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8/26/57 <br />EtWfES OF THE REGULAR lEETIt\lG OF THE EDINA VTLLAGE ' <br />COUNCIL, HELD MONDAY, AUGUST 26, 1957, AT 7:30 P.X., <br />AT THE EDINA VILLAGE HALL <br />\ Kembers answering Rollcall were Bank, Dickson, Fronk, lUpa and Bredesen. <br />Minutes of the Regular Meeting of August 12, 1957, were approved as submitted, by <br />Xotion Fronk, seconded by Tupa and carried. <br />PUBLIC HEARING OX PROPOSED §TORFA SEWER INTO NINE-I?IILE CREEK. Clerk presented <br />Affidavit of Publication of "Notice of Public Hearing on Proposed Storm S&er <br />Improvement" in Edina-Korningside Courier August 15 and 22, 1957, which notice <br />outlined in detail both the route and the assessable district; and also reported <br />on the explanatory notice mailed to property owners. A large map of the route <br />and district proposed to be assessed was shown to an audience of about 150 <br />persons; and Ki. Adolph ]?eyer, Consulting Engineer for the proposed project, <br />explained the proposed project in detail. He stated that the purpose of the <br />proposed storm sewer is to provide an outlet for the '*excess runoff" which is <br />caused by the construction of streets and structures in farmland; that the <br />proposed project ail1 drain some 700 aqA%fi or more; that it will provide <br />ten to twelve percent more protection/is customarily provided in Ninneapolis; <br />that _the project is ,pl.apned to utilize Lake Cornelia as -a temporary storage 'basin, <br />which will act as a buffer -I and decrease the cost of the project. 13. LIeyer <br />reported that the "natural high water mark" of Lake Cornelia is 863$, although <br />the lake has not been that high for a number of years; that his recormendation <br />€or a dt -control level for the lake would be 859.; that works would be built <br />at the Lake's outlet so that as soon as the lake reached the cdntrd, . <br />level the water would flow over a wier, and into the trunk outlet to Nine- <br />IAile Creek. <br />sewer into the pond North of Lake Cornelia and thence into Minnehaha Creek; <br />that, because the level of the pond is higher than that of Lake Cornelia it <br />is not feasible to drain Lake Cornelia to the north--that the most economical <br />way is to drain it to the south. <br />planned for ultimate service to a great area; that the excess runoff must go <br />somewhere; that lateral sewers have been provided in the areas which are in <br />immediate need, with the trunk of a capacity to serve both present and future <br />laterals. <br />composed of part of Koodhill, a section of South Garden Estates, and part of <br />the block north of 70th between Creston Road and Nooddale Avenue, which must be <br />served by a line along Y!.70th Street across Highway #lo0 and then emptying into <br />Nine-Llile Creek. <br />as outlined in written notice, as follows: <br />Area 1. - South third of Roodhill, that section of South Garden Estates <br />currently being developed, and part of the block north of Z'1.70th Street between <br />Creston Road and :'boddale Avenue - s.034 per Square Foot for the 5'1.70th St. line; <br />nothing for proposed Trunk Sewer. <br />the Trunk Sewer, <br />area, plus most af the undeveloped portion of South Garden Estates - S.019 per <br />Square Foot for Lateral Storm Servers (in addition to assessment for Trunk). <br />Ur. Hyde explained that the area West of Normandale Road, South of Valley View <br />Road and North of K.6Gth Street can be served by a storm sewer running Ylest from <br />the area to Nine-Xile Creek; that if this area elects to be served in this manner <br />. rather than by the presently planned Trunk, the assessable trunk cost to the <br />balance of the area will be increased by slightly more than $.01 per square foot. <br />OBJECTTOXS were raised 'by: <br />on the grounds that Creston Hills "is a plateau with a rim around it" and does <br />not contribute to the drainage problem. <br />?*ha D. L. Yeomans, 6621 Brittany Road - "If it is a fact that the high water <br />mark of Lake Cornelia is some five or six feet higher than it is now, we feel that <br />vie are having to bail out the people in the low lands." <br />not drain to Cornelia; it drains into a pond near Creston Road. <br />and feels that it is unfair to ask him to pay $2600 to $2800 for someone else's <br />mistake . <br />5. <br />from the Normandale area, asking that this area be excluded from the improvement, <br />and from many others, who objected on these same grounds. <br />* <br />h"i. [.:eyer stated that "Commercial" Southdale has paid for a storm <br />Nr. Meyer emphasized that the project is <br />Report was also made on a proposed storm sewer for the area <br />I Kanager Hyde reported on the proposed method of assessment, <br />Area 2. <br />Area 3. <br />Balance of proposed assessment district a.0095 per Square Foot for <br />Xost of Creston Hills, practically all of Southdale residential <br />1. klr. h'vron Hoover, 6837 Creston Road (speaking for Creston Hills residents) - <br />2. <br />3. HI. Joe Francis, 6805 Creston Road. - Zl'ater from his immediate area does <br />4. fk. Lee N.R. IJiller, 4701 IV.64th St. - Has no water problem of his own, <br />?&. R. Yiestesbera,6301 Tinadale - Doesn't doubt that he can get a petition <br />1