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n6l 8-2-4153 <br />6,1748 1 <br />:Z!Uer Of On SidelrLk Zer,-%Irs code nez:b before the Council, Clerl: having <br />presented IfJ_E'id::ATGs of -Publication in -dina_;I,,,"O an <br />-Dulletin "ui-,rtist 13 and 20 4$ rningside Courier d Construction <br />195�., which, -,7.,ore approved as, to form for tr.,dVar-Iuise.,--e nt <br />for .103idll and ordered placed on file. Danens moved for referral <br />of bids to <br />_s sis'U <br />sn-t Village Zifineer for public opening in VilIzge 7,,ngLrJeeris Office. <br />"otion seconded b4r CUM. cnd carried. Later in the evoning, :ssistmt :Ingineer <br />IMMin presented op-aned bids' iukaich reviewed and found to be as follol-Is: <br />C.:,.. Carlson <br />E. C. Uartnson e.;134 <br />L 50.00 <br />Victor Carlson t'--: Sons 31650.00. <br />7.,400.00 <br />Danens then moved for referral of bids to Village Engineer for recomr-aendation at <br />n&.-,;t meeting. I:btion seconded by Bredesen and carried. <br />Clerk then presented lIffidavi:t of Publication ox- "Notice of Hearing on Petition <br />for Permit to Construct Double Dwellings," published in Edina,-' ,"orningpide Courier <br />au-eust 13 -and 20., 1953; and., Wxsumt to said notice., 1.1ayor EricImon called Hearing <br />on the patition, of Lund--�.:ruse, inc.., for permit to construct four double dwellin's <br />on the tract of land described as follows: <br />"North 135 feat of the ",,lest 40 feet o3 Lot 36., and Illorth 135 feet of <br />-Lot 37., 11111 in Luditorts Subdivision No. 172.11 <br />A large delegation vras' present to inquire about this project; and several of them <br />raised objections--l-Ir, and VictorLldams, 'on the grounds t'.,_zu they wish t, <br />-o con - <br />struct a double bungalow on their o-i-m property and the -proposed ITorth extension of <br />Halifax Avenue i.;ill. leave them insu^f fid'ien't room io do so. (They suggested that <br />pazymiBu be discussed to;,,ether irith entire 1.:uni9ipaI* Parking Lot program). Several <br />others objected to the idea of any ,=Ibiple dwellinEs, and Child moved that this <br />mat-ter be postponed tatil, the matter of the Pq'rld#g - Plan is considered. l_76tion <br />seconded by dank and carried_, i-rith Bredesen voting nay. <br />Pursuant to-I'llotice, of 'Hearing on Petition for AssessmerAu for Connection to Ueber- <br />main ihiprovezaent No. 24,n published in Edina4l'ornJuagside, Courier Lugust 13 and 20,, <br />1953, ,iffidavit of Publication for ifaich was read by Clerk, approved as to form <br />and ordered placed on file, K-eyor 3rick-son. called Hearing on the petition of Ilessrs. <br />Haverty and Hsllcuist, developer - s of Concord Grove-, Addition., for permit to connect <br />Jots 7.,8>9,10.,11 and 12., Concord Grove Addition i-rith the watermain located on I.T.58th <br />Street between St.Johns and Concord Avenue., and to be assessed for `said connect-ions • <br />es a part of Uatermain Thprovement No. 24, 11r. 11itchell ex-plairied that the assess- <br />ment for <br />V <br />&iet will be ").70' per front foqt, for Trunk 11atermain- 33.95' der front f <br />.7 p <br />Lateral •atermain; and that assessment should be spread over a pariod of seven years, <br />unich is the remaining .term of assessment for Uatermain No. 24. There were no <br />objections to this assessment, and no viritten objections had been filed prior to <br />the Hearing. Child offered the folloiAng Resolution and moved its adoption*- <br />I RIOU MOIT MIG MID MTF MMIG <br />103OLT <br />AS5333:ZIPE FCFLIII 00:51BOT10111 OF LOTS <br />7.,839.710_,Il AIM 12., GD2002D GIM-11-4 LVDII. <br />TO T&,,TATMKILII,.T EMOU.2"IR 110. ?4 <br />33 IT M130MM by the Village Council of the Village of Edina., 1;innesota., as follows: <br />- 1. It is hereby found., determined and declared tha=t the proposed assess- <br />me-at for Connection of Lots 7,,8,9.,10.,I1. and 12., Concord Grove Addition frith the <br />-viatermain located on ',,58uh Street between St.Johns end Concord Avenue--:,`atermadIn <br />Improvement Ko. 24, has beeA properly ca-culated in accor4mcei-.rith the provisions <br />of Ij-'xmesota Statutes Sees ion U, 2.Z,4 .; that notice has been duly published, as <br />raQxired by law_, that t.'--is Council would meet to hear ard pass upon all objections., <br />if any, to am-and said•proposed assessment as might be necessary, aind to &6Dpt the. <br />same by resolution; t'hat paid proposed asses:; ment has at all ti, since its filing <br />been open for public inspwct•on, and opportunity has been given to all interested <br />persons to prosent theirQbject_ions; and that each of the toys, pieces and parcels <br />of I,-Id enumerated L-ra, the,assessment ims and is specially benefited by the con- <br />struction of the -Li*,,Tcovaiiant for i,,,hich such assessment is levied in the auOunt set <br />opposite the he description of each such lot, piece and parcel of lurid, respectiVelY. <br />) <br />2. The axiounts so set out are hereby levied ago; nst,the r a L­2 e eu ive <br />lots, pieces and parcels of Lurid described in said assessment, and said proposed <br />Issess,-_,ient is hareb'Y adopted r-nd confirmed as he -proper special -assessment- for <br />said improve-men�u. The asses.�,uent agnst each lot, tract or parcel, , together t h <br />the interest accruing on the full amount thereof from tLije to tLie unpaid, at the <br />rate 'of -Live py rcent per za�,uiuu from t1he date of thi3 resolution, shall be a lien <br />L -Li a <br />co7,lr -It :it!-, Senerc�i to-nans upon the property described t�,erein and all tlaeraof- <br />uVre, -inue.1 instrnl Imants <br />The tot -a <br />u mount of suc7li assessment shall be :pa-,�z1bla in eQi al ai 'coy eirher <br />ez.tendinF over a period O_f seven years., tile first 01, said Lastallments3 <br />TA:,Uil interest on the el)!uire assessment from the date hereof to aug"-t 15., 1954, to <br />be paya1ble with _canera: taj:os for the year 1953, and one of the remaining ins-nIl- <br />mants -iat a -1 lmentL;, to be <br />,, ii-i!ch one year's iij:�.erest on ti and all SubseWent inst, <br />-pav mbla -,-:ith gtaneral t=es for the years 1954 through 1959, collectible ii-i ' the <br />ensuin., years- di: or <br />Friar, to cerluifica-tion. of the assesonen1c, to the GOIMtY -1u b " the <br />3. 0 U the ifhole of <br />01,ner of any IeG3 piece or parcel of lw--d assessed hereby iaaly Pay <br />