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*. <br />1- <br />-. 1 <br />.. <br />Tlie work on said improvement must be done as described and-specified in the <br />plans'and specifications for sai? improvement,on file in %he office ofthe Village <br />Clerk, 811 bids must be submitted,qn+the basis of casQ payment for the work. No <br />bids will be considered unless sealed and fQed with the undersigned before the tinie <br />of said meeting and accompanied by a dsh^deposit; bid bond, or certified check pay- <br />able to the Village Clerk in the pount of Ten per cent of %he amount of the bid* <br />BY 0RDm OF THE vILL4GEi COUNCIL. <br />E \ Bower Hawthorne <br />+ c Village Clerk ~ Edina, I~iinnesota .-- - <br />-- - 3. -Ea& and all -of the terms of the foregoing advert'isenent for bids are hereby- <br />adopted as the terms and conditions of the award of the contract for said improvement. -- . . _- .. - - -. <br />3Oticq for adopKLon of Resolution was duly seconded 7jy'I)ariens, e ad on Eollca3.l- there <br />were four ayes &nd no nays, as follows: Bredesen, <br />and Erickson, aye; and the Resolution vas declared Am: t <br />* I <br />r <br />* - ._ -. - -. Villdge Clerk <br />CIerk reaa Affidavit of Publication for Wotice -of Hearing- on- Proposed ;Sat&& ' <br />Semr, TTa€er I.-, aid Grading and Gravelling 'Inprovenen%s,ll for St,Johns Avenue- <br />between-% 58th and TL 59th- Streelk, said- mo?;ice. hawing' appeared in Fuburban Press, <br />Hopkins; August-16 and 23, 1951, Affi$avi% was approved as to form 'and placed <br />on fae, and r.fasor called Public Hea;ripgs iti conformance with notice read. <br />&gineer~s+Esthates of Cost; as 'read, were as follows: - .-_ . . <br />'For SarXitwy Sewer - $5,628.69 as agaipst 1,000 dssesskble Feet or 85.63 per <br />For Water &in ' - $5,303.88 as against 1,197 Assessablb Feet or $4.43 per, <br />For'Grading and Gravelking - $l,l4'7.50 as against - 1,197 .. Assessable -. Feet or <br />*. - .. Assessable Foot. <br />Assessable Foot. * <br />8,96 per Assessable Foot. . - .. <br />There were no objections from the floor to any oT the above named imprOvesnents, and <br />the Clerk had received no objections prior to the Hearing. <br />Hawthorne offered the folloxing Resolution and Loved its gdoption: <br />RESOLUTION 0lU)JBING DPROVEhNT - SAXITBY .SEXEX IHPRO~*ENT NO, 39 <br />BE: IT m0L' by the Gouncil of the .V-ge of Edina, .I.Iinnesota, that this' Go-irncil <br />heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the proposed improve- <br />meng consisthg of Construckion of Sanitary Lateral Sewer in St. Johns Avenue' <br />between T'T, 58th and If. 59th Streets, and at the hearing held at the time and place <br />specified in said notice the Council has Wly considered the views of -all persons <br />interested, and being fully advised of the pertinent'facts does hereby determine <br />to proceed with the construction of said improvemenk; that said improvement is <br />hereby designated and shall b6 referred to in all subsequent procee-s as <br />Sanitary Sewer Znprovement XO. 39 and the area to ,be specially assessed therefor <br />shaIl include all lots and tracts of Iand abut%% and fronting upon the streets in which said improvement is to be constructed. <br />Xotion for adoption of Resolution'was duly seconded by Danens, and on Itol.XcaU~ <br />tliere were four ayes abd no nays, as follovrs:' 3redesen,--aye; Danens, aye; Hawthorne, <br />aye; and Erickson, aye; and the Resolution vas d cQrC & Wly passed and adopted. <br />' d&* ATTEST: K'4 1 ( x:. L:;&/h*Y Z/&. 4Iayor <br />Village Clerk * <br />Hawthorne introduced the following resolution and moved its adoption: <br />~OLl.l!l?ION AI?PEOVII?G PL'NS AND SF'ECXI?ICATIONS <br />FOR §.AI?ITMY SEER IIXPROVii3EWJ! NO. 39 AND <br />DIRECTDCG fiDVER.TIm-BT FOR BIDS <br />6. <br />I33 33 RZSOL~~ by the Village Council of the Village of Zdina: <br />lr The plans and specifications for Sanitary Sewer Improvement No. 39 hereto- <br />$ore preparedabby the Village Engineer and now on file in the office _. of the Village <br />Clerk are hereby approwd. r <br />,2* Tae Clerk s&U cause to be publishes twice in the Suburban Press and the <br />Cohstruction Bulletin the follothg notice for bids for the construction of said <br />improvement: * ADVERTXSB-& FOR BIDS FOR . <br />SANITf2Y mm I34PRom.m NO, 39 VImm OF ED33.A