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Sealed bids on <br />read Affidavit <br />which appeared <br />Motor Grader were publicly opened and read, the Clerk having <br />of Publication for llAdvertisement for Bids-Xotor Grader, 11 <br />in Edina-Morningside Coukzier and Construction Bulletin, . 7 February 28 and Narch 6, Bids were as follows: <br />BASE MODEL . BID I E2ZRAs TOTAL <br />,lh. H. Ziegler Coo Caterpillar - 12 $ -3,317.25 <br />Rosholt Equipment Co, Adas -550 $16,206.00 53 00 $16,259 .OO <br />A-W Company Inc, of Hinn, A-W nNaster - 99" $1'7,040.00 695.00 $17,735.00 <br />George To Ryan Company Galion - U8 ~ $16,037.00 706,OO $16,743 .OO <br />Northfield Iron Go. warco l$D-loo $12,392.00 8 3,L$8.00 #15,540.00 <br />Rosenwald-Cooper, Inc. Pettibone- <br />$11,999.00 $ 3,19$% $15,292.50 <br />Notion by Danens, for referral. of *bids to Village Manager for tabulation and <br />report at next regular meeting, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />The following sealedbids on Police Car were publiclyppened and read, aftel: <br />Clerk had read Affidavit of Publication for "Advertisement for Bids-Police Car,$# <br />w&ch appeared in Edina-Norningside Courier arrdt Construction Bulletin February 28 <br />and March 6: <br />&lrliken - 402 <br />BBT3 TRADELm TRADEIN <br />TYPE - BZD 1942 FORD 3.950 GIrIEV. <br />Dahlberg Bros.,Inc.,Hopkins Ford 2D <br />8 Cy10 - $1,927.95 $300000 $750000 <br />Boyer-Gilfillan, Mpls. ' 11 $1,795.18 $275.00 - #950.00 <br />Hopkins Std. 2D $$1,52L.56 . =$350000 $ll25.00 <br />Suburban Chevrolet Co. . Chev. <br />Grossman Chev. Co., Mpls. > $1,959.98 $376 00 @.l06.00 <br />Childts motion,-that bids be referred to Village Hanager for tabulation and <br />report at next regular meeting, was seconded by Hawthorne and carried. <br />,. <br />request from the Community Service Council (a Momandale 2nd Addition group) <br />for development of seven Village-owned lots at 66th and Mildred Avenue for <br />$ark purposes, and for possible acquisition of additional property in the <br />Stow Plat, south of 66th Street, was read. A delegation supportid the <br />petition, stating that they had &ready contacted the Park Board; that this <br />Board is reluctant to undertake any improvement because of lack of funds. <br />Delegation was informed that Park Board must initiate any action for improvement. <br />Child's motion, that letter be referred to the Park Board, for its recommendation <br />at the next regular Council Heeting, was 'seconded by Hawthorne and carried, <br />I@, George Christopher again requested relief from water drained onto his property <br />by Village Storm Sewer. <br />examine this area as soon as frost is out of ground, to see the exact condition, <br />was seconded by Havrthorne and carried. <br />Efr . John Cardarelle presented plat showing easements for street right-of-way <br />abutting the :Virginia Avenue11 addition; stating that the developers are now <br />securing these easements, that &so Evelyn Ifohbabe is now willing to dedicate . <br />t 1 c <br />Child's rnotioa, that'the Public Utilities Committee <br />- <br />I <br />for W.60th Street, No action taken. -. <br />d request was made for permit to face dwelling at 5901 York on W.59th street <br />(instead of on York Avenue in accordance 'with plat) . . Council informed petitioner <br />that he must conform with zoning regulations, or that Council must conduct <br />public hearing before such request cm be granted. <br />Mrs. Lucille Nolan presented plans for remodelling and addition to the Nolan <br />Building,3926 11, 50th Street, <br />to the plan, and Child moved %hat permit be granted. Motion seconded by <br />Hawthorne and carried. <br />3k. Russell Lund requested that Council take sme action to improve Liquor Store, <br />specifically asking that canopy be removed and front of store be modernized. . <br />Manager Ititchell stated that he would have definite recommendations for Council <br />by next regular meeting, and Council deferred action until after report; is <br />received. <br />Councilman Cooper of Robbinsdale conferred with Council concerning proposed <br />ltdogtt ordinance to be adopted by suburban comunities. <br />kennels have been contacted, and are willing to enter into contracts with the several communities for dog catcher services. The matter of llovrner responsi- <br />bility" for pets was discussed, and Rttorneyldindhorst was invited to meet with the other community attorneys for the drafting of this ordinance, NO <br />action taken by Council. <br />Building Inspector Woehler offered no objection <br />He stated that various-