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Comcil was informed that Pearson Bros. has covered the trees they were ordered <br />to move from Village property. 31r. Dapens stated that he wmld like to be sure <br />the trees are moved off the pToperty, inaspch as there is a nice natural slope <br />there, &ich would be ruined by covering the trees. Danens and Ifitchell to check <br />fui.ther on this, <br />1.k. I4itchell requisted Council policy as to maintenance of, streets. He rvas <br />informed tliat it is the policy of the Village to maintain the streets when they <br />have byen accepted; that developer. shea@ grade, gravel and blacktop streets (or <br />sign petition for black€,opping) before final plat is accepted, *but that maintenace . <br />thereafter is done by Villsge without cost being assessed. I <br />Employment of T.ksr Lj.llie 14. Berry as office secretary was reported by 1-Tr. Eitchell, <br />Reo IEtchell requested that Council athorize Inspector for construction projects, + <br />Discussion was had. <br />survey crew and train him for inspection work, suggesting that George Thompson be <br />so'trained, <br />as Inspector at $230.00 per month. 'Notion seconded'by Danens and carried. <br />Ur. Xitchell recommended that we take one of the menbfrom the <br />Bredesen moved that Et-. Xttchell be auVnoPized to employ George Tllompson <br />. <br />Uessrs, Gebo and Anderson inquired as to action take; by CounCil concerning their <br />petition for Rezoning. They were informed that Council and PZanning Commission will <br />discuss matter further some tine in Januaiy. January 21. established as tentative <br />date €or discussion. <br />I,&. E.C. Stdw asked once again for Council action as to sewer and water'for his <br />proposed plat on the Duggan Farm. <br />that 1-k. 1.ii-tchell be directed to make preliminary study of area in connection s.lith <br />possible sewer an6 water, vas seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Delegation of Bemrd Street residents complained heatedly of: bad road conditions, <br />They were informed that Bernard Place wuld be put into as good condition as possible <br />this winter, with completion of project after spring thaws. <br />Report of Village Attorneg, that Village is not liable for destruction of tree ovaed <br />by &s, Virginia Beard, T~S read, Bredesents motiori,that &ks. Beard be so notified, <br />was seconded by Danens end carried. <br />Considerable discyssion ensued. Danensr motion, <br />. <br />r <br />Petition for Oiling of Fairfax Avenue between Z.58th and "T.59bh Streets, vas fi;ted,, <br />Hotion by Dmens, that petition be accepted and action be deferred until 'second, <br />meeting in Januazy, vas seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Frank E, Trafzerfs proposed subdivision of Lots ll,12;13,1L, and 15, 'Block 1, <br />Peacedale Acres, .TBS presented, toge8her with Planning Commission's recommendation <br />of December 4. Bredesents motion, that Council accept proposed lots 8 to I&,inc., <br />Block 1, Ln the 'proposed .subdivision, 7ms seconded by Danens and cerried, <br />Danenst motion, that Ernst & Ernst be authorized and directed to audit the Village <br />records for the year 1951, in accordance with their letter of December 5, ,was seconded <br />..__ <br />by Bredesen and carried. - <br />. Attorneyrs report on tIPzohibition of Entry of NEnixs into Beer Joints after Certain <br />Hours,If vas reviewed., Danenst motion, for referral of repoh to, Ordinances and <br />Legislation Committee for study and report to Council, was seconded by Bredesen and <br />carri edd <br />State F5re Xarshalts notification of proposed "Fire School zt University of XGnne- <br />Eota, April 28 to -Eay 2, inc., was read and ordered placed on file. <br />Recommendations of Planning Codssian, with regard to petitions of H.R. Burton <br />and or" Yo~g Fuel Company for Rezoning, were revLmed, xsrith Council withholding <br />action mtil after proposed meeting of January 21, <br />I- _.. *. <br />Police Report for Month of l$ovenber was reuiewed and ordered placed on file. <br />Danenst motion, for payment of the following Payrolls and Cl&s vas seconded by <br />3redesen and carried: 1 . FireEenG Papoll for Year ll/30 $0 to-ll/30/9 - $1,399.65 <br />Village .Papoll - December 1 to 15, Inc. <br />Village Payroll - Decenber 16 to 31, .kc* . Licpor Store Payroll-December 1 to 15, Inc. <br />:$5,669.20) All as'recorded <br />G6,813049] .in detail in 8 788.961 Payroll ledger, <br />Liquor Store Payroll-December 16 to 31, .kc. $ 635.39) . <br />I <br />-. .I .-