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11/6/47 <br />shall be deposited in the Permanent Improvement Revolving hd. <br />I. <br />5. The said bonds and the interest coupons to be attached thereto sql <br />be in substantially the following form: <br />UNITED STATES OB AMERIDA <br />STATE OF MIXNESOICA <br />COUNTY 03' -PIN <br />VILLAGX 'e EDIWA <br />PEBMANENI! IMPROVXMENT REVOLTING FUi?D BOM) <br />NO $1,000 <br />, Series December, 1947 <br />EXOW ALL MEIN BY TmSE PBESENTS %hat the Village of Edina, a micipdl <br />corporation of Hennepin County, State of Minnesota, hereby acknowledges itself <br />to be indebted and for value received promises to pay to bearer the principal <br />sua of ON8 TJXRJSAIID DOLLkRS on the 1st aaJr of (April) October 19,, arsd to pay <br />Pnterest on said principal sum at the rate of two percent (2$j per annum, <br />interest to maturity payable October 1, l9M, and semi-annually thereafter 6n <br />the Pst day of April and the 1st day of October in each year in accordance with <br />and upon presentation and surrender of the interest coupons hereto attached as <br />they severally become due, Both principal and interest are payable at the main <br />office of the First National Bank of Minneapolis, in the City of Minneapolis, <br />Minnesota, in wy coin or currency of the United States of America which at <br />the time of payment is legal tender for public and private debts, and for the <br />prompt payment of said principal and interest as they respectively become due <br />the full faith, credit and taxing powers of said Village are hereby irrevocably <br />pledged. <br />. <br />The bonds of this issue maturing in 1958 are subject to redeenption <br />prior to maturity at the option of the Village on October 1, 1952, and any <br />interest payment date thereafter, at par and accrued interest. Thirty days <br />prior notice of such redemption will be given by nail to the bank where the <br />bonds are payable and to the holder, if known, HciELers desiring to recelve . <br />such notice musfj register their names and addresses with the Villzge Clerk. <br />$180,000, all of like datp and tenor except as to maturities and redemption <br />privileges, all of which are issued for creating and maintaining a Permanent <br />Improvement Revolving Fund of the Village pursuant to and iqfull conformity <br />with the Constitution and Laws of the State of Minnesota. <br />Thls bond is one of an issue of bonds in the total principal amount of <br />I <br />IT IS HEREBY CERTIFIED AND RECIZED that all acts, conditions, and <br />things required by the Constitution and Laws of the State of Minnesota to be <br />done, to happen and to be performed precedent to and in the issuance of this <br />bond have been done, have happened and have been performed in legal and due form, <br />time and manner, and that this bond together with all other indebtedness of said <br />Village outstanding on the date of its issuance, does not exceed any constitutional <br />OF .- statutory limitation of indebtedness, <br />IX WITNESS WHIBEOF, the Village of Edina, Hennepin County, Hinnesota, <br />has caused this bond to be signed in its behalf by its President of the Village <br />and Village Clerk and to be countersigned by its Village Treasurer and its <br />corporate seal to be hereunto affixed apd the attached interest coupons to be <br />executed by the facsimile signatures of said officers, all as of this 1st day <br />of December, 1947. <br />Countersigned: <br />Preside& of Village Council <br />Village Clerk <br />Village Treasurer <br />(seal) <br />@om of Coupon) <br />No. L- <br />On the 1st day of April (October), 19 <br />Eennepin County, Minnesota, will pay to bearer the sum of <br />, the Biflage of Edina, <br />DOLLARS <br />lawful money of the United States of America at the main office of,the <br />First National BE& of Minneapolis, in the City of Minneapolis, Minnesota, <br />for interest then due on its Permanent hprovement Revolving Fund Bond <br />Dated December I, 1947, No. <br />I <br />0 <br />President of Village Council <br />Village Clerk