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- <br />Eawthorne entered meeting at this time, . I <br />CkiiXi moved for payment of $6,261.61 €rom Special kssesslneiit Funds to General Fund, <br />transferring Unappropriated Su-rplus in conformance with recorn-endations of State <br />Public 3xaminer and Auditor. Kotion seconded-by Hawthorne and drried, (See Check <br />NO* 5659), <br />Child moved for payment by Liyuok Fund of Special Assessments Deferred against <br />Lot 33, Auditor's SubdivisTon No, 172, in confomance with recornendation by <br />Auditors, Xotion seconded by Danens and carriedi Following checks issued: <br />Liquor Fund <br />Liquor Fund <br />special dssessments' F-md 432.81 <br />1950 Improvements . (First Series) 165.24 <br />1x256 <br />Child's motion for papaeat of the folloxing Cla'&~m was seconded by Danens a& <br />carried: mal - ' CLW ITO. - TO &10UliTT 5494 . Ehina Volmteer Firekeht s Relief Assn. $22 lOL!-,81 . 10,OO G.%TJEEUZ FLZJD * L +- . 5495 Tlillian 3, Neydt <br />Hilding Dahl .*e loroo $2,124&1 <br />Shell Oil Cornpa@ ~ 7.56 *>, <br />I 5496 <br />L1258 <br />LI.259 Ed, Phillips SC Sois .&,476+98 LIQTJOR FUND <br />3x260 Underwood Corporation 180120 - $&,66&,74 t <br />Palen'entered meeting at this time? ..* <br />Village E4anager Olsson reborted that three of the Village Office Skaff ?re members <br />of the Construction Battalion and may be ordered to t&e time off from their Village <br />work for au,dliary training, <br />temporary xilitary duty be paid the 'difference between milStaiy pax and Village <br />salaries while they are away from Villkge FiOj?k. 3Totion seconded by Dmens and* <br />carried e <br />Palen moved-that Council establish policy of Seniority Eights for all Village <br />employys ord-ered to military duky, in corr2omznce with Federal and/or State law <br />applicable to sdd matter, <br />Village lhn&ger Olsson reported reGuest for permit to hunt rabbits in %dim* <br />Ordinace was reviewed, and Child's motion for denial of perimit was seconded by <br />%wtmm.e and carried, <br />Trustee Child reported that t'ne Tillage of Xorningside m2,y discontinue its library- <br />because of a large increase in rent for library site; and suggested that Uallace <br />house be rented by Bdrina for library site for a short term. <br />taYmr <br />$Ire Child Teported that receptionist Patricia Toiapkins has reported cash shortage . <br />ESethod of Eimdling cash was explained- by Deputy Clerk, together with explanation <br />that 3ks. Tompkkis had been ghen instructions to count her cash each evening <br />before leaving office and to tuxxi it in% to Deputy Treasurer; that she had not <br />done sor <br />tr?ssactions, and %hat cash shortage had been made up. <br />for cnsh be provided, and that Pirs, Tompkins be given 30 days' probation with <br />instructions that she be responsible for her cash and that YG ,is 'to be turned <br />in to Deputy Treasurer each afternoon, Eotion seconded by Hawthoime 2nd carrieda <br />Emst & Ernst representatives, Utley and FitBgerald, were present to review, with <br />Council, mdit made of 1949 Village records. <br />Hawthorne rnoved that Tillzge employees going on <br />Xotion Seconded by Ha&horne md carried, <br />hTo formal actiol? <br />It was explained that receptionist Tompkins is responsible for her cash <br />Child moved that protection <br />Auditors recozimended. tkt Council consid-er an increase in Sewer Bmital 1-ates in <br />viet$ of probable increase in mintenace costs and aXso to provide that' portion of <br />Edinals share of Netropolitan Sewage District Disposal Bonds which has not been <br />provided for by special asessment, <br />Sewer Bental charges with regard to incoae and maintenance charges, sepnrating <br />City of Enneapolis charges for maintenance from Village maintanace costs; and <br />also analyzing Village mintenance costs by area, if possible, in order to arrive <br />at rate for sewer rental as recomended by Xudi-bors, <br />and mrried, <br />Child moved that Engineer Olsson analyze <br />Siotion seconded by Eahhorne <br />DLscussion was had as -Lo possibility of mzking charge for imter,and sewei- rental, <br />for persons not connected to mains; also for those persons not connected and not <br />served by water mins in street, but within 1,000 feet of hydrant and thus receiw <br />ing cheepr insurance rates for fire protection, <br />Vindhorst for legal opiniona <br />Natter i: efemed to kttorney