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i' 2.11 LO /10 /49 <br />Pursnant to %otice of Improvement Bearing-st orin. Serter Improveincnt No. 39, <br />pu'olishcd- in Su3urh.n Press, September $5 and 22, 19k-9, PresiGent call& Public <br />Yearing on proposed stom sewer to drab the area between IY.56th znd TJ.58th <br />Streets ad betwen Avenue and Brookview Avenue-Voodlaiid Road. . <br />Z@necr Smith pesented plm dated Octoixr 10, 194-9, shoviag Tpnrzllr Sewer <br />from the center of Outlot IrAri Colonial Grove Acldition, at its southpn line, <br />then Vest to a line betireen Lots 17 2nd 18, Colonial Grove Addition, thence, <br />Xorth to Yoodlstlld Road, ssnd then Northvest .ad Vest dong l'?oodland Road to <br />IToodclzle Avenue? vith later21 severs in TYoodland R02d. Hr. 3mitBt 6 ostinate <br />for the trunk sower was $25,995.82, ad qost of 1atep3. severs, $12,248.82. <br />A delegation of,propkrtjr omers , including Messrs. Eolandcr , Hares, Ppulson, <br />Edmrds, OtDotrd, Pebbie, Levis ,Madden, BlZiott and Laadsfrom viere present <br />during discussion. <br />txucnk; sever, since this trill benefit a nuch greater drainage district than <br />that set forth in the Notice of Improvement Hearing. 2hose present trcro <br />ir2orned that the cost of the tmdc sever trill be spread over the entiro <br />draiazp area-affected, trith the Colonial Grove and Coloniz3. Sqmre oimms <br />bcing assessed for only their proprotionate share of this cost; wd, that, ih the sane m,znner, those Fcnefited by construction of laterals trill bo assessed <br />fop the cost of the laterals, <br />favor of construction as per Zngineer Slsitli's plzm of OFtober LO, 19&9,, <br />providing they vrould bear 01113 their proportionate share of tho assessneat <br />for the trunk serrer, <br />decent drainage for I'Yoodland Road vithout the stom sewer. All the others <br />present \rere in favor of constructing the entire trunk setrer bcforo conten- <br />plating l.atf;erals--in the hope 'tha-k a tmnk vrould remedj the drainage situation <br />with6ut Oxtensive lateral con$tru&tion, <br />be directed to prepare plans &id Specifications for T&k Setrer begiimin~ at <br />Goloriijl '@rove Addition and efidink in &&e Ervey. Notion seconded by Child <br />and &cried, <br />r13ur&mnt to I1lTofz'ce of Street Improvement HearinpGrading, Gr&elling ad <br />Pust Cozting of India Hills Addition," pullished in Suburban Press; Hopkins,- <br />bIinnesota, on Sestenber 15 and 22, 1949, the President cdled publid Hearins . <br />'on this proposed bproveaent. <br />mprovcd as $0 form, .ad placed on file, <br />hd maGe up his estimate of cost in two trays--one for &,dins, Gravelling <br />and Dust Coating, trhich is $&!,,9@.71, or $.67 per assessaide fooi--ad one <br />for Oil Stabilized Base, which is $22,1L!,0.99 or $1.00 per assessa3le foot, <br />He recornended the latter treatmen$ ;or the roads, because he believes that <br />dust coatins is not sufficient to keep these steep grades in condition for <br />traffic, <br />&1rs H.B, Burton and several other property ovmers vere in the au$i&uce during <br />the liearing. <br />Mr, Bolander objected to being assessed for cost of ' <br />Nessrs7 Bolmder, Lewis and Lmdstrom vere in <br />Hr. Bolmder cited the impossibility of securfng <br />Hatrthorne moved tht Village Engiaecr * <br />,. -_ <br />1 ' . <br />t <br />Mfibvst of pub3icatim vas read by Clerk, <br />Engineer SmSth explained that he <br />There rrere no objections to the improvement, elther oral or mitten. <br />Ifillson offered the f ollovirig Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOSUTIOX APPBOTIHG PWE SPECIFF&CATIOITS <br />FOR S!EtEXI 1MsRO"ElP Hoe C-Z-GWII;TG, G&U'E7iLLlTG, <br />&?I) OIL STA3IliIZ~POIT POR ALL S'J!EUBTS IB IXDIAII < HIUS QDI'PIOE . Bl3 IT 'RESOLVZD by thq Village Council of ?the Vil,lase of Edina: <br />I. Iho plans and specifications for Stroot Improveient io. C-2, h6retofore <br />prepared by the Village 3ngineer and nov on file in the office of the Villago <br />Clerk are hereby asprovsd. < <br />2. 9he action of the Clerk, i-6 causing to be published $vice in tho <br />Subulmn Press, Hopkins, and the Construction Bulletia, Minneapolis , the foL3.or.r- <br />ing noi-iice^ fo$ bids for the construction of said LmpGovement is hereby approsed: <br />.ADmTfSE!iEITT Z'OR BI& POR SWmT <br />AND DUST COATIXG VILWsE 'OB $DII;TA. <br />IMPROVBGXI! NO C-2-GUDIlTG, ?EDAV3LLITTG <br />I <br />*The'Bdina Village Cound5l vi11 meet at the Village Hall, Mol I'J.5Oth <br />Street on'Monday, October 10, 1949, at 8:OO P.14.; to open ad consider sed.& <br />bids for the construction of -Street Improvement Xo. C-2, consisting of Grading, <br />Gravelling and Dust Coating with Road Oil, all streets in Indian Hills Addition <br />in the 'Village of Edina. <br />in the plms and specifications €or said hpovement on file in the office of <br />the Village Clerk. <br />the trork. No bids will be considered unless sealed Wd filed vith the under- <br />" signed before the time of 'said meeting and accompanied by a cash deposit, bid <br />bond or" certified check pyable to the Village Clerk in the mount of ten percent <br />of the amount of the bid. <br />BY ORDER 63' TH3 VILLAGE COUXCIL <br />- <br />The vork 0% said improvement must %e dohe 2s described and specffied <br />All bids must be submitted on $he basis of cash papent for <br />, 9- <br />BOIBR. RAI'/THORN3J, Village Clerk <br />r Village of Edtina' -