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MIMJ'PES OF €BGuLpi& NEBTINO OF THE) <br />3DmA VIUAGX COUNCIL, HElIiD MOl!DA,Y, <br />J@Y 24, 1950, &I? 7:39 PAL, A2 <br />Members answering Rolicall were Danens , Palen, Hawthorne and Erickson, <br />Minutes of Regular Meiting of July 10, and Special. Meeting of'July 17, were <br />approved as submitted, by Motion Patens, seconded by Palen and carried. <br />Nr. Herman Jeub, 4810 Hilltop Sane, complained again 'about Sanitary Sewer <br />District No. lfj assessment on his lot. <br />of 1h.y 23, regarding this matter, was read $or Hr. Jeub, and he was .requested <br />to confer with Mr . FJh.dhors t . <br />Edina Lions Club confirmation of joint Council-Edina Lions. Board of Directors <br />Meeting to be held Satprday, July 29, at 3:OO P.N. , was read and filed. <br />Letters of appreciation, from'Mr. e. 5, Christopher, and from JA Panens <br />& Son, Inc., for services tendered by the Police Department, were read, and <br />were referred to the @epartment by Mdtion Hawthorne, seconaed by Palen ad <br />Request of July 19, bi Deparement of State Public Exaniner, for formal rewest <br />for withdrawal of audit requisition, was read. <br />direction to office to forward it to Examiner. <br />State 2s Gomissioneris notification of rejection of Village's application <br />for Ice% Delinquent Lot-1, Edina Court., was read. <br />Village D&akger to discuss matter with Tax Commissioner, eqlaining that said <br />Lot is not desirable from builaiiig standpoint, and %hat Council feels its <br />acquisition is desirable in order to eliminate traffic hazmd. <br />by Palen and carried, <br />T€lE BDINA VIUAGE H.4U - <br />Tillage Attorney I?indhorst's opinion <br />carried. .. <br />Council signed document , with <br />&vrthorne moved, directing <br />Motion seconded <br />d b1r. W.E. Thies' July 118th request for removal by Village of ,dead. trees in <br />boulevard at 14836 Ru$ledge Avenue, and for possible replacement of said trees <br />by Village, was read, Hawthorne <br />moved that Village Mqnqger be anthorized to use his discretion on requests for <br />removal of deed treeq, and that Village policy be that trees+beremoved only <br />if they ace on Vfllage p*operty and that Village replace no dead trees, Motion <br />seconded by Palen and carried, <br />Hawthorne moved that :Sign Maintenance Permits be grated, to ipril 1, 1951, for <br />the follqwing signs: <br />Minneapolis, Northfield & <br />Dale Green <br />Gamble-Skogmo, Inc. . Gamble's - <br />Motion seconded by Pden and carried. <br />Permission granted JGy 18, to The Stow Company by Mrse Pml Strom, 6821 <br />Normandslle Road, for-signs on the Duggan property, vias read. <br />permits cannot be grqnteduntil Storj.Com@any informs office proposed location of <br />Minnesota Safety Cour.&?il's July 20th notification of Governor* s Zraffic Safety <br />Council to be held at Dduth, Triday, August 18, Gas read; and was referred to <br />Public Safety Committee, by Hotion Ebrthorne, seconded by Palen and carried. <br />$alent 6 motion, approving payment of Village Payroll, amomt $5,304.15 <br />Liquor Store Payroll, anyat $484.56, as recorded in detail in Payroll jomal, <br />for period July 15 to 31, 1950, 'was seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Palen's motion, approving spent of the following Claims, was seconded by Danens <br />'ITreeft ordinance was reviewed for Cotpcil. <br />- 0f';lJEB mVERTISING LOCAl?IOX <br />Southern Ry. Co. . MN&S Ry. Go, lden Ave. (Govt. 8) <br />Dale Green -7601 Normandale Rd. 3946 V. 50th St. <br />Office reported that <br />signs, Matter tabled. .. <br />and <br />'and earrbed: <br />CLAIN NO. I A MI <br />4904 Niller-Davis Co. <br />M98 Edina Vat er Department <br />4904 Miller-Davis Co . 4895 aBhn Campaell <br />$3 20 <br />200 . 00 $203 . 20 <br />$3 20 23.OO $ 26.20 <br />GARBAGE FUKD