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Ueeting ~ms convened at 7:OO P.I.T., at the Tillage Hall, with nembers Fronl:, Tupa and Erickson present. .. <br />_. Clerk presented Affidavits of Publication and Posting of JIBssessment BoticeJ1, <br />which notice NZS approved as to form and ordered. placed on file. <br />Village Assessor Creighton reported that he xould not have his Eooh of V&mt&n <br />conpleted until -the latter part of July. IJo conpl&nts on assessment uere filed, <br />I-iq-or Erickson czlled for adjournment of neeting to July 28, at 7:QO P.IT., and <br />notion vas duly made, seconded and <br />Clerk <br />1. I-- -_ DTTOC.UIOX was given b~ the Rev, Fracis Yany of %he Church of St. Patrick. <br />.. <br />-- ik&ers axmering FLollcaU &re Dmens, Fro&, Tupa and Zrickson. <br />Bredesen arrived inmediately tiiereafter, <br />&ustee <br />Wmtes or" IieetLngs of June 27 and 30 were approved as submitted, b3 notion Fro&, <br />seconded by Danens and carried. <br />iaor Zriclcson announced FLLIC FWBiiiGS OX liZ3OTGL.ZjTS in accordance ;rith <br />Mfidatit of Public& ion presented by Clerk for *JfBotice of Public Hezrbgs-Black- <br />topping Im;proyaen%s,il published in Xdina-Xorningside Courier June 30 ad Jdy 60 <br />Affidavit T.%S approved as to fora and ordered placed on file; ad Fublic Hearings <br />were held ad zc-bion tdcen as recorded below: <br />1. <br />Umager Hyde <br />Assessable Seek, f9r ~l.99 pzr Assessable Foot. <br />floor? and no written,objectioiis hzd been filed prior to the Hexring. <br />Resolution Ordering hprmexnt) . <br />Ziznager Hyde read En&ineeiJss^Estimate of Cost at &-279.80, as against 590".8 <br />ilssessable Feet, Lor :2,& .per lissesszble Foot . <br />floor, and no mitten objections hsd been filed prior to the hearing. (See <br />Resolution Orderkg hprovment} , <br />3, PTXLIC KGiGiiIG 02 BEkCi3OPl?DjG, I-iKGBmE LI~,, TTD60TH S2a TO FmIm XE,, Ikmger. By& read Ens&eertz Cstimte-of Cost at \3,456.00, as aga5nst 1,757.12 <br />Assessable Fe&, for SL.93 per iissessable Foot. <br />r"loor, ad no r.rit%eq objections hd been filed prim to the hearing. . <br />Resolutioc Ordering &provenent) . 4. PUBLIC EEWXG 02 BXCETOPIJBJG, CajcoS AXE,,. TI. )TH ST, TO SOUTF~~~ EGB. <br />Eanzger- Hjde read Zhgiaeer! s Zstkate -of Cost at $j',7410kLg, as against 3,725 <br />kssesszble Fee%, for .$2,12 per kssess"ab1e Foot. Ur. Kenneth Sundquist led a <br />delegation- repesting. delay of constmctioq on Ynis hprovenent , pending <br />construction of -the neii Junior High School because the3 fear heavy truck traffic <br />rriU dmage nev b1acMop. Delegation vms unmiaous 2n famrbg hprovemnt upon <br />coEpletion 02 school construction, and hslced that delay be until summer of 1956, <br />(See Resolution Ordering bprovenent but def ei-ring construction) . <br />5, <br />3n,geer! s Xstimate of Cos% at .,,i14,040000, as .agxinkt 6,612.15 Assessable Feet, <br />for 32.U per Assessable Foot. ,ih, Bros, 5900 FIaIEtax iive., spoke for the <br />iqrovenent; qd Ih, Stronberg asked for a 11blacKcop ,gutterlto <br />reported thzt this my increase cost as much as 400 B front foot, depsnding on <br />the t-e of gutter desired, <br />b&ace of ovmers, ad it vas .decided Vnat ther would contact their neighbors <br />ad let, f.iir, Zika knor.i, definitely, as to whether a blaclSop gutter is to be <br />included in specifications, There were no objections to the im,Drovezm~t, and <br />no mitten objections had been filed prior to Hearing. <br />hprovaent) . <br />PUBLIC KIi;ARLSG G3 BLICK.TOPTDtG, lTo5'7l!K Si!. B6TXBi! ZBJEH i$lD YOX .(LImNia <br />;lxd Engineer's Estijmte. of Cost at $1,U2.&0, as against 55y08 <br />There were no objections from the <br />(See <br />2, PmLiC I=--- -LL-LU.G 03 3LfiDIXOPPEjG, LGORZ A.m., BmTEEE iIO3Td ISD L4bjd Am. <br />There mre no objections fron tie <br />There were no objections from the <br />(See <br />i <br />P-EBUC IZ!XLG 02. BGG?i'OFPE?G, BOF&PS EOiiUl l3WOB: Ihnager H;de rezd <br />Xngjneer 2ik.r. <br />Delegation present, vas mprepred to speak for <br />(See Resolution Ordering <br />Fro& then offered the follotring Resolution and moJred as adoption: <br />..