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44 <br />and 2% the hearings held 2% thettime and place specsied in said notice the <br />Council has duly considefed the views of a31 persons interested, and being fully <br />addsed of the pertinent facts does hereby detemdne to proceed with tie con- <br />struction of said improveaents; that said improvements are hereby designated and <br />&-all- be referred to in aU. subsequent proceedings as follovs: <br />1J&*@ OF X*PBOV&BE: <br />1, Construction of Sani"cary Sewer and Appurtenances in <br />Josephine Ave. between Benton Ave. and W.6Oth St ,, <br />and in W,bOth St., betmen State Highvq No, 100 and Code Ave. ' S&Je SEZR 111.9.- 140. 80 <br />Grading-md Gravelling of Jefferson kve,, Behore be <br />-KO Eelson - a 24-foot,reet <br />11.62nd st,; W.62nd - St,, jlarnell he. to Virginia Ave.; <br />zgd iiirgkia cure 2r ia V' <br />2, <br />~ STILE$ 5.k rio, E60 <br />3. Blacktopping of Virginia Aye,, Valley View Road to -, ~. -- 1 <br />inia &re. to Concord live, SY&T ZIPp, IIO, A-70 <br />STREBT Xi&. $16. ET61 <br />L 4* i3laclrtoppin$~,~h~~~etueen York and Xerxes-- , .. <br />to be changed to llGrading,Gravelling and 0i3,ingl1 <br />and the areas -bo be specially assessed therefor shall he as follows: <br />For S&fTEXRY -S3!!sZB ZP2OVZ-Z13! IJO, 80 - The W.390 Ft, of the E. 617 3%- &d 'cle <br />TI.3Ol @,.of..the E. -371 e, of the KE1/4. of the sl=l/4, Sec, 33, TI@, ll'7IVO, Tze 21TIs, <br />and the Tf-775 F-t, of the No 160 Ft. of G0v-b. Lot-8 except Street, bi the 331/4. of <br />Sec, 33,.-Ti.ipO IlF; Ro2111; btx 1, 2 and 3, Clover Lane 4, Clover &ne 2nd Uqit; ;I;ots 4, 5$4, Bl. 32 and Lots €3-to yC, inc,, 31, 2, <br />Benton Pa:rk, e- < <br />hts 1, -2, 3, and <br />For Sm ZEtOmZnS IiOS. 11-70, C-60 and C-61 - All hts and tracts of lad <br />abutting -the respctive streets proposed to be improved, <br />233 fT 3URTHB ZGSO&lBD khat it be the policy of this Council that the proposed <br />assessment for the-cost of bAiJI?ZJBY SBBR Z-PZOWXE:IiOo 80 be spread over a <br />fifteen-ye& pariod. ._ .. *.- --.. "., * ....* - - <br />Xotion TOY adoption 0% Resolution was sec esen, and on Rollcall the& <br />Child, aye;-Panens, are; <br />The ne:& matter on the agenda was the Proposed &?zoning 2ron Open Development District <br />to Cornunity Store District of Wl;s On?, Two and Three, Block One, .Grandview Pfiteau; <br />and requested. pmit to construct Double Dvrellings on Lots Four- through Sleven, Block <br />@-e, and Lots One through Eight, 2lock Ttro, Grandview Plateau, as petitioned by <br />Biltnore Zotor-Rokel Corporation. Clerk Bank presented Affidadts of Publication in <br />Edina-KorningsLde Courier Spptanber 30 and Octob-er 7, 1954, and of posting on <br />0Tfici.d Bulletin Boards SepLember 30, 195& ,of 11€40tice of EIearing on Fetition to <br />Rezone; and on Petition to Build Double Dwellings,1' which were approve@ as to form <br />and ordered placed on fileo Xgor Bickson called-Public Hearing pumuult to said <br />notice, and &eked all inberested pri;ies to come forward to insp&ct plan <br />presented by 2-iessrs Peder llickelsen ad Harry Gustafson. 132, I.lickelsen exylairied <br />&at the proposed reaping is for the pwpose of eerghg present motel only, ad <br />not for tie purpose of constructing store buildings, 11 delegation of approhately <br />ttrenty-five persons inspected the plan. The main concern of those present was thzt <br />the driveway into tne proposed new units of the motel should not encroach on <br />residential p-roperky; ad Xr. lEckelsen stated, that the proposed entrance imuld be <br />appro&ately-llO fee* Sodh from W,52nd S-breet, where said entrmce enters private <br />property from the service drive. Eickelsen lvas questioned as to the valuation <br />02 tie double bungalows requested for $he property 5mnediatel-X tiest of the notel, <br />ad stated that ifiiile there ms no present limitation on cost, the large lots nust <br />sell Tor sone $2,000 or more, and that there I.;ould be nb advantage to buil~ng <br />inexpensive st-cuctures on such eqensive property-that he believed the valuation of each double dwelling would be in the neighborhood of $25,000, <br />objections from those viewing the plans (providing entrance to addition to notel <br />does not encroach on 'I.f.52nd Street properties), and Bank offered the fono?~g <br />Ormace, moving that. the Council waive second reading and ado-pt Ordinance a: <br />subm5tt ed: s ommm I@. 261-12 <br />iiu oammes B~~ITJG THE ZONIXG ommmm OF wa <br />There Mere no <br />C" . .x Vda. OF EDIN <br />THE KEL.&GZ COULGIL OF TJ$Z VIKGAGE OF BDAGt, PZXEzzLiU2A, OFdXBC3: <br />. Section 1.- Sec$ion 5, Comy+i$y Store "District, .of_Ord$.nqce 30, 261 of <br />the revised ordinances of the Village of mina, as amended is hereby further mended <br />by addingnat the end of paragraph 1 09 said Section 5 an additional sub-paragraph, <br />as .followst <br />providedthat the-only uses permitted in the area just,describrd shall be $hose <br />pemitted in -the 0p"en Devslopnent DistricB and motels; and providing that the <br />entpance to motel from service driveway shall. be the entrance servicbg the present <br />"(cc) ~ Lots One (I), Ttm (2) and ThPee (3), Block One (l), Grandviyr Plateau <br />n:r-h units of said motel.