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12/28/56 <br />( men5 to'tlie present Xquor Ordinance to -this effect, vas seconded by 3zdc and <br />cwried. <br />PL2JX:Ii:G COiLLE33IOI.Z LFFOIIXEZ! <br />to the natter o€ appointnents -to the Fla~~iing Colilrrission--Vne terms os" Ifessrs, <br />-Eudolph J, Lofgren and John Foley expiring January 1, 1357. He suGested the <br />appintnent of Xr. TXllian A. :;TilHnson, to replace IIr. Lofgren tho has served <br />for three years, wd the re-apFointment 02 I&. Poley, vho hss served only ~TIO <br />months <br />ments was seconded by Bank and carried. <br />beginnkg Jvluzry 1, 1957. <br />PD3. EOAZl :iPPOIITTXXl!: POLICY. ZIr. Bredesen asked Tor confirmation of his <br />tentative appointment of 12. Hehb H. Strachauer to the Pajrk Board, for a <br />three-year term begbninz January 1, <br />of eppointment was seconded by Em& and camied. Parks and fiecrea-Lion Director <br />French asked for sone estzb?_ished policy as to procedure of advisory corm5%tees, <br />stating that the natter of the ch&mms'aip of the con-ai-l;'cee is in doubt-does <br />the Board elect its chaiman, or does the Council zppoint? Council asked that <br />some formalized recomendatiozis'as to procedure be presented at the nexb regular <br />meeting. <br />A:J&d OF C-XTRIGT, TXhiISIT &ID LW'BL. <br />Sids taken Deceaber 21, explaining that &e bid of H.h, Rogers Coo is low on <br />the Transit 15th TriFod, at 2792.00, less trade-in of ;125.OO for a net of <br />$667.00; that I-eqolis Blue Printing Co. is lorr for the L~ml t~i-th Tripd, <br />zt :':f:05,00. He recornended award of contract to low bidder in both casesz <br />and Tupa so moved, 'liotion seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />Ib,yor Sredesen called Council! s attention <br />Dichonts notion for Council confirmation of Ikyor 3rcdesen' 3 appoint- <br />Appobtnerrts =e 2or three-year -tern, <br />Tupslts motion for Council confirmation <br />Engineer Zikan presented Tabulztion of <br />ATJ!iRiI 03 COXTRACT, TF~LCTO%~ADZR. Council rsviewd Tabulation of Bids taken <br />December 1-0, together xith a 6.ritten recornendation fron Parks RecreEtion <br />Director French, =de after deuonstration by a31 makes, for the Interna-Lional <br />mzc'hine. <br />Astleford Zqyipent Coapany for the International 300 Tractor with Da-vis Eodel <br />102 Heavy du%y Loader, and broom and blade, at price of [;3,995.C0, was seconded <br />by Tu= and carried. <br />Bank's notion 'chat reconbendation be accepted 2nd award be Rade to <br />TU31 iZZXllE 0:3 YOUTH. <br />Eowd 5nfomaUy, soon, .to discuss various aspects of Yds meeting. <br />agreeable wi%h Council. <br />1.1ayor Eredesen suggested that Council neet x.i%h School <br />This <br />There being no further business to come before t115.s meeting, Tupa movsd for <br />adjournment. Lotion seconded by Banl; and carried. Keeting zdjourned. it 5:fO POL <br />I