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75' <br />f <br />11/22/54 The Edina Jaycees' notice of intent to instal1 and light a large Christms Free <br />at the Village Hall, and their request for permit so to do, was read. <br />motion, that request be granted, and that Council advise the JGycees in vaiting <br />0% Council appreciation of their kind gesture, was seconded by Danens and carried. <br />Upon the Village AtLorneyts report that all necessary things had been done in <br />connection with the Councilfs intention to vacate two streets, Bank offered the <br />following Resoluicion and moved its adoption: <br />(Service-Drive in-Woodbury Park Near <br />Bredesenls <br />1 <br />.. TZESOLUTION VACATING SmT <br />. Lake Harriet <br />Pursuant to petition of a majori%y of t;e property owners abhtting on that <br />part of Xest 55th Street Between Beard ad Drew Avenues hereinafter described and <br />it appearing that hearing. was held on this date pursknt to two weeks' published <br />Zyld posted notice' thereof, <br />NOT?, TIXERF,F'Om, BE IT l33230ZvED by the Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina, *ha$ the roadway described as follows: <br />That part of Woodbury Park near Lake Harriet, according to the plat <br />on file inthq office of the Register of Deeds in and for Hennepin <br />County in Eook 101 of Plats, page 19, described as follows: <br />roadviay 30 feet in width-located between the Southerly boundary of <br />Blocks Seven (7) and Eight (8) and the-Northerly boundary of Lot E, <br />and the Southerly extension of - the Easterly boundary of Lot One fl) , <br />Block Bight (81, to the Northeast corner of Lot d and the Southerly <br />extension of the Hesterly boundary of Lot Five (51, Block Seven (7) <br />to its intersectiqn with the Southerly..bow?dary of the plat of said <br />Woodbury Park near Lake Harriet, <br />A <br />. <br />be and the sm~ hereby is, vacated from and after the passage of this resolution, <br />subject, however, to a perpetual. easement to the Village of Zdina of access $0 the <br />e,dsting 2.41' sanitary trunk, sewer in satd 30 foot roadway. <br />Motion for adoption of resolution was seconded b <br />- <br />anens, aye; Bank, aye; <br />Bank then offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />RESOL~ION TTAGATTNG smazr <br />Pursuant to petition of a majoritx of the-pFoperty otmers abutting on that <br />part of Windsor Avenue hereinafter described and it appearing that hearing was <br />held on $;lis date pursumt to two weeks' published md posted notice thereof, NQ7, T-OPS, €E ITT RESOLVED, Elyhhe Village Council of the Village of <br />Edina, th& that .portion. of Wirjdsor &venue described as follows: <br />. <br />~-Beginntng at theeSoutheast corner of Lot Four (41, Block Turn (a), <br />Richmnd Fills Second Addition, according to the-plat thereof on file <br />$n the office of the Register or" Titles in and for Hermepin County; <br />thence Westerly along..&he Southerly boundary of Lots Four (4) and <br />FLve (5)., 'Block Two (2), Riclmond Ells Second Addition to.the <br />IJortheast corner of Lot One (I), 310,ck Six (b),_%estchester IhoUs <br />Additton, according to the pXat thereof-on file .Qa the office of the <br />Register of Deeds in and for Hemepin County; -thence along the <br />gasterly boundary of said Lot One (11, Block Six (6), Eestchester <br />Knolls Addi%ion to the Sou-theagt corner. thereof; thence Easterly <br />Qong an ex-teinsion of the South lhe of Lot One (I), Block Six (61, <br />Ifest Chester tholls Addi-Lion, to its intersection,with the Vesterly <br />line of the fJEnnezipolis, Eorthfield and Southern Railroad right-of- <br />way; thence Northerly along the Westerly_line of said railroad right- <br />of way to the point of begimin&.p <br />be, and the same hereby is, vacated to be effective from and after the passage of <br />tMs resolution, subject, however, -bo a perpetual easement to the Village of Edina <br />for the care and maintenarice of all utilities located in said roadway, <br />contrbl over the placing of any fill or the gradhg of this property by the <br />abutting lad omers I) <br />Further, the Tillage of Bdina shall have the right of direct supervi9ion and <br />I <br />blotion for adoption was seconded by Dane all there were four ayes <br />as follows: Bredesen, aye; , aye; and Erickson, <br />Resolution was' adopted.