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25 11/19/56 * <br />protested on grounds that he had just completed pump installation after infor- <br />mation given him some two months ago at the Village Hall that he could expect <br />no water service in the near future. <br />Block on Mildred, asked that the improvement be expedited, and Mr. Bogen, owner <br />of five lots on Kildred, also spoke in favor of the line for this street. <br />Rrs. Lee 1:. Bemis, 644.4 l?ilryan Ave. , reminded the Council that the petition <br />for Wilryan Avenue was old; that several homes have been built in the area <br />since; that all new homes already have wells and do not need the service. <br />One owner, living on Rolf Avenue between 64th and 65th, doubted that the <br />people on this street would go along with the project, and Nr. Zikan <br />explained that a dead-end line of more than one block causes stagnant <br />water conditions, hydrants must be flushed more often, and pressure is poor. <br />Trxstee Bank offered, as a compromise settlement, that the proposed Trunk <br />Main be run on 66th St. to Wilryan Ave.; then a main in Wilryan to 64th St., <br />then across 64th St. to Josephine, then South on Josephine to 66th St., to <br />make one loop; that main be run on Mildred Avenue from Valley View Road to <br />W.65th St., then East one black, to Rolf Avenue; then Morth on Rolf Avenue <br />to 64th St., to tie into present main. <br />proposal, insofar as the IJilryan and Josephine improvements were concerned; <br />and Bank offered the following Resolution and moved its adoption: <br />BE IT RESOLBD by the Council of the Village of Edina, Minnesota,' that this <br />Council heretofore caused notice of hearing to be duly published on the pro- <br />posed improvement consisting of Construction pf Village IJateYmain Extension <br />and appurtenances in: <br />i Mr. Oftel, building a home in the 6400 <br />There were protests against this <br />I <br />RESOLUTION ORDERING DPROgETiiENT % <br />WATE33IkIN IZPROVE$IE1IJT NO . 118 <br /># <br />Mildred Ave . , Valley View Rd. to I?. 65th St. ; <br />Rolf Ave., W.64th St. to W.66th St.; 1 <br />Tingdale he. , W,63rd St . to W.66th St ,; <br />Wilryan Ave., Roberts P1. to W.66th St.; <br />Josephine Ave., W.64th St. to FJ.66th St.; <br />Hwy.#lOO, tfTJ.66th St. to H. Line of Brookview Hts. First Addn.; 1 <br />W.63rd S%., Rolf Ave. to Tingdale Ave.; <br />S.J.64th St. , TJilryan Ave. to Josephine Ave. ; <br />W.65th St., filildred Ave. to Rolf Ave.; <br />W.66th St,, Naomi Dr, to Hwy.#lOO <br />and at the hearing held at the time and place specified in said notice the <br />Council has duly considered the viewe of a11 persons interested, and being <br />fdly advised of the pertinent facts does hereby determine to proceed with <br />%he construction of said watermain in the following streets: <br />Iildred Ave, , Valley View Rd. to W.65th Ste; <br />W.65th St., Mildred Ave. to Rolf he,; <br />Rolf Ave,, W.64th St. to We65th St.; <br />"cat said improvement is hereby desigpated and shall be referred to in all <br />subsequent proceedings as WATERE4AIN IT~PFLOTEPENT NO. 118; and the area to be <br />speciqy assessed therefor shall include a11 lots and tracts of land abutting <br />Mildred Avenue between Valley View Road and 1~65th Street and Rolf Avenue <br />Hotion for adoption of the Resolution <br />there were five ayes and no nays, as <br />between W. 64th and W.65th Streets , f <br />and on Rollcall. <br />The business of the meeting's having been completed, Hayor Bredesen announced <br />meeting adjourned. Time of adjournment, 9s PA <br />Village Clerk <br />c