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I <br />7/25/49 I 49 <br />rovement desdribed <br />n, the eatire eqense thereof to be paid <br />&ent ImTrovement Revolving hd, <br />'improvement be made by contract to be <br />and the Plerk is directed to prepare ' <br />ereop to be openedIIonday, August 8, <br />P.M., which bids shall be based upon plans and specification& <br />e been heretofore approved. <br />s seconded by Child; and on Rollcdl <br />7 <br />oas: Child, axe; Paen, aye; Willson, <br />President of the Village Cou@Z <br />Ben Parks inqgired as to the Councills <br />vhich had previously been <br />* assessed b llson eqlained that for some years- <br />been absorbed by the General hd of the <br />all part*'of the actual cost--but that .it has <br />of the Council to make no re-assessment in a where aa <br />been levied for blacktop@& by the Village of Edina. <br />Hearing called tras that on the petition of Richard Havrthorne <br />e 27, 19-49, for improvement 02 IK58th Street betwe& <br />enue by Blacktopping. Copy of Affidavit of'Riblicatibn <br />In Suburban Press, Hopkins, Hhnesota, on , approved as to form arrd placed on file, <br />ost was $4,106.32, OF $.96 per assessa'ole <br />e for the improvement,, asking that the <br />One Froperty owner protested, on the <br />stEeet would m&e a speedmy of it. <br />ion and moved. its sdoj?tion: <br />' <br />nt of V.58th Stre& <br />been duly filed vith <br />rilore than 529 irr <br />* <br />V.581H SEREEI! BETWEEIT YRAITCE AKD 323RXES AVENUXs <br />g or2 the portion of the street.nmsd in <br />inyrovcmmt , and <br />e% ai; the tine md place specified 5n <br />ropertjr is liable to be assessed' for <br />ress, HopErins, Ninnesota, >me 30 and <br />interested, and detcimined the <br />council, as recgired by chapter 3541% <br />scribed is here'by detemined -to have <br />f-owners of property affected thereb3, <br />accorda;bce wit41 Standard Specifications <br />h the Clerk and which have heretofore been approved. <br />HEE EE3OLVED that the Clerk is directed to prepare and insert <br />a, and in the Construction BtiLletb, <br />on such improvement in acco&bnce <br />the hpovement pet ittioned f or, now .therefore <br />RESOLVED, that W.58th Street between France and Xerxes <br />' <br />s, said bids-to be opened Monday, ccoqxmying each bid shall be ten <br />c <br />econded by Havthorne, and on Rollcall. <br />s: <br />on vas adopted, <br />Child, aye; Pden, aye; I'lillson, e- <br />President of the Village O$u#cil - <br />* <br />._I_