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8/8/49 s$ Hr, Holloway, 6101 2rance Avewe, presented a petition dated Awst 8, 1949, - 1 carrying signatares-of 170 people, asking a ae-iay <br />such time as the dAstz5c.5; is more heavily populated !&ere being a delegabion <br />of approsrimaeely 250 persons present, the meeting vas opened to general <br />discussion, vith the Council anstrering questtons from the floor, !?he main <br />objectfon cane Srom those aiming mp&&ted .tracts 0% Land, who maintabed that <br />they cannot afford to-keep their proper.ties if an assessment of $2;00 per front <br />foot is levied. Hr, Honer Kinney talked in- favor of the project, because of <br />the cesspool heath hazard yhicb is now present on tlooddale Avenue, and Nr, <br />Carl Vester'berg suggested that a citizens committee be appointed to stndg the <br />project further, with the Council, befare ection is taken, Child moved that <br />€?nrtber p0ceedtn.g on this proposed Sanitary Sever be pos'cllponed until Monday, <br />October 24, in order that 5roperty otmers may becoma more fsiliar with thU <br />po ject, Rotion seconded Nillson ad aaanfi0ud.y carried. <br />A delegation of two, Sron the &ina Corntry Club, qpeared to discuss with the <br />Council the problem created by clubnember pmu on Bden Avenue. Because of <br />+he volume of business ye% to be traiisacted 5t this meeting, discussion was <br />postpned until ldonby, August 22, .at 7:OO P,lL <br />p~rsnaat to ''Eotfce of Inprovement-Vatei. ~iah," pabiishea in ~uburixm Press, <br />Ho-&S.ns, Hinnesota, on Juls 21 and 28, 1949, efidavit of Pnb3ication for which <br />&s read by Clerk, approved and placed on file, Bresident called pblic hearing <br />in proposed water main exteasion in the follohg streets:. <br />Vooaaae Avenue froa Iower Street to I!,both' Stree% <br />1138th Street from WoodWe ~vern;re to Kellogg Avenue' <br />tJ.59th Street from Wooddal.e &mn?.e to &3130gg Avenue <br />XelXogg Avenue frm W, 58th Street to tf, 62na Street, <br />*e sewer project urd <br />&k, If: C. Bumell, 5817 Kellogg Avenue, suggested that this project he postponed m%il the matter of the SGitary Sever in tus distrlct has bsen settled, Child <br />gu5lic hesring 'be held, Hotion seconded by Pden and <br />Pursuant to 'sotice of Street Iqrovoment Hekring-$ladkt;og>ing," published in <br />7Subnrbaa Press, Hopkins, Jnly 21 and 28, 1949, Affidavit of Fublication for which <br />Gas read &y Clerk, apprdved and placed on file, Eresident cdled public hearing <br />on proposed Bla~kt~mi~~g of the followiilg street: Oxford Avenue between Interlachen <br />Btvd.. ma l'l.-51st Street. Engineer's estimate 03 cost for blacktop surfacing was <br />read at $2,064.75, or $1.95 per assessabXe foot,' A"de1egation of proger%y otmers <br />urged thpt 'the improvepent be begun at once. There vere no objections, either <br />ora3 or mitten, Willson offered the followhgResoZution and moved its adoption: <br />. moved that project be tibled until Nonday, October 24, at which time another <br />BESQLTPPIOW OIUBIXG INEFQV~TG <br />OXFQRD AV3lT@ BEnm IEJ'BXLAC~ PYD. . -11.5Isi! s-9 <br />BE 1% RESOLVlD %y the Village Council of the Village of Edina, Pinnesota, <br />that said Council $as heretofore czused notice of hearing to be pu%lislzed, and <br />said p&lfcation is hereby ratified; OR the prozosed fnrprOVeXR0nt consisting of <br />constructih of Blacktop Surfacing, in 0xfordAm.w between Xnterlachen BlvL <br />ad V. 51st Stred. <br />At saldhearing the Council has duly consldered the piews of all persons; <br />interested, anh being STulQ advised of the pertinent facta does here%$ deternine <br />to proceed with the comistzkction of said inprovement, vhich 3nprorement is here* <br />designated and shall be referred tb in az1 subsequent proceedings as Street <br />Iqrovement No, &I and the mea to be speciallg assessed therefor shall include <br />-lots and tracts of land abutting and fronting the street inwhich said <br />improvement is. maiie, <br />Mot.ion for adoption of-the Resolution vas seconded br Child, and on Bo3lcall there <br />were-four ayes and no nays, as follows: child, aye; Palen, aye: Willson, aye; <br />and Cooper, aye; ad the %solution ~rm adopted, <br />. <br />- <br />r &% <br />Presrdent of the Village CoFl <br />fl & - VkLage ?Rl,J&!++?- Clerk r .. f .. <br />Trillson €hen offered the following Besolution and moved its adoption: <br />-- BE.sOxITITX0l.T apFBOVIMG PLANS ASW SPECIFICATfONS <br />' XOR 9- I~.PBOQZBFp NO. A.1 AND DPCIPTTG . 'AD~ISR~P~FOR BI~S ~ - _- - .. <br />L* BE: 12 ~OLVED by the village- councg1 of the vi&* .of Edim <br />-r. -.