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10/6/52. 251 3. Prior to certification ofthe assessment to the Counts Auditor. <br />the owner of any lot, piece or parcel of land assessed hereby may -pay the while <br />of such assessment or any installment thereof without interest to the Village <br />Treasurer and thereafter spch payment may be made with accrued interest, to <br />the County Treasurer; provided that if any assessments or installments thereof <br />be prepaid to the Village Treasurer, he shall promptly notify the Village Clerk <br />and County Auditor, and the assessment or installment so prepaid shaU be <br />cancelled on the books of the County Auditor. <br />The Clerk shall, as soon as may be, prepare and transmit to the <br />County Auditor. a certified duplicate of said assessments, with each then unpaid <br />instalbent and interest set forth separately, to be extended upon the proper <br />tax lists of the, County, and the County Auditor shall thereafter cause said. <br />assessments to be collected in the manner provided by law. <br />be designated as the "Assessment Roll for Storm Sewer Improvement No, 19, and <br />all amounts collected in respect of the assessments therein contained shall be <br />similariy designated by the County Treasurer and remitted to the Village <br />Treasurer and by him credited to the Sinking Fund Account of the ljnprovement <br />Fund of 1951 (Second Series). <br />Hawthorne's motion, in its entirety, was seconded by Bredesen, and on-Rollcall <br />there were four ayes and no nays, as follows: <br />Hawthorne, aye; and Erickson, aye; and th <br />4. <br />Said duplicate shall <br />Bredesen, aye; Danens, aye; <br />Village Clerg <br />I <br />Public Hearing was next held on Proposed Assessment for Sanitary Sewer hpmve- <br />in Edna-Xorningside Courier on Septaber 4.and 11, 1952, was read, qproved as <br />to form and ordered placed on file. Nr. Nitchell reported the cost, at $1.09 <br />per assessable front foot for Trunk Construction, plus $1.00 per assessable <br />front foot for Connection to Joint Sewer District No. 1, for $2.09 %,nk <br />Assessment; 84.68 per assessable front foot for Lateral Construction, -making <br />a total assessment to those being assessed for both trunk, and lateral of $6.77. Hr. Vernon Schweiger, 5109 W.56th St., registered protest at being <br />- charged for the Yvonne Lift Station as part of the Trunk charge. <br />no other objections from the audience, and no written objections had been <br />filed prior to the.Hearing. <br />closed. <br />Next Public Hearing was that on Proposed Assessment. for Tfatemnain bprove&ent <br />No. 34. Affidavit of Publication for '!Notice of Hearingytt which appeared in <br />EdinaAforningside Courier on September-4 and 11, 1952, was read, approved as <br />to form and'ordered placed on file. <br />assessment is made on a "per lot" basis in accordance with agreenent by Pearson <br />Bros., ovmers and developers of Richmond Hills 2nd Addition; that the assessable <br />cost per lot is $525,51. <br />mitten objections had been filed prior to the Hearing. <br />mounced that the Hearing was closed. <br />- ment No. 37. Affidwit of @blication for "Notice of Hearing," which appeared <br />. There were <br />Mayor Erickson announced that the Hearing was <br />Manager Tchell reported that this <br />There were no objections from the audience, and no <br />lkyor Erickson <br />Public Hearing was then had on Proposed Assessment for Sanitary Sewer linprove- <br />ment 1Jo. 35.- Affidavit of Publication for flNotice of Hearing," which appeared <br />in Edina-Norningside Courier on September &-and ll, $952, was read, appgned <br />as to form and ordered placed on file. <br />assessable cost for Trunk Construction is 8.90 per foot, plus $1.00 per foot <br />for connection to Joint Sewer District No. 1, making a totaLassessable cost <br />for trunk of $1.90 foot; that assessable cost for laterals is $5.24 per <br />assessable front foot, for total of 1&"71L, to those assessed for both trunk <br />and laterals. I&. Adolph A. Dahl, 6157 France Avenue, protested on grounds <br />that he obtains no immediate benefits. There were no otherlobjections from <br />the audience, and no written objections had been filed prior to the Hearing, <br />Rayor Erickson announced that Hearing was closed. <br />Final Public Hearing of evening was that on. Proposed Assessment for 'Ifate? 7- - P&xh,- hpmvement No. 39- Affidavi$ of Publication for illtotice of Hearing,Ii <br />which appeared in Edina-Norningside' Courier on September_& and 11, 1952, was <br />read, approved as to form and ordered placed on ELe. Namger l'litchell <br />reported that the assessable cost for Trunk construction is 4j.72; for Lateral <br />construction is $4.13, making total assessable cost for both trunk and. <br />laterals $4.856 <br />objections had been filed prior to the Hearing. <br />that Hearing %vas closed. <br />Hawthorne offered the follovkng Resolution and .mved its adoption: * <br />Hanager Mitchell reported that the <br />c <br />I <br />.. <br />There were no objections from the audi_ence, and no veitten <br />Hayor Erickson- announced <br />- ic. -. - e- <br />.