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Request was made from the audience, for street lights on Kellogg Avenue between <br />Ill,5&h and 3L62nd Streets* <br />that Manager 3Etchell check with 3bgineer Ulssen to see if these lights had not <br />alreadybeen ordered, with report at nextaeeting. <br />15r' Ifitchell presented Final Plat of a portion of *V'&ley View Terrace" together <br />with Planning Commission* s Februazy 6th recommendation for approval, <br />that public utilities easements are not shown thereonr <br />Final Plat be approved, for record, subject to, placing of utilities easements <br />thereon, was seconded by Hawthorne pnd carried*/ <br />. Mre Russell Lundts request for ped% to erect a 99rfront building directly Hest <br />of the Edina-Theatre on 11,50t;h Street, wi$h be six feet from present <br />sidewalk lbe, was discussedr Hr" Lund explained that this building will have no basement. Hawthorne's motion, that perntit be'approved subject to buildingts.+ <br />compliance with all building regulations, was seconded by Child ad carried., . <br />Mks. Bernice Suetter, who wishes to establish a beauty parlor in the basement of <br />her home at 6024 Kellogg Avenue, requested that Public Hearing be held to enable <br />her to proceed wigh her plans. Attorney Ffindhorst ruled that a beauty parlor <br />is definitely a ltComercial use of propertylr and that to enable this useage <br />the Council. must-either rezone the Suetter property or amend its ordinancg. An <br />objection to the beauty parlor was raised fromthe floor, and Hrs. Suetter with- <br />Chairman Child of Public Utilities Conwittee requested <br />b <br />+ <br />He, reported <br />Bredesents motion, that <br />+, + <br />' drew her request for permit, <br />4 <br />Mr* A&. Bogenrs petition% for Water in Brookside Heights was discussed at some <br />length, with E~bnager Mitchell reporting that connection to the present water <br />system Vrill give Brookside Heights properties a malo'mum of twenty-five popnds <br />water pressure--which 9s insufficient for fire fighting purposes at any time <br />and which would also be insufficient for domestic use during periods of great, <br />water consumption elsewhere. He reported that a new thkand pump will be <br />necessary to give these people the service they desire; and Council r,eviewed <br />for audience the difficulties it is experiencing insecuring steel priority for <br />water tank now approved for construction, stating that it will undoubtedly be <br />sone years before Brookside Heights can be served. After further discussion <br />with Bogen, Hawthorne moved to refer matter to Village Engineer f0r ftwGher <br />study and a report at the next meeting* Hotion seconded by Child and cpried. <br />Revised Preliminary Plat of Gust Johnson's "Southwood Acres" was presented, <br />together with Planning Comaission's recommendation for approval providing the <br />North 165 feet of Lot 7, Block 3 be dedicated to the Village together .with all <br />of Outlot rlA!. M2, MitckiiU, reported N2. Johnsonts xequest that exception to <br />Building Code be allowed, to permit construction of a dwelling on Lot 5, Block 3 <br />of "Southwood Acres" immediately, together with Planning Commissions s recommen- <br />dation for such exception, Building Inspector Woehler recornended agdnst <br />such procedure, statingthet a building peMt here will establish the plat on its present basis; that any ature change will be difficult with a building <br />already situated on one tract. <br />after Joint Planning Commission-Coulncil Heetiug sf February 18, Eotion seconded <br />by Hawthorne and carried. T <br />Child*s motion, that approval be withheld until <br />&. E&, Stow reported that a large hole is predent in the business district <br />on Highway 169, presenting a definite hazard to children. Hawthorne's motion, tbt Village lhager be directed to investigate and to take whatever .action is <br />necessary to have this hazard resnoved, was seconded by Danens and carriedr <br />Application for Plumber's License for Lmd & Spetz, 5820 Logan Avenue South, to <br />April 1, 1952, accompanied-by necessary bond, was rev5ewed. <br />license be granted was seconded by,Hawthorne and carried.. <br />Request of Nr. &gwbice Orvis, for 20 M)?H signs in his neighborhood, was reported <br />by ISanager 1Etchel.l. <br />inform Mr, Qrvis that State Highway Department will not allow establishment of <br />20 MPH Zones, and that Police Department be directed to endeavor to enforce the <br />30 MPH regulations in this area, was seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />r Manager Hitchell and Chairman of Public Works,Danens again reported the need for <br />a new Road Patrol. Hawthorne's motion, that Counci$ advertise for bids for new <br />Road Patrol, with bids to be,taken Xondqy, March 10, was seconded by Danens and <br />carried* <br />C <br />Child's motion that <br />r t <br />Hawthorne's motion, that Village lkiager be directed *to <br />I <br />1 <br />Supt. of Public Utilities Tloehler and Chairman of Public Utilities Child reported <br />the need of a clean-up, paint-up job on the old water tank. <br />directing the advertisement for bids on this project, with bids to .be taken <br />Monday, March 90, was seconded by Bredesen and carried* <br />Child's motion, <br />.