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9 /25 /CO <br />A ttorney Uirdhorst recommended that Council postpone the recording of the Resolution. <br />for vacs -.tion of nortion'of Gold' Terrace until easement is received from P?rl;s and <br />Hnnsen for the nova street, which recommendation was a- proved by Qouncil. j <br />Powers Dry, Goode, Inc.ts representative r&7uested information concerning the"Antc , <br />of a Public Hearing on - the Companyls -petition to rezone the Douglas 'Wallace <br />property to Community,Store District. Hawthorne moved that Public He=xing be sot <br />fqr Thlarsd ^lr, October 26, 1950, at 8;00_ P.M., in the auditorium of the Minn . Grado <br />School at 50th emd .'looddale. I'llotion seconded by Palen :7,nd carried <br />The m.ttcr.of relief from water and mud for the people on Be?rd Avenue between <br />56th t <br />and 117-57th Streets «.s again brought to Councils s attent <br />— ion by I,.r. James <br />a'loyte and delegation of neigghbors. En:gineex Olsson ,advocated a storm sewer as <br />the best solution, paging an estimate of cost of approximately ;7,700 for con- <br />struction. Possi;le reasta,blishment" of grade from 57th to the Creel, tr ^s discussed, <br />with ovmers in the Be ^rd block between t56th and 55th recuesting an audience before <br />any change in Grade in their 'block. I4r. Olsson e�mlnined that a change in Tr^d.e <br />would me ^n the relaying of water main, demolition and reconstruction of curb and <br />;;utter, and other costs—which v- .rould rt ^�:e such remedy too e_qponsive. On Hatrthornr_ i c <br />nuestion as to possible fill, for temporary relief, Mr. Olson explained t31 ^t fill <br />will aid the West side ,of the street, 'cut that on the East side them are two lots <br />;•:hick cannot be helped in this m ,-nner; and th! t he believes property ovraers trill <br />riot approve sufficient fill to relieve drainage difficu-Itiez. Child noved that <br />Pu,'alic Worl >r and Public Utilities Comr ittees meet with Fn inoer Olsson 7--ad ma.'Ne <br />rci)grt at ne4t regular meeting. Motion seconded by P --I cn and carried. <br />'Dr. Erie2 :son ,arrived du-rin the abovd ;.tamed discussion, and at its close nrosided <br />f or the balance of the meetinT. <br />}ttorney John Faegre -re- presented Mr. Paul Schmitt in objection to vacation. of <br />Golf Terrace , and renuested some action by Council to co"i ensa.te 1.7r. Schmitt for <br />df�na os Which will allegedly result from the closing of the street, thereby <br />depriving hint from ingress to his property._ He was informed that 11111nc -c will <br />convc,'T a 30- -root strip of lad at L`,ast side of z r. :Sc ?,mittis - oraaerty, to Mr. <br />Schmitt, in return for release by 11r. Schmitt from�r n. Considerable <br />discussion followed., with regard to cost of new drivew-:y for wEr. Schmitt, cost <br />of removin.- hed,To, etc., rid Hatrthorne moved th_." the Vill^Te Attorney be c?irected <br />to neTotinte .with Attorney Rafe gre and any other interested par. tic^ v:rith re. axd to <br />the PP,ul Schmitt natter. Notion seconded by Dnners a4­1 carried. i <br />, Edith Waste presented? netiti on for the moving of a+ snal l house from 5009 <br />Indianola Avenue to Trot 8, I41illpond Place. Nlrs: Waste was informed th ^t the <br />Build.iu- Ins-pector vroizld have to a,,3 -ti ove. the house structurally before the Council <br />trould taiae ^.ction for Public He'x•in, ` on the ratter-- reoucctin-� ';hat she grin® a <br />plan of proposed improvements ;end \house before the Building Ins- -)ector at icr . <br />earlie ^t -,possible convenience. Havrthorhe mo-red that, subject to structural <br />approv 1 ray aui ldirs= Inspector, Public Hearing on petition_ to move dwcllin 'ac <br />set for Ronda , ' Oc'-ober 9,, 1950, at 8 ;00 P.M.. <br />Iiir. . Lyle E. Lundquist, 5217 i:inaehaha. `'B,lvd. , -presented nbtitions for the i;a)rowrcment <br />of the ailcy_ bettreen MlinnehM�ha. Blvd. and 11- r2if:= Avenue, from 52nd Street to South <br />boundaries of 5225 Ilinnehnaa Boulevard and 5224 Halifn= Avenue, by 'adin,T d <br />oilin , and be establishment of proper drainage fa'cilities; said petitions si -n.ed <br />'ay the or -raers of ten 1otc.. Hatrthorne moved that petitions be accepted, and th ^t <br />Public Hearin.,-, on petitions be set for Monday, October 9, 1950, at 7 ;30 P.Ii. <br />R.otion seconded by Danens sand carried. <br />Hawthorne moved that Council direct Village ^ngineer to -orepare plans and speci- <br />fiea.tions for above named projects, and to advertise for bids to be opened <br />October 9, 1950, at 700 P.M., providing his estimate of each of the above <br />improvements exceeds $500.,00. I2otion seconded by Palen and carried. <br />Hawthorne asked to cue c ;cubed, rynd left the meetin^ at this -point. <br />Petition dated September 22, 1950, for the dismantling of the Street Railway <br />B-ridze at k4th Street and.Brookside Avenue, signed by many.neighboring residents, <br />was read. Hawthornet s motion, for referral of -petition to Vil_l a-e Engineer,Public <br />WorI_s and Public Safety Committees for study, vrrys seconded. by Child and carried. <br />I,.r. L.B. Z:1.1-rencel s renuest for fine or j^.il sentence for the ' eencr of more that, <br />one dog or one cat, was read. In this connection, the Council r3iscussed the <br />nn.tter of dog catcher; and Palen moved. that Council..; .Avertize for bids for do- <br />catcher,. : -rith Lir s to be tal,Ten October 23. Alotion seconded by Child Rnd carried. <br />Revised Frelimir_a.n Plat of 11Ecinbrool:tt, d -;ted September 19, 1950, Was presented <br />for a­!-)roval, Tai.t_n. En.,z.rineer Olsson th^,t 'revision is in accord ,nce frith <br />rccoM -, enCations 'oj PI?,ni?in.q- Corxmissioa. Child Is, motion for ap- roval of Revi sed <br />Prclirl " ±r. ^i'; Pl --.t of "Edinbrooi " nas sewn ),' soy - Palei2 ^n[ L r; ^_'r-i_ed.. <br />