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gQ 9%18/50 <br />instead of the bid of �,115,835.10, as read and as awarded on September 11. Chilats <br />motion, awarding bid to 'Part C ^xlone, at bid Price of *16,065.10 because of his <br />ability to perform the worl: at once, %as -seconded by •D?.nens and carried. <br />IIr. Palen .reporte( his election as Diroctor of the Edina Civil Defense and Disaster <br />Relief Committee. Dr. Eric'--son named I•ir. Palen as Director, in accordance 'with <br />Conmitteels election. <br />En :gineer Qlsson requested that assessment for Storm Seuer 3-1 be on a lot - basis, <br />inasmuch as there is such an c2uantity of unplatted -ororerty in this District, suggest- <br />ing that each acre of unplz tted property be treated -a.s 32_f7 platted lots. Childts <br />motion, that in n^l:ing .assessment of the new trunk, sewer area, Council treat each <br />un-olatted net ,acreage on the basis of 3j'- latted lots. iloti on seconded a� Palen and <br />carried. <br />The matter of drainage at 5225 Interlachen Blvd. was (Uscussed. Child moved that <br />Engineer Qlsson be instructed to utterp cse7neesar -y for drainagge ^.t this <br />point. Lotion seconded by Danens. and carried. <br />There being no' further business to come before the Council, the I•Ieeting gams <br />adjourned, by Motion Child, seconded by Danens an _ ried. <br />Villa. -e Clerk <br />MIEUTES OF THE RiGMLR r, =TNTG orz TRr, <br />DI1TA VILLAGE COMMIL, MLD K-07DAY,. <br />S PTLIBEfi 25, 1950, AT 7:30 P. I. , AT <br />TME EDII`,A+VIL ' :-: 1ULL <br />Members ans;rerina Rollcell -sere Child, Palen, Da_nens and Hn rthorne, ,•rith Child <br />-nresiding until the arrival of 'Unyor Erickson tis recorded oclow. z <br />Continuation of July 10, 1950 Public Rearing on Petition.for Vacation. of Portion of <br />Golf Terrace was had. ,Attorney W'indhorst advised the Council that, on the basis of <br />the �acta ;presented in the Petition for vacation,, the ?petition is a, legal - petition. <br />ex. Child a.shed for recommendations or objections from the audience, "but none *.acre <br />Offered .. ^t this time. 3 ^ *-rthorne offered the following Revolution and moved its <br />adoption:, <br />RESOMTIOii V?iCATING STR.EET <br />„ (PORi'IOid OF GOI P Z ACE ) _ <br />petition of a ma &orit a of the ocrners of xea3 Property abuttingg <br />the line of '1 x.11 that ,)7xt of Golf Terrace, n. 4edic^ted street in the Platt of Golf <br />Terrace Heights, to the m-,.P or plat thereof on file and of record in the <br />office of the Re -inter of Deeds in ^:nd for Hennepin,-County, I :innesota, 1--in- <br />:,ortherly of a line (hereinafter referred to rys TLine At drnir_, Pax??lel to and <br />distant sixty (60) feet I;ortherlyy from the foll.owin - described line, to-wit; <br />Co=encir_L at t;ze :Northeast corner of Lot Taro (2) : 31oc'_� T*ro (2), Crol'i" <br />Terrace Heights; thence Uortht,resterly on ^ straight line to f noina in <br />the Ilortl,- resterly line of said Lot Two (2) distant 33.11 feet Southt.,est- <br />-erly from the most Uortherly corner of said Lot Two (2) measured ^Iona <br />said Worth.resterl -- ? iae; thence Jesterly to the'nost Northerly corner of <br />Lot l; (9), Bloc'! T;'ro (2) , Golf Terrace Hei,,hts, and there terminating. <br />also <br />,M that part of the ?move referred to Golf Terr^.ce lying northerly of a <br />Line A e7.tended Uesterl-y to the center of said Golf Terrace; rind thence <br />drat.m Southweste_l-- to the tangent point at the ttesterly e :trenity of the <br />curve in the Southe- sterly corner' of Lot Eight (8) , Bloc?- One (1) , Golf <br />Terrace He!- Zt^ <br />has been duly filed with the Village Council ^lid said Council has yet .,t the time <br />and -place specified in a notice duly published and posted .md has he ^rd ^11 <br />interested persons; and it nvoeaxs in the interest of the public til ^t said portion <br />of said street be vacated, now therefore <br />BE IT RMSOLVED by the Village Council of the Village of Edina_ th'_t that <br />portion of Golf Terrace heretofore described be, and hereby is, yaca,ted. <br />Notion for adoption of the Resolution Was seconded <br />were four '?yes and no na;xs, as follows'. Child, aye; <br />Harthorne, raye; and the Resolution Was adopted. <br />.ATTEST: <br />by Palen, and on Rollc :ll there <br />Danens, aye; Paiea, aye; ?nd <br />Actin- 'sln -yor <br />Village Cler__ <br />