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8 /30 /&8 (3.33 <br />Idesars. Bodsers, Eailles md Snith of the State Bosd of Hedth, ad I.Ir, Bobert <br />Huston,of the I.Tinnezpo1is City Zngineer's Office, inquired as to Idinars policy <br />yith regardin to using the proposed Ricwield sanitmj sewer as an outlet for <br />Ed-irzz sevage in the southern portion of the Village, <br />Jhgfneer, eqlained to the Council. that Edina trill have to provide g sewage <br />disposd plant unless arrangements,are made n0T.r f&r use of Richfield sewer to <br />as ouglet; that the genera-trend of the topography is tovrad the Southeast <br />corner of the Fillsge; md: that he is certain dl the aP'eaE2st of the Beltline <br />ad South of 58th Street can be included. <br />I&-, Phil Smith, Til&-e <br />State md City Engineers asked for determinetion of Council policy with regard to <br />this sewer Just as soon as possible, +because preliminary plms for Village 09 <br />RicMield nust await approval until Edina*s recomenktion is in. <br />thzt the action aypoving a survey vould suffice for the tine being. <br />Villae Eigineer Sxaiih re2orted that such survey would be iapossible vith his <br />one-am engineering st&, and recommended the hiring of the engineering firm of <br />'Jloltz, King ma Pay, St, Paul. engineering fim, to make preliminary survey. <br />0hiZd.t~' notion, ihat Village Engineer be authorized ad directed to proceed with <br />prelirginmy survey vith regad to Village of Idina's entrance lnto Richfield <br />sanitary sewer outlet, as per his recommendation, ITaS seconded by Tiillson and <br />unanimously curie.. <br />Report vas nad-e of recpest for pernit to construct $-foot addition at rear of <br />First Zdina Stste 'Balrt,, which addition trill not extend beyond the Borth end of <br />the Hove auilding, and structwal plans for ahich have been ayproved by Building <br />Insyector Ben Voehler, Eaxthorne moved that 3uiMing Insx2ector be authoriz&d to <br />issue Fernit for additiop to First Pdina State BE&, providing it conforms with <br />established setback, <br />2hey stated, I* <br />P <br />> <br />Uo tion seconded by Child md carried. + <br />Pden's notion for a3yroval and. paynent of the follovring clailizs*vras seconded by <br />Villson and carried: <br />Bo, 2729 - Hovrad BIerrinan <br />c <br />'2730 - 3;es Cooper <br />LIQUOR l?UlTD <br />x ' No. Ll32 - George Benz Sons, Inc, , $i95026 <br />, 30:06 <br />516.92 + L133 - John B. Cow, Postmaster <br />L131.6 - S%l. Phillips & Sons Co, L135 - Swiss t.lilzs House > 1W. 75 <br />At this time the Council vas read. I~~cLaug~iYl~~~ster, Rowland Be ?.lay* s <br />"Report of Zxzminztion as at August 6, 1948-&micipal Liquor Store,Ir vhich mitten <br />resort vas followed by 5 question-zad-msaer oral rep0r.f;. <br />be considered a p&t of these official Kinutes, ad sre filed in the Liquor <br />2inmcid Reports file in the Tillage Hall, <br />At the end of report and discussion, E&. Booper recommended calling all liquor <br />store enploy{es to the Village Hall, to gLve --s them a chance to tender their <br />resignations, I <br />Havthorne noved th5t Xanager and all employees of Edina Ekinicipd. Liquor Store 'ue <br />potified that tlzeir resignations Trill be accepted promptly 6y the Village Council. <br />Xotion seconded By Palen ad manimously czrried, I <br />Both reports are to <br />Hawthorne moved thzt I.~cL~u~~in-~~~le~aster, Bovrland & Ida *De retained to .provid-e <br />teqorary supervisory service at the Ihnicipal Litaor Store beginning vtomoTrov <br />norninp: md continuing until further notice by $he Council.; ad that Clerk be <br />instructed to advertise for Hmzser ad employees, such personnel to ,%e intervievled <br />by Zliquor Comission and Council. <br />Hzlrthorne moved thd Clexk be authorized to have 3,OQO copies of new Biection IXas .prinked on netrspper stock and rrailed to residents in the Villzse. <br />bg Pden md carried.' <br />Ifillson left the meeting at this time, <br />seconded b~ Palen and- carried, <br />Notion seconded % y Pden and carried, <br />Plotion seconded <br />t <br />Hawthorne moved- for adjowment, IIotion <br />.I <br />I, <br />Village Clerk '