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2/14/49 245 I <br />Chiliit s motion, qqroving pawent of the following Clmins <br />md. c?mied: <br />ms seconded by Villson <br />I C <br />I G3iGUL PTJITD <br />pz?iEl No, 3554 $22.40 I <br />I' Clain Bo. 3555 72.00 . . $9&.40 <br />EOUIP.RE3TML - <br />Edinn Pure Oi'L_Co, Clgn No, 3552 $20.94 <br />Comiissiondr of Iaation Claim PSO. 3553 1.4, 00 $34.95 <br />- <br />Arthur IC. Petersen ciai~ NO. 3551 < f t r <br />Su%v.r'b,on Eennepin Cy.Relier" Bd, Claim 370. 5531 <br />c r <br />First N&i.ond. Bak <br />Hd. Phillips '& Sons Co. <br />Gee. Ben2 Sons, InC. <br />Claim no. 5530 <br />POOR l?"D <br />$574856 <br />H&horne moved tkt the Council airect the Deputg Clerk to secure smples of <br />pronotion,d e&minatkons from the Ninneasolis Police De>artnent, Lecae of IIinnesota <br />Liuniciplities , St. PEUI Police De;aartmcnt ad the Ilinnesota gisxay Pz,tr91 , in <br />preprztion for con6ucting promotional exzminatiorrs for purposes of classification <br />of the men on the Edine Police Departnent, Hotion seconded 'by Pzlcn cad unminously <br />cmried, : <br />I.Tinutcsof thb Re&= Ilceting of Jznu~rg 24 md S$ccial Meeting of'bebrusy 1, 1949, <br />mre q>roved as subaitted, by Hotion I'lillson, seconded By ?plea cad cariqd, <br />? <br />c 1 c c <br />Pmswat to "Notice 03 Hesing on Proposed kter &in Pztcnsion,tt pu3lislled in <br />Suburb= Press, Ho$ins J"musry 27 and- Februsy 3 <br />of vrhich w.s red by Clerk, Public Hezring &s held on prqosea extension of <br />water nein in ?lest 56th Street botr.reen Beard ad A%bott Avenues md in Ko'OotL <br />Avenue httreen V.$th'&cZ V.57-&'Streets, <br />of $8,125.89 for .cdns$ruction, @us 251 per front foot +clprge fqr comeqti;on .to <br />Mickelsen mter n,zin, or $5.'7? total, per as&msKde foot, ~rzs rezd. <br />of the oimers of 'Troprtg facing South on tr.56th Street- S.S. Herrill, Julkn h, <br />Sons, pad Corliss A. Co&ic$--op~ossd, the construction bccmse they dl hzve rrells. <br />Rich2,rd Eti-.,tcher, L.11. 3room, Pnci Perry .Beggs <br />were also o2)Iyosed md beccuse of the s-me reason. <br />siyaers 02 petition totelled more kh,n 51$ of dl frontage dfected. <br />the fo1l.oviq Resolution P.nd moved its ;tdo?tion: <br />md -$Blisiled in Suburbw, Press, Eo;ijkins, 14iniqsota, on Jmugy 27, 19b9 the ViLlege <br />Council hs met zt the tfine and ?laxr qecified therein. ad head $1 gersoqs <br />interested ::ith reference to construction of 'Vilkge YJZter in #,~6th Street <br />from Becrd Avcnue to Kobott Avenue cndr in A3bott Avenue from N.56th to IJ.57th Street; <br />BX IT XESOLV3D b3 the Village Council of' the Villzge of Edinn thzt it is hereby <br />1949, R%z"id,o,vit of r?n'blics.tion <br />En$neerr s testimtc in the ,tot,OJ. ~:i~omC <br />A delegs,tion <br />otrilers of proserties on A3bott Avenne, <br />023posi.tion v7zs informed thf <br />Child offered <br />~soL~~o>j SOP, TJAT~ I.U.IIT IIGRQVZGIT~ <br />IlmAS, nursuwt to Resolution. 2,dopted by the Villpge Council J~nu?xy 24,1949, <br />' <br />dctcrmined to be necessary to construct Tillzip Uater +in Bxtensiont in the strepts <br />XEWI z%ove, sna <br />IT LXRWZR &SOLVED thzt plans specificetions for such neter min con- <br />struction heretofore >repred by ?hi1 v. ad filed with the Villaze Clerk are <br />hereby rcceptea md- kiiproved as the islas ad specificat ions for seid iaprovelzent. <br />BE IY XZUXZR USOL~D that the Clerk is ixerekJ directed to ndvertise'for bids <br />on tho B2sis of cash pqment for such TJOS~, s-b&iaz thzt the bids will 'be oi2ened 2nd <br />coiiside'red by the Council oil X'ebrunrj-28, 1949; no *aids will 'oc considered?wLess <br />secllbd and filcd rrith the Clerlr'a~ld accoapnied 'or a cash deposit or certifiej check <br />papBle to the Clerk fok an anourat eqw3 to tea prcent of the bid. <br />Xotion for rdoption of the Resolution ws seconded By Vilfson; and on RolLcd.1 there <br />were five nres ad no nzys, 2s follor.;~: Child, %-e; Pden, ,":re; Trillson, sye; <br />I <br />d the .- Resolutio <br />"