 / <br />i <br />l"Ehe paymentof said $135,000,00 shall be made in cash on or before <br />'The offerors further propose to operate said systems in the usual <br />AUSst 15, 1947. <br />and customary manner until July 1, 1947. <br />ltOscar Gaarden agrees to extend his full cooperation to the Village <br />by way of consultation and advice during the transition period, <br />"Said Gaarden further agrees to cause this transaction to be author- <br />ized and further approved by its Board of Directors and/or stock- <br />holders,,if in the opinion of the counsel for the Village the same <br />shall be necessary, <br />"It is agreed that this orfer shall be submitted to the Village <br />Council of Edina within three (3) days at which time said Council <br />shall either (1) reject said offer, or (2) if deedmed Isatisfactory, <br />said Council will, by appropriate resolution, agree to favorably <br />recommend the purchase of said properties at said price to the <br />voters of the Village. <br />shall also agree to cause an election to be held upon the question <br />of the acquisition of said properties at such time during the month <br />of June as may comply with applicable laws in order that the con- <br />summation of said transaction, if approved by the voters, may be <br />completed on July 1, 1947. <br />If recommended favorably, the Council <br />"It is further understood that if said Council accepts said offer, <br />the entire transaction shall be set forth in a further formal. con- <br />tract not inconsistent with the provbions hereof and with such ad- <br />ditional provisions for the protection of both parties as may be <br />necessary in the opinion of their officers and counsel, <br />:IIIt is further understood that the Servicg Company shall pay all. <br />, obligations for work contracted to the effective date of this <br />We offer also to surrender the existing franchise.11 <br />in'st;-rument. <br />COUNTRY CDB DISTRICT SmnCE COMPANY <br />By (Signed) Oscar Gaarden <br />OGcar Gaarden, President <br />(Signed) Mar Gaarden <br />Oscaar Gaarden, Individually <br />Utley offered the following Resolution'and moved its adoption: <br />BE IT EESOL~D by the Village Council of the Village of Edina that <br />the written offer of the Cougtry Club 1i)istrict Service Company and Oscar <br />Gaarden, dated June 3, 19&7,.to sell to the Village of Edina the proper- <br />ties of said Company for $135,000.00 be accepted; andthat the Council <br />proceed to acquire said properties in accordance with said offer or as <br />otherwise permitted by law. <br />Motibn to adopt the Resolutipn was seconded by Hawthorne, and on Rollcall <br />there were five ayes and no gays, as follows: Child, aye; Utley, aye; <br />Willson, aye; Hawthorne, aye; and Christopher, aye; and the Resolution <br />was adopted,