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10/28/57 <br />permit to construct a gasoline service station be issued, subject to the company's <br />agreeing to a buffer planting acceptable to the Village Park Board. Motion was <br />seconded by Dickson; and, on a Rollcall vote, there were four ayes and no nays, <br />as follows: Bank, aye; Dickson, aye; Tupa, aye; and Fronk, aye; and the motion <br />was unanimously carried. Uic. Bank explained his motion by stating that the <br />property has already been zoned commercial; that the Council is not changing the <br />zoning because it is felt that no one would build a home on either of the two lots, <br />and also that the village-owned park will provide a very adequate buffer South of <br />this location, for the residential section. <br />PUBLIC HEARING ON PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS FOR 1957 OILING IhlPROVEMENTS. Affidavit of <br />Publication of "Notice of Hearing" in Edina-Morningside Courier on October 10 and <br />17, 1957, was submitted, approved as to form and ordered placed on file; and, <br />pursuant to said Notice, Public Hearing was called on proposed assessment for Oiling <br />of the following streets, during 1957: <br />1. Abbott Ave.,VL60th St. to 1.62nd St. 31. Northwood Dr., Glengarry P~VJY. to <br />2, Alley betw. 'iJ.5lst and W.52nd Sts. and end of Blacktop. <br />3. Arthur St., naterman Ave. to N.Line of 5128 Oxford Ave. <br />4. Ashcroft Ave.,l'l.GOth St. to tr1.62nd St. 34. Philbrook Lane, Wooddale Ave. -58th St. <br />5. Ashcroft Aane,St.Johns 3.64th St. <br />6 . Ayrshire Blvd . ,Chantrey Rd . to Nirror <br />7. Balfanz Road in 'Joodhill Addn. <br />8. Beard Ave.,Y?.60th St. to ?J.6l!xt,St. <br />9. Beard P1. ,Beard Ave. to ;'?.62nd St. <br />I <br />beta. Ylilliam and Hankerson Aves. 32. Oxfo?d Ave.,VJ.5lst St. to and incl. <br />. Lot 14, Griffis Subdivision 33. Parnell Ave.,W.64th St, to 60 Ft.N. <br />35. Roycar Rd.,Brittany to Southcrest Dr. <br />36. Ryan Ave.,i~.62nd to Valley View Rd. <br />38. Southcrest Dr,, Upper Terrace through <br />39. South Knoll Dr., Blake to Schaefer Rd. <br />10. Belmore Lane, Tyler Jackson Ave. 40. Tracy Ave., 5633 Tracy to Grove St. <br />11. Benton Ave. ,Tingdale Ave. to Code Ave. 41. Upper Terrace, Brittany to W.Shore Dr. <br />12. Birchcrest Dr.,Hansen Rd. to Code Ave. 42. VanBuren, N.Vil.Limits to Belmore Lane. <br />13. >rookview Ave.,Y?.62nd St. to W.63rd St. 43. Walnut Drive, Hwy.#169 to W.5e St. <br />15. -Cheyenne Trail, V.View Rd. to South 45. Waterman Circle. <br />46. W. Shore Dr . , \"I. 66th St . to. Y?. 70th St. <br />16. Chowen Ave.,Y/.60th St, to N.6lst St. 47. U.;foodland Rd. ,Concord Ave. to Wooddale. <br />17. Code Ave.,Grove St. to Vi.57th St. and 48. Viilford Way, Brittany Rd, to W.Shore'Dr. <br />E. 100 Ft. on Melody Lake Drive. 49. Vdyman Ave.,V.View Rd, to Maddox Lane. <br />18. Code Ave., Grove St. to Benton Ave. 50. W.56th !%.,Bernard P1. to Dale Ave. <br />19. Concord Ave.,'J060th St. to V.View Road. 51. W.57th St.,Xerxes Ave. to 120 Ft. W. <br />20. Concord Ave.,W.62nd St. to W.63rd St, 52. W.58th St.,Tingdale Ave. to Code Ave. <br />21. Dunberry Lane, Brittany Rd, to Creston Rd. 53. VJ,59th St.,Concord Ave. to St.Johns, <br />22. Grove St., 5600 Grove St. to Tracy Ave. 54. IrJ.60th St.,Code Ave. to Hwy.if100. <br />23. Grove St,, Code Ave. to Bernard Place, 55. iV.60th St.,Concord Ave. to St.Johns. <br />24. Grove St., Kelody Lane to and including 56. W.62nd St.,Beard Ave. to Chowen Ave. <br />25. Halifax Lane, 54* St. to Woodland Circle. 58. liJ.66th St.,Tingdale Ave. to Hwy.#lOO <br />26. Harrison Ave., N.Village Limits to 59. W.70th St.,Cornelia Dr. to E.Lot Line <br />Belmore Lane . of L.35,B1.4, Southdale First Addn. <br />27. Knoll Drive, Blake Rd. to Schaefer Rd. 60. CY.64th St., Ryan Ave. to Parnell Ave. <br />28. Laguna Drive in 'Joodhill Addition. 61. Xerxes Ave.,M.54th St, to U.62nd St. <br />29. Maddox Lane, Mildred Ave. to Wyman Ave. <br />30. Mirreor Lakes Dr. from End of Blacktop <br />Lakes Dr. 37. St.Johns Ave. ,W.60th to H.64th St, <br />Lot 29, B1. 1, Woodhill Addn. <br />- 14. Chantrey Rd., Northwood Dr. to Hwy.#169 44. Waterman, Arthur St. to Waterman Circle. <br />line of Indian Hills Addn. <br />5208 Grove St. 57. W.62nd St.,Concord to 3t.Johns Ave. <br />62. York Ave.,W.54th St. to W.56th St. <br />through Lot 6, B1. 2, Yund's Addn. <br />Objections to the proposed assessment were registered as hereinafter recorded: <br />ment €or the Oiling of W.62nd St. from Beard Ave. to Chowen Ave., on the grounds that <br />the street had not been properly prepared before oil coat was applied and "the circles <br />around the boulevard lines were not oiled at all" Delegation stated that Street Supt. <br />Batko had been out to look at the street three or four times and had admitted that the <br />street was in very poor condition, <br />for a "Dust Coat" only; that the law prevents any construction work as a part of <br />an "Oiling Improvement"; that the only purpose of this project is to allay the dust. <br />2. Mr. I"J.G. Fredel, 5044 W.60th St., objected to the assessment for W.6Oth St., <br />Code Avenue to Highway No. loo., stating that because of the wash from Tingdale <br />only about 20 feet of his property benefited from the improvement. <br />Oiling of Beard Ave. between N.6Oth and W.6lst Sts., on the grounds that Curb and <br />Gutter construction was started within ten days from the Oil Coat. They were <br />informed that requests for the Oil had been received by some of the residents; that, <br />at the time the oil was applied the curb and gutter contract had not yet been <br />awarded. <br />VanBuren Ave. betxeen N.Village Limits and Belmore Lane, stating that, had the <br />street been repaired after server construction, Oiling would not have been necessary. <br />5. Mi.Lawrence SI Clark,6720 Southcrest Drive objected to assessment for Oiling of <br />Southcrest Drive; wants assessments against only the front footage of his lot. Letter <br />read. <br />1. I&. F.E. AlicCauley, 6144 Beard Place, leading a delegation protesting any assess- <br />Llanager Hyde explained that the Assessment is <br />3. Mr. Richard M. Smith, 6001 Beard, led a delegation protesting assessment €or the <br />4. h. J.L. MacbIillan, 308 VanBuren Ave., objected to assessment for Oiling of