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5/22/50 ( 235 <br />Pursuant to IlKotice of Hearing on Proposed Cuib and Outter," published in <br />Suburban Press, Hopkins, on April 27, and'May 4, 1950, Affidavit of Publication <br />for which was read, approved as to form and placed on file, Mayor cdled Public <br />Hearing on proposed Curb and Gutter for Drew Avenue between V.57th and W.58th <br />Streets. Engineer's lstimate of Cost, in total amount of $2,948.73, asagainst <br />1201.10 assessable feet, or $2.46 per assessable foot, was, read. lessrs, <br />P.R. Davis, 5709 Drew, C,R.L, SwaJrson, 5708 Drew, M.C. Woodworth, 5701 Drew, <br />and GOD. Huey, 5700 Drew, ipquired as to whether it is necessary to have curb <br />and gutter to establish satisfactory grade--maintaining that petition had been <br />signed by many with tihis understanding. Engineer Olsson recommended curb and <br />gutter kt stated that street may be maintained without it. Mr. Huey requested <br />that his name be withdrawn from petition; and gentlemen were informed that <br />petition still carries over 50% of signatures, Hawthorne moved that petition <br />be tabled temporarily, and the hbllc Hearing on proposed Curb and Gutter for <br />Drew Avenue between lJ.57th and W.58th Streets be continued to Monday, June 26, <br />1950, at 8:OO P.M. Motion seconded by Palen and carried, <br />Pursuant to flNotice of Hearing-Blacktop$.ng," published in Suburban Press, <br />Hopkins, On April 27, and May 4, 1950, Affidmit of Publication for which was /A' <br />-read, approved as to form arid'placed on file, Mayor called Public Hewing on. <br />proposed Blacktopping in Drew Avenue between W.57Lh and V.58th Streets. <br />Pngheer's Istimate of 'Cost, in total amount of $1,821.20, as against 1,201.10 <br />assessable feet, or $1.52 per assesss%le foot, was read. Messrs. Davis, Swanson, <br />Woodworth and key $1 requestedproposed blacktopping; and there were no <br />objections, either oral or written, to said mrovement. Hawthorne offered <br />the 'following Resolution ad moved its adoption: <br />. <br />- I <br />' <br />dl RESOLU!IION OIUIERIHJO S!EEET IXf?ROV3ÔéČENI! <br />XO AylO--BLACK!POPPING DIiEw A. 3XOM <br />WoS7!PE STRBEI! TO W.58TH S-I! <br />;BE IT RESOIiVED by the Council of the Village of %Una, Minnesota, that this <br />. Council heretofore cmsed notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed <br />improvement consisting of coqstruction of B1aclrl;op Surfacing in Drew Avenue, <br />between W.57th ad W.58th Streets, ad. at the hearing geld at the time and place <br />specified in said notice the Co&cil 'has duly considered the views of all Eersons <br />interested, and being fully advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine ' <br />Co proceed with the construction of said improvement; that said improvement is <br />hereby designated and shall be referred to in all subsetpent proceedings as <br />STRR33! IEIPBOVEMENI! NO. 8-10, and the area to be specially assessed therefor <br />in which said improvement is to, >e const-ructed. <br />Motfon for adoption of the Resolution w2s seco ded by Danens ?*Gd on Rollcall <br />tbre were four ayes <br />A . include all lots arrd ,tracts of abutting and fronting upon the, street.s <br />no nays, as follows: ?&ens, balm, aye; Hawthorne, <br />Next Public Hearing called was that for Proposed Blacktopping of Antrim Road, <br />pursuant to tlXotice of Hearing -Blacktopping of Antrim published in <br />Suburban Press, Hopkins, April 27 and May 4, 1950, Affi6viC of Publication for <br />which was read by Clerk, approved as to form an& placed on file, Engineer <br />Olssonls Bstimate of Cost, in total amount of $3,613.79, as against 2,430.78 <br />assesssble feet, or $1.49 per assessable f6ot ,. was read, Mr, OIsson: recommended., <br />however, that blacktopping be delayed until the matter of aminage for this <br />area, either by extensive grading, or by storm sewer proJect, is settled. <br />Hawthorne moved that the matter of- grading Antrim Road and West 70th Street <br />be referred to Public Works Oommittee an6 Village lElngineer for Study. Motion <br />ace'conded by Danens and carried, Messrs, X.P. Johnson, and Ramus, requested <br />notice of said meeting. <br />Mayor Brickson then called Public Hearing on Proposed Blacktoppbg of West 70th <br />$tre*et "between Antria Road and Cahill Road, pam.uxnt to %Totice of Hesing- <br />Blacktopping of W.7Oth Street, published in Suburban Prese* Hopkins, April 27 <br />and Mzq 4, 1950, Affidavit of Publication for which was read by Clerk, approved <br />as to form and placed on file. <br />project was read at a total of $3,613.79, as against 2,430.78 assessable feet, <br />or $1.49 per assessable foot, (See above paraeaph for motion with regard to <br />drainage). <br />The matter of Blacktopping all streets in Prospect Hills and Prospect Eills 2n& Pdditions, together with 0.70th Street and Antrim Road, was disctlsssd. !i!rustee <br />Danens maintained that burden f%er putting streets into condltian for blacktoppig <br />z <br />I <br />I <br />Engineer Olsson's estimate for this blacktopping