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J3z IT! P~OzrI3y <br />heretofore czused <br />improvements : - <br />, I3LACKi!OFPI: <br />1, . 11. 57th St between Zenith and York kves. <br />2. Iioore Ave. , between .tJorth and kura Aves, 3. Halifax he., between 8.60th 5%. and France Avee 4. Concord Ave. between i<..6Oth St. and Southview Lane. 5. Berm's Edina &mor: __ <br />~ Halifax he. between 2. 58th Fd ~~60th Sts. <br />Grimes ave. between Hqlifax he. *and V.60th St, <br />Grimes me. <br />IkJ.6Oth St between France and Halifax 'kves . <br />and at the hearings -held at the time aszd place specified in said notice the Council <br />has duly considered the views of all persons interested, and being fully advised of <br />%he pertinei?l facts does hereby determine to proceed the construction of said <br />inprovenenis; that said improvements are hereby designated and shall be referred <br />to in all subsequent proceedings as follows: <br />liTNZ OF l3.PiiOVEBKT : <br />Street hproveinent TJo . A-73 <br />LcJ Xo. 4, Above !! !! IJo. ii-76 <br />m <br />ts <br />hprovement No. 1, Above <br />Xo. 2, Above 11 I! 140. A-74 <br />No. 3, Above I! !! No, A-75 <br />:6 30. 5, libove '! I! Hoo ;i-77 B2 IT FiEiiTZ? RZSOLIBD, thai construction of Street Tmprovement No. 4.-76 be <br />defkrred until the- smier of 1956. <br />. ij3 Tl' FURTIfGE %SOL1?3D, that %he areas to be specially assessed for the cost of <br />said hprovenents shall include all Lots a-nd Tracts of Lad- abutking the postions <br />of the strects proposed to be improved. <br />2 <br />EoLion for adoption of Resolution was seconded by Tupa, and on Rollcall there were <br />five ayes and no nays, as follows: Bredesen, <br />aye; and Erickson, sye; aid the Resolution was <br />zye; Danens, we; Tupa, <br />PUE5LIC 14ZXii'TG OX FBOF0S-D RE-&SSSSJEXT FOB ELACil'ifOP B-il?EG~Z~]T BO, A-36 (JIoodend <br />DTive) was then maoqxed. <br />qproued as to forin and ordered placed on file, I&. f.lfinslow's property (20-foot entrance to Drive) an 'average lot* 03 93 FG. had <br />been -l;&en for assessment; that this would reduce-the assessment for the other <br />properties on the street from $247 to $&.O6& per front foot, <br />to' %his method of assessment, d.leging that he received no benefit from this <br />improvement prior to this year; that he his willing Lo pay his proportionate share <br />for the hprovenent from 1955 for the balance of the assessment period. <br />concurred in I.ii.. TJiiislowt s opinion, and Bredesen offered the s"o3.lo~;ing Etesolu-tion <br />and rmved its ado-&ion:- .. <br />j2fidavit of hblicztion~ of !fiiTotice of &acing'* iras <br />Clerk explained khat, to assess <br />l-ire Ijhslow objected <br />Couvlcil <br />.X@OLUTIOlJ BCPTii\SG JJlD COIJF~LTVG <br />Ft%ASSXSS:ZXi'. FO3 BLiCKi'OPE'jlW <br />Bi3 I% XGOLTm by the Village..Council. of the Village'of Edina, Ibesota, as <br />f OllOFTS : <br />1.. it is hereby found, determined and declared that the proposed re-assess- <br />nent for BLdXiXX'PZJG Jim0m.m' Hoe A-36, as calculated in accordace with the <br />provisions- of. Einnesota Stztutes. Section 4l2:44l, is hereby mended; that notice' <br />has been duly published as required by law, $hat this Council would meat to hear <br />mcl pass upon all objections, if my, to mend. said proposed fe-assessmenk as <br />might be necessary, and to adopt the same by resolutLon; that said proposed re- <br />assessirtent hzs at all times since its'filing been open for public inspection, mil <br />opportuni%y has been given to d1 interested persons to present %heir objections; <br />and that each of the lots, pieces and parcels of land enmerated in the amended <br />assessment vas siid is specially benefited by "cle construction of 'ihe 5mprovenen-b <br />for which such amended re-assessment is levied in the amount set opposite the <br />description of each such lot piece and parcel of land, respectively; that amend- ment Lo re-assessnen-b shall consist. ofq adding an assessment for 93 Feeti on the <br />property descrLbed as Y2hat part of the Ig$ of SE1/4 of SEl//+ of S33-/4 of IE1/4 <br />lying S of 11 70 Ft. thereof and !:J of 3 216 ?to -thereof qd that pari; of E 20 Ft, <br />of Xl/2 of 5XL/L, of SE1/4 of SEl~L!- of IE1/4 of IT 12.4 Ft. of E 32,4 Roaof R1/2 <br />of SKL/L or" $31/4 of SEl/4 of IGl/.4 lyTng S of 11 92.5 Fte thereof e& rd, SeC019- <br />2EE-2&,'* for the renaining balance of the five-year assessment tern, being the <br />years pzzrzble, 1956, 1957 and 1958; and of reducing the assessments against the <br />balance 02 the properiiies assessed in a proportionately lilte' uzoun'c. <br />pieces and parcels of land described in said respective assessments, and said <br />proposed re-assessment, as mended, is hereby adopted and confimnerl as the proper <br />IiuJ2@3.Ei~i$i~T $loa. A-36 _. . . <br />2e The amounts so set out are hereby levied a@ns-l; the respective lots,