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1' 2/17/50 <br />The folloving bids for Bell Construction were pu'Plicly onened md read, pursusnt <br />Ho-ol.;i%s and in Construction-Bulletin, 14inneqolis <br />- to- llAd.vertisement for Bids for 17ell ConstructionYn a39earing in Suburb& Press, <br />Bergerson-Casvell, Inc. , Ninneapolis $8,396.00 <br />on February 2 and 9, 3.950: <br />* <br />Keys Yell Drilling Go., St.'P&. s9,940.00 <br />r < w,237*00 McCart;hy Well Go. St. P&U~, $ll,2go.00 <br />Lqae-I.Tinnesota .. Co . , Minneapol'is .- : ~ $9,37500 <br />Iiotion by Child, referring-Toids to fiblic utilities Connittie for' report at nest <br />re9la.r meetiiiy, vas 'secbnded by D~&S ad carried. <br />' &,x Renner :Ylell Go. S t .Louis Park <br />,. 1 <br />- .- - <br />Opening of Gzso1iri.e Bids vas ,next, .pur&ant to-"Advertisement for Bids-Gasoline <br />for Villqe Bquipment , 1' .qnieariii~ in Su'ourban Press and Construction maletin <br />on*Febru&rg 2 and;9, 1950. The folloving bids vere the onLr bids received: <br />Grandview Service Stn. (Gross) $23,9 Gd. $24.9 GiL. * <br />l?EGULAB. GAS. - "ET;IYL" GAS. <br />Disco%% 7 1.0 7 1.0 <br />*ea. Tqx - 1.5-, - - 1.5 <br />G.21.4 $22& <br />Brookside Service Stn, Discount frbm Retail Price '- $.Ob per Gal, <br />After inquiry of the bidiers, it-was determined that the Bid bf Grandview <br />Service Station wqs s.001 per grrl10v.m Sower than that of Brooksid-e Service <br />Station, with Brogkside offerkng 24-hour service, and Gradview offering to <br />issue Beys Tor self-sqrsiice aftex hours. Child moved that contractrfor gzsollne <br />%e ararded to Service Station. Motion seconded 3y Dmens and carried. <br />d delesation of eight , includirtg-Mr. Hodgson, (who spoke for the delegztion) , <br />Br. r'orqey, Nr. H$L.lmuzn, asked Cgunc&L for semi-actuzted &gas on Bornmdde, <br />to enable perochial school children, 8s we21 as congregstion of Our Lady of <br />Grace Church to c~oss the highvap vith safety, <br />groI2osed service royl be ogened on .the Vest side. of iTornsnd;?le,, .from Church <br />site a; hr South 2s Valley View Xoad, <br />I&. Darrell of the Minnesota St3;te Higniiay Depztment, who had evidenkd 2 <br />possibi3.itg of -the Sta$e* e imtalli,?g a semi-actpalied si9 at '(illson Rod. and <br />NormAnd'ziLe, Hzvthdrne ngved that Council m&e form& request to ~innesots <br />State Hi$.7vmy Department for installation of semi-actuated traffic signa at <br />frillson Road kc$ Skate HiZ$ww ITo.-~lOO. -Notian seconded by Daqens and carried. <br />Bids for Police Car ber,e next opened and p\-Dlicly read, pursu?qt. to lfAdvertisement. <br />for Biqs" :Ti)ezing ir? Subdrbm Press, Ho@ins, <br />XiiinezpoZis , on Peb,ruary Z and 9,, 1950 , , -as follows: <br />Grossm& Chevrolet bo. , Npls. (S;yle>ine) $1643.76-. $I@O. 70 <br />. NET- $993 - 70 $1040.70 <br />$1615.45 <br />I <br />-. - <br />BSr. 23. C, Stow qugsested that <br />Nr. Child reporCJed conversation with <br />c <br />in Construction BuUe&in, <br />t FOUR DOOR SEDAIT - TWO DOOR SEDAN - t <br />Less Trade-In-1946 Ford . , -650.0.0 - . . 650,.0O - <br />Suburban qhevmlet Co . ,$Iogkins c( Styl-eltne)- $1570.45 <br />Less Trade-In4946 Ford 1015.00 - 1015.00 <br /><1?XT -_ . i$ 555.45 . $ 610.45. <br />Mzlkersbn Szles, kc, yr ~J~pl.s.. -(76 st&.) $2043.55 <br />Less. Trade-In-1946 Ford , 800.00 <br />,hQT ~ $1243 55 <br />' (88 Std.) $2208.55 <br />Less Trade-In-1946 Ford . 800.00 <br />1mT - $1408.55 - <br />l'looclheafi Goqmy, Inc. ,Mpls. Police Special <br />Ford <br />I <br />1 JxE3! $ 897.00 <br />DeLGe Ford-8 I <br />?&ET $ 817.00 <br />c. <br />, $2101.55 <br />~ 800.00 <br />8i268.55 <br />800.00 <br />$1468.55 <br />C $1301 55 <br />r <br />r $ 934.00 <br />$l 854.00 <br />, <br />After due consideration of all bids, @vthorne moved thp3 Comcil purchsse Two7Door <br />Styline Cbevrolet fron Suhrbm Chevr.olet Co , Eoskins, 2% Sheir pice. of $1 ,57OAL!,.5, <br />less trade-in o? $1,015,00, plus -extra for-Heavy Duty Clu.thli-$4..15, for totd of <br />$559.60. IIotion seconded by Pden md caried,