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rtil‹,, <br /> � RESOLUTION NO.2008-37 1 RESOLUTION CONCERNING A PETITION <br /> REQUESTING A VOTE ON THE ISSUANCE OF <br /> wig yay CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT BONDS <br /> City of Edina <br /> BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Edina, Minnesota, as follows: <br /> Section 1. FINDINGS. <br /> 1.01 On February 19,2008,following a duly noticed public hearing,the Edina City Council adopted <br /> Resolution No. 2008-24 modifying the City's capital improvement plan and approving the issuance of general <br /> obligation capital improvement bonds in the principal amount of up to$14,000,000 to finance the acquisition, <br /> construction and equipping of a public works and park maintenance facility("Bond Issue"). <br /> 1.02 Minnesota Statutes 475.521,subd. 2(c)provides: <br /> A municipality may issue the bonds only after obtaining the approval of a majority of the voters voting <br /> on the question of issuing the obligations, if a petition requesting a vote on the issuance is signed by <br /> voters equal to five percent of the votes cast in the municipality in the last general election and is filed <br /> with the clerk within 30 days after the public hearing. The commissioner of revenue shall prepare a <br /> suggested form of the question to be presented at the election. <br /> 1.03 A petition was filed with the Assistant City Manager in part on March 19,2008 and with the City <br /> Clerk in part on March 20,2008. The petition requests a vote on the question of issuance of the Bond Issue. <br /> The petition was signed by 624 people. The petition has not been checked to determine if the individuals who <br /> signed the petition are registered to vote in Edina and therefore eligible to sign the petition. <br /> 1.04 The last general election,when voters of the City,not the school district,voted to elect public officials <br /> was held in November 2006. 26270 votes were cast. <br /> 1.05 The petition does not contain 5%of the votes cast at the last city general election. <br /> Section 2. DECISION. <br /> The petition does not have the required number of signatures to require el: tion. <br /> ADOPTED by the Edina City Council this 1st day of April,2008. <br /> Attest: de.-0-40 an7gic.,tJDebra A.Mangen,City erk James B.Hovland, Mayor <br /> STATE OF MINNESOTA ) <br /> COUNTY OF HENNEPIN)SS <br /> CITY OF EDINA <br /> CERTIFICATE OF CITY CLERK <br /> I, the undersigned duly appointed and acting City Clerk for the City of Edina do hereby certify that the attached and foregoing <br /> Resolution was duly adopted by the Edina City Council at its Regular Meeting of April 1,2008 and as recorded in the Minutes of <br /> said Regular Meeting. <br /> WITNESS my hand and seal of said City this day of ,20_ <br /> City Clerk <br /> City Hall 952-927-8861 <br /> 4801 WEST 50TH STREET FAX 952-826-0390 <br /> EDINA,MINNESOTA,55424-1394 TTY 952-826-0379 <br />