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2he foUoT;ing zpplications for pernit to sell Christmas <br />3, J, Tkkely - .zt Woreau property on Xorth Side of <br />Glenn ~arlsou - at 5000 Vern& (sn triangle at new <br />Pemits granted. <br />.h <br />Trees irere presented: <br />Ikrket Street <br />gasoline service station,) <br />lfessrs. 1Torms.1 Grossma and V.R. Everett; of Suburban Chevrolet Coqarr$ conferred with <br />Council on claims for services to Chevrolet Police Car. <br />installation vas disckssed, vith Mr. Grossdan agreeing to fmy the Village for <br />Re-d &others' charge of lTovember 22 for service to generator, <br />motion, that clain of Suburban Chevrolet Compmy in the .mount of $27.76, for trans- <br />fer of'generztor be aLLovred on condition that Villase is reimbksed for Reinhardis <br />bill. Hotion seconded by Ghilfi and carried. . <br />Ilatter of Generdior <br />Eavrthorne4s <br />I.Iatter df Conpmyts claim 3z-i zmount of $30.00; for gold leaf shield on the czr vqs <br />reviewed, Council believing it excessive. <br />Hzvrthorne's ndtion tha.5 $30.00 claim be approved for paJ?nent vas seconded %y Viflson <br />and caried. <br />After eqfanation 'by I4r. Grossma, <br />1 <* <br />r c <br />Upon inquiry by 2mstee Pden as to normal life of hemy duty 6ires purchased for the <br />car, Hr. Grossnm gave 20 'to 25,000 mifes as' his estimate, whereupon he was informed <br />that one of the new tires had vorn through before 20,000 miles. <br />he be furnishefi with old tire in order that adjustment yigh.t; be made if possible. <br />Xr. Gross- also asked tlmt ' be requested to Wlate tires yery carefully, at <br />not more than 24 pounds. <br />fk. Victor dams presented plot plan and proposed lay--out for red ;state office to <br />be situ&ed on the A&ms prqerty Uorth of Elar&.t Street, haking to have SO-foot <br />frontage 2nd a set-back of ten feet, with driveway to be provided at vest of building <br />Tor access to parking lot. ' After reviewing Resolution kdoptec2 by Council in 1946 vith <br />rwwd to North &.rket Street buildings, Hmthorne moved that asplicztion for building <br />pezmit be approved. <br />1.k. H. R. Burton presented Pidd Plat of "Indian Hilis,tt together 76th an eq1anatox-y <br />letter d&ed Deceaber 13, 3.948, in vrhich he granted option to V'illsge to purchasalots <br />G,D,B,F, and G vithout chap, at my time on or before December 31, 1973, and also <br />Ganged temporary l'turn-aromdlf aasereents over Lot lo,* Block 2, Lots I, 2 and 7, 3lock <br />3, Lots 2 and 19, Block 5, and Lot 6, 3locB 6, A Quit Claim Deed, executed by <br />Thomas- ad 9ikrgaret I-IcCauleSr end H.B. Burton, Inc. , in favor of Village of Bdina, for <br />1500-f oof roadvray- connecting Indian Rills1! vith County Road fo . 28, vas presented. <br />[che petition of Indkn Xiills Corporation, for the gravellins and blacktopping of all <br />rozds in "iridian Hills,11 together vrith Gleason Road 9kom ITighmy 169 to Valley Vierr <br />Road, ad the Yoadmy from Coupty Road Do. 18 to the subdivision*, vas presenteil. by <br />1h. Burton, <br />He asked fhzt <br />< <br />Seconded by Child ad carried. <br />I <br />Emthorne noved that Find Plat 0% "Indian Eills'' be accepted ad approved, subject to <br />conditions stated in l-Ir: Bwtonts letter date3 December 13, 1948. <br />liilfsoh 2nd carried. <br />Bfter discussion vith regard to assessing farm tracts for %laclzbo~pin~ iqrovements <br />on Gleson and I-L9&dey Rozds: Hmthorne moved th&'petiti.on siilmitted by Indian EiZls <br />Corporation, dzted Decembery 13 , 19N , relating to "uacktopping of rods, be zccepted <br />2s to the roads vithin %dim Hillsi1 ad that the entire petition be lzi8 over for <br />consideration - fn the 1949 road program. <br />Hotion seconded by <br />I4otion beconded by Child and csrried, <br />?!illson moved for'accegtzllce by the Pillage of Edina of the Quit Claih Deed dated <br />Oc%ober 8, 1948, executed by 'Phones and 1-Iargaret BicCauley md H.R. Eurton in f&vor of <br />the Village, for the 1500-foot roadwgy connecting i11ndim with Comtg Road <br />Xo. 18, said roadtsg cutting through the I~IcCzuley proserty md the d-escriztion 02 <br />vhich deed begins as follovrs: Fi&y (SO) foot strip of Imd over a& across the <br />Southvest Quarter of the ITorthvrest barter (STl$$R:') of Section Six (6) Tovmshiz <br />One Eundred Sixteen (116) i'lorth, R&u& Ifr*renty-orre. (a) West; othervise described as <br />Zots 7 ad 8, Auditor's Subdivision Hmber 196, EenneBin Cobty, fIimesotw-! <br />l*Iotion seconded 37 Hzvthorne and carried. <br />Invitation of Suburbs Police rS: Peace Officers ksn. firr CounciX att&ndwc& at neeting <br />to he held at StJouis Park Villxe Hall December 16, at 8:3O P.H. was read. <br />asked to.notify secretary khat two. atid possibly, three members of Council would attend, <br />Lks. Ray Ti. Lasen's I&ter of ITovesber 22, advocating dog i.e,eations, vas had and <br />filed, with office instructed %o advice &sr Larsen Ghat Council is considerbqsuch <br />progr&m. ' <br />Office <br />P , <