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?/=I55 <br />special assesments for said Blacktopping bprovaent Xo A-36. The assessnent <br />against each lot, tract or parcel, together vith the interest accruing on the full <br />worn% thereof' fron title to tine unpaid, at the rate of five percent per znnm <br />fron the date of this resolutLon, shall be a lien cmcui-rent vrith general taxes <br />upon the propzrty desci-ibed therein and aJ1 thereof. - <br />The toml mount of such assessment shall be payable in equal aaual <br />instaUnenj;s extending over the three year balance of %he original'five-year <br />assessraent, the fjrs'c of said instdlmeilts, together r,&bh interest "on the entire <br />assessent fron the date hereof to Deceaber 31, 1956, to be papble rrith the <br />general tzces -for the par 1955, and one df the remining instdlments, v5Vn one <br />yearls interest on thzt and dl subsequent instdbents, tobe psq~ble r;.iPln general <br />taxes -for -Yne years 1956 and 1957, collectible in the .respective ensuing pars. <br />Prior to certLYcationr of the assessment to the County iruditor, the owner <br />of an3 lot, piece or parcel of land assessed hereby may psy the whole 02 such <br />assessment or any instjllnellt thereof without interest to "ne' Vilkge Treasurer <br />and thereafter such pqment may be made Trith accrued interest, to the County <br />Treasurer; provided Qhzt if my assesments or instahents thereof be prepaid <br />to the Village Treasurer, they shall be cancelled on the books of the Village <br />ireasmer, and he shall proaptly notify the Tillage Clerk and Bounty iiuditor, ad <br />the assessmiit oi' instaanncnt so prepaid sliall be cancelled on the books of the <br />Count;. Auditor. <br />Ti?e Clerk shal, as soon as may be, prepare'and trans~t to "che County <br />AucEtor a certilied duplicate of said assessments, r5th each then unpaid install- <br />Izent zinc% interest set forth separately, Lo be extended upon the proper ti?;: lists <br />of "ne County, and Vfie Counts Auditor shiL1 thereafter cause scid sssessnents to <br />be collected in tine nzmer provided by law. <br />be laom as 11Aissesment Roll Sor Xe-Assesslent for 3lacl&oppkg kprotmxmt Bo. A-36," and a51 unou.ntz cgllec-l;&d in respect of the assesmeni;' therein cmtalned <br />shdl-be shilaly desi,aated by the County Treasurer and renitted to the Village <br />Treasurer, and b;r hin credited to the Sinlag Fund :'nccount of the 1952 hprovaent <br />Fund. <br />3. <br />I <br />n <br />4. <br />Said duplicate assesstent roll shall <br />Iiotion Tor edoption of Resolution vas seconded by Dae <br />were five zyes cznd no nzp, as follows: Bredesar*ns, we; Fro&:, aye; <br />$Id on Rollczll. !here <br />Tupa, aye; and Erickson, &ye; and the vesolutio p 'A <br />per acre for his porkion of Elock 27, Ik-idelssohn, Iths, Alden explained -that <br />Village records shovr tI-ris to. be "platted property; that other like ysperties have <br />bee2 zssessed 03 a plztted pcoperty basis. After soze discussion, Bredesen noved <br />thzt Village Clef; be instructed to advise Council other sMlar assessnents, and <br />to m$e this report at the nexk meeting. <br />. <br />Xotion seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />-EZZuE5T GiS ABXj33ITf;;E OF SCEL'GFZFi XQAD AC3OSS 13330E LUX. <br />Hagen Brothers sppeared, to recuest vacation of the 1Torthxnrd e:&ension OS Schaefer <br />"Load, from hterlzchen %ad across Error hlie to Blake Rozd. <br />that -.. road, althou& platted, has never been used and porbably cm never be used. <br />Petitioners asked; for subnission to Planning Commission of formal petition for <br />Street Vaxtion. <br />It LBS stzted <br />:iveDue. south of ?le 56th S tree%, - sigped <br />motion Frod;, seconded by Dmens and carried. <br />action of the Plzm5ng Cormission, in denying the petition for Vacation; and Do <br />Schweigertls statenent that he r:ould not object so strenuously 53 -?;le rozd is cut <br />$0 proper grzde. <br />Sexer; tha'c, even if street should be vacated, Village irill need a stom sewer <br />essaent across piqoperty He recomended that Council CELL a Storm Sever Hexing <br />on its own motion; and d&&& moved tenQatlvebJ scheduling I-Ieahg for :.Ionday, <br />August XL, 1955. XotLon seconded by h.f&S%nd unaninously carriedo <br />I-hager H$e then reported the <br />Iianzger Xyde stated that a primary need for this area is a Stom <br />1- F' <br />%3%X?L:G !,T.&PH & f;"r;;ZCZ C0Yd.D PGR SI3FLVICE STiLTIGl. Ihnsger Hzde reported the <br />Pwg Gomission* s Julg 6th- recornendation for denial of lire Frmsmrth' s <br />petition for rezoning SI? Corner of 49th and France to Coxmnity Stor= District, <br />for use as a filling stction, <br />confirning Goapission's recornendation agabst use of ,this pro$el-ty for this <br />Eredesen's motion, that-Council go on record as <br />purpqse, vas seconded by Tupa and carried. t <br />I