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11/8/51t <br />2. PUBLIC GL!XiNG ON FEOFOS~ BUCIaO?PII\G OF w. 54~~ sTrmr j3Eii~rn~ ~;ToODD&E <br />ATXWE <br />as a,g&nst 2,046 Bssess3ble Feet, for $le& per 4ssessable Foot, <br />consensus of Council opinion .that the Village General Fund should share the <br />cost of this improvement, ksmuch as this is a thru-street 2nd carries bus <br />traffic. <br />of assessment; and there were no objections to the kproveiient from the floor, <br />and none had been received prior to the Hearing. <br />it wou.ld be impossible to have work done. this fSI.1, but that it would be on <br />the program for early summer work, <br />moved its adopt ion: <br />E3 T71 RESOLVZD by the Co~cil*.of,the._Village of Edina, Iwesota, that this Council <br />herebofore, caused no’iice of hearing to be duly published on the following proposed <br />improvement: - Blacktopping of W. 54th Street between ??ooddale iwknue and I4innehahz Creek <br />ad at the bearing held at the time ad place specified in said notice the Council <br />has duly considered the views of allrpersons interested, and being SulPj ad-rised, <br />of the pertinent facts does hereby detemine to proceed with the conshruction of <br />said improvemen-t; that said improvement is hereby designated and shall be referred <br />to in all subsequent proceedings as SEBZT Tr.;F*.OVXGiXI’ I\JO, A-72; and the area <br />to be specially assessed therefor shqll-include-all Lots-md tracts of land <br />abutting the pophion of the street to be hproved; excepting that one half the <br />cost of said knprovemenk shall be borne by the General Fund 02 the Vill&ge of <br />3dinao <br />T.TTcJiGX&HA CFEBK. ~ .Xanager KitchellIs .Estka$e of Cost .was $3,342.,25, It was the <br />The delegation present was apprised of Council’s decision on method <br />Audience was infomed that <br />Child offered the following Resolution and <br />EZSOLWXOE O~~JERING npEo-mbEi@ m~~ornaix~~ i~0,~-72 . <br />I <br />iiibtion for adoption of the Besolution t~s seconded by Bznl~,.. and on Eollcall there <br />Public Hezring was then czlled on pe”cition of I&-, Harold ‘Ir,Eggan for percri&t to <br />face dwelling on Lot 24, Elock 7, Fairzax Addition (5801 hshcroft he,) on N,58th <br />Street rather khm on Ashcroft Avenue. Clerk 3aii read cop7 of iSotice 02 Hezring <br />which had been wiled to a11 property OvrneTs within 500 feet of proposed <br />residence, <br />objections had been filed. <br />by Danens and carried. <br />There were no objections rzised at the Hearing, and no iflitten <br />Bank’s motion that permit be granted was seconded <br />Clerk Bank t hen submitted bff idavits of Publication in 3dk-a-iCorningside Courier <br />October 28 and Iioveiber 4, and of posting on Officizl Sulletin aozrds October 26, <br />l95L, of ilBotice os“ Hezrhg on E?-oposed Street _Vacztion,T1 <br />approved-as -bo forcm md ordered placed on file, <br />I-Ieming was called on the proposed vacation of the iToiZ;her137 Fov.i%een. Feet of <br />th~t part of Old IiopkLns Boad 17yinng between Kinnewavi-z Avenue and the Tiest bt <br />Line of I?& Zleven, i3lock. Six, TFngdale &os. 3rookside. Feti-tioner’q . <br />q~ repiaeGentztive was present and stated thzt petitioner yill quit clah to the <br />Village eighteen feet of the roadway for park p~~rcposes, <br />accapking petitioner’s statement as to quit claim deed. <br />Dwens and carried. .Child offered the r”o1lovnhg Resolution cad noved its <br />adopt ion: <br />which affidavits 1iel.e <br />Fiursuat to Notice, Pqblic <br />Child thzn moved, . <br />Lotion seconded b3~ <br />paOLiJT210i,J VACATB$G sT-&m <br />(The No r_ther ly. pou.r% e ea -Feet of <br />_khat part of Old Xopkins Road <br />lying between Irhewaws Ayeme <br />and West Lot Line of Lot+Zleven <br />Block Six,Tingdale Eros .3i7ookside) <br />” 7*-, -j% r~~-~dS, petition of si majority of the owners 02 red.. proper%$ abuttbg that <br />?oz-$hei;ly Fourteen Feet of thzt part of Old I-fopkins ?Load lying between iJ3-me- <br />wawa Avenue and the ?,‘est bt =ne of kt Zleven, Block Six, Tingdale Eji,os0 <br />Brookside, as platted ad-of record in office of $he EZegister of Deeds of <br />IIeimepin County, lEmiesotz, has beern duly filed with the Village Council; and <br />said Couiicil has met at the tine and place specified a notice duly published <br />ant3 posted and hzs hea.rd dl interested. persons, ad it appezrs in the inkerest <br />of the public thah said portion of said street be vacated, now therefore: <br />BE IT E3SOLWD bj? the Village Council of the Village 02 Zdi-na that iSojr.-i;herly <br />&ourbeen Feet of that part of Old Hopkins Eoad lying between IEhnewavm Avenue <br />and the Vest Lot LLine of Lot Eleven, 3lock. Six, Tingdale &os. Brookside be <br />and is hereby.vacated@ .. <br />I-Iotion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by r)anew, and on EolLcaJ-1 there <br />were five ayes and no nsys, as follows: <br />-I <br />Br Child, aye; Danens, aye;