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4 ' Bank's motion for payment of $575.97 to Suburban Hennepin County Relief Board. <br />for its July statement, and for payment of the following Claims as per Pre-List <br />dated August 26, was seconded by Tupa and carried: <br />4 <br />General Fund ----- $13,262.97 <br />Park & Park Const. <br />Water Fund 2,465 50 TOTAL $371,804.65 <br />Liquor Fund ------ $27 , 295 . 13 <br />PIR, Spec.Assess.& <br />Const. Fund 270,461 50 Sewer Rental 1 y 965 057 <br />Funds 30,631 . 57 POW FwdS 25,722041 <br />POLTCY OF DEVELOPERS FINANCING THEIR OWN IMPROVEMENTS was once discussed, <br />pursuant to a comment by Trustee Fronk, who explained that in the last week he <br />has had calls from developers who state they have filed plats but have had no <br />information that they will have to pay for sewer and water. Mr. Hyde reported <br />that he written to all developers who had filed preliminary plats; that he <br />expects to have a report to the Council very shortly on estimated costs of <br />these utilities in large plats. <br />There being no further business to come before the Council Bank moved for <br />adjournment. Motion seconded by Tupa and carried. Meeting adjourned at <br />llt20 P.M. <br />Village Clerk <br />MINUTES OF THE REGULAR MEETING OF THE EDINA <br />VILLAGE COUNCIL, HEID MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, <br />1957, AT 7~30 P.M., AT THE VILLAGE HALL. <br />Members answering Rollcall were Dickson, Tupa and Fronk. <br />until Mayor Bredesen arrived. <br />Fronk presided <br />Tupa's motion for approval of the Minutes of the August 26th Meeting, as <br />submitted, was seconded by Dickson and carried. <br />BUDGET FOR THE YEAR 1958 was presented by Manager Hyde. <br />that budget be referred for Council's further consideration, was seconded <br />by Dickson and carried. <br />Tupa's motion <br />DIRECTIONAL FLON INTERSECTION AT W.63RD STREET AND HIGHWAY NO. 100. Mayor <br />Fro Tem Fronk introduced Mr. E. J. McCubrey, District Engineer, Minnesota <br />Highway Department, who explained the proposed plan in some detail. Mr. <br />McCubrey told the large audience that the plan now being presented to the <br />Council is a "Preliminary or General Plan of Proposed Directional Flow <br />Intersection'"; that it is customary for the Highway Department to present <br />such a preliminary plan to municipalities for their consideration before <br />going ahead with expenditures for detailed construction plans. He stated <br />that the plan has been designed to accommodate traffic estimated for 1975; <br />that highway construction is aimed at this goal so that it will be unnedessary <br />to enlarge highways between now and then. <br />"directional flow" intersection differs from the "cloverleaf" in that traffic <br />wishing to turn left actually does turn left in the "directional flow", <br />whereas on a "cloverleaf" traffic must go to the right in order to turn left. <br />He stated that the directional flow is the modern type of intersection; that <br />there are a number throughout the country, now, although he cannot think of <br />one in Minnesota; that this type of intersection is much easier for traffic <br />to negotiate than the cloverleaf; that the Highway Department staff feels <br />this is the type of intersection which the State must have at this location <br />within the next fifteen years. Mr. McCubrey stated that the area necessary <br />for a directional flow intersection is about the same as that required for <br />a cloverleaf. <br />he was requesting Village Council approval so that the State may proceed with <br />detailed design, which will go along with the complete design of Normandale <br />Road from W.48th Street to W.79th Street. <br />Mr. Fronk, in opening the meeting to questions from the floor, asked Vi. <br />McCubrey just what he considers to be the additional expense of constructing <br />an intersection of the directional flow type, over that of a conventional <br />cloverleaf. <br />the directional flow will cost about 1/3 more than the cloverleaf. <br />Bronk then asked, "AS I understand it, the amount of land required for a <br />directional flow intersection does not exceed the amount of land required <br />for a cloverleaf, except that the land to be acquired would be in a different <br />direction. Is that right?" Mr. McCubrey answered, "Practically right , yes. <br />Because in the cloverleaf we must take land outside the legs." Kr. Fronk <br />then asked Mr. McCubrey to explain to the audience "what the.xost of the <br />He told the audience that the <br />He stated that in presenting this plan wn-this evening <br />Mr. McCubrey answered that his "wild guess" would be that <br />Mr. <br />intersection will be Mr. MqCubrey,,answered that, to the best of his fto the Village.